This leather and felt organizer offers a classier alternative to stashing cables in your backpack

Somewhere down the road, we grew up and stopped using pencil-boxes, but we never stopped needing a nice kit to store our small trinkets. TheBlackCanvas’s leather and felt organizer is most accurately described as a ‘stationery box for an adult’s modern stationery’. It comes with a fabulous looking veggie-tanned leather outer and a felt-lined inner that lets you stash a power bank or hard drive, as well as store cables, earphones, pen-drives, or even a stylus in its loops. Fold it over, secure the push-clip in place, and you’ve got a neat organizer with all your work-essentials and productivity EDC all contained in a rather premium, more contemporarily-relevant ‘stationery box’ that you can either carry in your hand or slip right into your backpack for later use!

Designer: TheBlackCanvas

Recycling Never Felt So Good

I admire the Nook chair not only for its superb style but also its story. It contrasting shell is made of a felt material manufactured from recycled plastic bottles. This PET felt is both soft and strong as well as recycled and recyclable. At a magnified level, each is different from the next with its own unique origins and each can be customized down to the last detail. As simple as it is a statement piece, this one’s a classic in the making.

Designer: Johan van Hengel for De Vorm













Giant Cat Head Mask: Here Kitty, Kitty…

While Halloween is still almost six months away, I can think of no costume I’d rather be wearing this year than this awesome giant cat head.

giant_cat_head_1zoom in

This amazing creation was made by artist Housetu Sato and a team of students from the Japan School of Wool Art, and it simply the most awesome / creepy / weird  thing you’ll see today.

giant_cat_head_2zoom in

As you can see from the pictures, a giant cat head goes perfectly with everything, and is the best way to dress the next time your office has a casual day.

giant_cat_head_3zoom in

giant_cat_head_4zoom in

[CatDoll via Laughing Squid]

Felt Apple Watch: Force Touch

No matter what you think of the Apple Watch, it’s definitely got a distinctive look – especially the user interface. For those of you jumping on the bandwagon, you’ll have to wait until the end of April before you’ll be able to wear one. In the mean time, crafter Hiné Mizushima decided to make her own Apple Watch.

felt_apple_watch_2zoom in

It’s made from felt and buttons, so it probably weighs much less than the real deal – plus you never have to worry about it running out of battery. This thing is so neat. I just want to mash on all of its buttons.

felt_apple_watch_3zoom in

felt_apple_watch_1zoom in

Great job, Hiné! Also, your squid hat is awesome.

felt_apple_watch_4zoom in

R2-D2 Felt Purse: A Real Bag of Tricks

Etsy shop KruKru Studio is known for making quirky bags in odd shapes and models, including a TARDIS purse, a Dalek purse and a bag that looks like a fire extinguisher. One of its latest items is this extremely well put-together little droid.

star_wars_r2_d2_felt_purse_bag_by_krukru_studio_1zoom in

The R2-D2 wool felt purse has printed and embroidered details, two full-length zippers, interior padding and an inner pocket.

star_wars_r2_d2_felt_purse_bag_by_krukru_studio_2zoom in

star_wars_r2_d2_felt_purse_bag_by_krukru_studio_3zoom in

star_wars_r2_d2_felt_purse_bag_by_krukru_studio_4zoom in

star_wars_r2_d2_felt_purse_bag_by_krukru_studio_5zoom in

The R2-D2 purse comes in two sizes. The 17″ tall purse costs $185 (USD) while the 13″ tall one costs $170.

[via MightyMega]

Grocery Store Filled with Felt, not Food

London-based artist Lucy Farrow set her sights on an abandoned corner shop for her next project. She specializes in felt art, so naturally felt was her material of choice. You’ll be impressed – no, amazed – at what Lucy did at the corner shop using nothing but felt, her imagination, and her creative prowess: she turned it into a grocery store.

Felt Cornershop 620x465magnify

Not just any grocery store, but one that’s stocked with felt goodies. From chips and chocolate to soda, mint, and even the newspaper, everything in the tiny pop-up store is made from felt. And everything made from felt is for sale, including the cash register.

Felt Cornershop1 620x631magnify

lucy sparrow felt objects 3 620x414magnify

lucy sparrow felt objects 2 620x394magnify

lucy sparrow felt objects 4 620x412magnify

lucy sparrow felt objects 5 620x367magnify

The shop is located in Bethnal Green in London, and will be open through the end of August, so go ahead and drop by if you happen to be in the area. You can also order individual felt items from The Cornershop online.

lucy sparrow felt objects 1 620x770magnify

[via The Telegraph and Daily Mail via Geyser of Awesome]

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Felted Mini Star Wars AT-AT (All Terrain-Adorable Transport)

Is this not the cutest little AT-AT you’ve ever seen? Why, this little guy would never march forward to the Imperial March theme and lay waste to Rebel forces. He just wouldn’t have it in him. All of the other AT-ATs talk about trampling the rebel scum, but this guy just wants to have peace and smell some flowers. Maybe make friends with a Tauntaun or two.
sad at at 620x413magnify

He is an outcast. He’s just not like the rest. And that makes him sad. Now you see why he has his head down. This adorable AT-AT comes from Etsy artist famished and is about 5″ long and 6″ high.

sad at at1 620x413magnify

He would look good sitting on your desk or shelf. I mean, he’s gonna look sad no matter what I guess, but he is cute and will look good with your other collectibles and toys. You can grab him up for $85(USD). The seller has only made two in this style so when they are gone, that’s it.

sad at at2 620x413magnify

All of the other AT-ATs (and General Veers) used to last and call him names. They wouldn’t let poor felty join in any AT-AT games.