By using solar energy, these smartbenches give you charging ports and public WiFi throughout the year!

How many different ways can you say, “Do you have WiFi?” It’s my most-asked question when visiting new cities. In today’s world, having access to WiFi is essential if you plan on making the most of any trip abroad. But far too often have I thrown my money down the drain for a tiny cup of espresso just to use a cafe’s WiFi and charging port. Replacing this costly exchange with their interpretation of a city hub, the makers behind Kuube designed a smartbench for city centers, equipped with all the necessities that a modern-day traveler might need to comfortably move through any city. Moreover, given the fragile nature of our climate and our energy grid, these smartbenches could prove to be a highly valuable public utility during blackouts by providing free charging and WiFi to everyone.

Kuube comes in three different sizes, each of which offers the same services to varying degrees. The Kuube Nano, their mid-sized bench, is solar-powered and accommodates up to four people, complete with a WiFi hotspot, two USB chargers, two wireless Qi chargers, and a single display screen, which provides environmental information like weather, air quality, and UV index. For the makers behind Kuube, adapting their conceptual design process to help mitigate the current global climate crisis in micro mobile ways (i.e.; city bikes, electric scooters) was their top priority. On the choice to generate each smartbench with solar power, the designers behind Kuube say, “Living in the times of climate crisis we believe it is very important to achieve sustainability in as many ways as possible…Our goal is to achieve sustainable smart cities [through] micro-mobility.”

By collecting solar energy for Kuube’s operation, each smartbench is able to provide modern necessities like WiFi and charging ports for the traveler new to the city or resident in need of a ride home. In addition to its solar-powered operation, Kuube smartbenches are entirely constructed out of ethically sourced materials, like its easy-to-clean, recyclable aluminum body, tempered safety glass, and ash wood accents. The Kuube’s larger bench, called Plus, functions even more like a city meeting place, accommodating up to eight people. While their smallest bench, the Kuube Eco accommodates three people and could operate more like a portable WiFi-ready traveling companion.

Designer: Kuube

EA now owns Codemasters and its many, many racing games

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This framed disassembled iPhone 5 makes the perfect gift for any tech-lover

As an industrial designer myself, there’s definitely art in the way products are designed, engineered, and crafted together. More so, when the products are pulled apart so you can marvel at the level of intricacy gone into putting it together. Take the iPhone for example, one of the most iconic products of our time. Ask anyone what they think of the iPhone and a hefty percentage of them will say it looks beautiful for sure (some may use the word expensive too), but nobody knows what it looks like on the inside.

Indie art-studio GRID is creating artpieces from these electronics by revealing their, well, inner beauty. The iPhone 5 Framed Edition has a carefully dismantled, arranged, and labeled unit of the smartphone, showing every single component that comes together to form the iconic smartphone. On either side of the display unit lie the front and back, the Gorilla glass display and the machined Aluminum chassis. In between lie the battery, the main board, the different modules, buttons, even the camera, speaker, and the SIM tray! There’s definitely a certain beauty to the iPhone’s complexity, like looking at a da Vinci painting up close so you can see every single brushstroke, crack in the paint, and the canvas texture. If you’re a tech-lover, futurist, and nerd like me, this is no less than looking at the Mona Lisa! Obviously, the phones come pre-loved (used), so expect minor wear and tear.

Designer: GRID

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The UK likely got more power from renewables than fossil fuels last quarter

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Washington votes to decarbonize its electricity grid

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Renault is creating France’s first ‘smart island’

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Giugiaro’s supercar concept EV gives back to the power grid

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