TrickBot malware may have hacked 250 million email accounts

TrickBot malware may have stolen as many as 250 million email accounts, including some belonging to governments in the US, UK and Canada. The malware isn't new. In fact, it's been circulating since 2016. But according to cybersecurity firm Deep Insti...

Hackers in Microsoft’s webmail breach could read some users’ messages

For some users, that Microsoft webmail breach was worse than first thought. Microsoft has confirmed a Motherboard source's claims that the hackers had access to a portion of the email content, not just email addresses and subject lines. About 6 of...

BlackBerry CEO vows legal action to stop leaks

BlackBerry CEO John Chen isn’t a happy camper right now. Recently a leak put up images and details of a future product and he is very upset. Chen says that leaks hurt the company and its shareholders...

Microsoft says it Searched Hotmail to Track Leak

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Microsoft Corp., which has skewered rival Google Inc. for going through customer emails to deliver ads, acknowledged Thursday it had searched emails in a blogger's Hotmail account...

That Email Address Facebook Made Up For You Will Now Forward To Your Real Email

A couple years back, Facebook decided to grant all of its users an email address. It was called a “Gmail killer” when it first came out in 2010; it brought the Facebook inbox into the...

Microsoft to Begin Internet Traffic Encryption Against NSA Snooping

After Google, Facebook and Yahoo started encrypting their internet traffic, so as to escape the clutches of the NSA, Microsoft is following suit. The wake-up call may have come too late but as they... gains IMAP support, integrates with third-party services like TripIt

Outlookcom gains IMAP support, integrates with thirdparty services like TripIt

Hello, compatibility! Microsoft's obviously a major proponent of Exchange ActiveSync (EAS), but if you've been using electronic mail for any length of time, you're probably aware that IMAP is a darn near universal protocol. Now, Microsoft is adding IMAP (and OAuth) support to In addition to this being a lovely sign of Microsoft not shunning rival standards, it also opens up a ton of new possibilities. For one, applications that haven't supported EAS -- programs such as Mac Mail and the Mac edition of Mozilla Thunderbird -- can now host accounts.

Moreover, IMAP gives devs the ability to build third-party clients and services that are useful to end-users, and Microsoft's announcing the first set of those as well. TripIt, Sift, Slice, motley*bunch,, OtherInbox, and Context.IO have taken advantage of's new IMAP capability and are rolling out updates today that allow their apps and services to integrate with your email. If you'd like for your own app to follow suit, Microsoft's providing a bit of instruction right here.

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Source: Outlook Blog