This Zen Garden-inspired DJ console might seriously put you in a ‘trance’

There’s something incredibly calming about the Whiteout. Designed to be a DJ console that offers incredible amounts of control to the person behind it, Whiteout features a base with multiple grooves and a series of knobs you can place on them. The knobs work both as rotary-controls as well as sliders, while the base itself lights up with a minimalist interface. A pair of grooved circles on the base act as the turntables, while touch-sensitive controls on the top let you play, pause, loop, transition, solo and mute tracks. Overall, the kit offers a meaningful redesign to the DJ console, which is sometimes an overwhelmingly complicated collage of lights. Whiteout calms you down and keeps you focused as you send out ‘chill vibes’ to your audience. This might just be the most perfect controller for the international music festival ‘Sensation White’!

Whiteout is a winner of the K-Design Award for the year 2019.

Designers: Su Hyun Bang & Byoung Hoon Woo

This futuristic kitchen appliance uses plasma-jets to purify your fruits and veggies

Sitting on your kitchen table much like an Echo or a Google Home would, the Fruit WashingMachine is a rather unique way of cleaning your fruits and vegetables before eating or preparing them. The slick, pink device uses tap-water to cleanse your fruit without any extra additive (like a food-grade soap or cleanser). The appliance, rather, uses an innovative technology that goes by the name ‘water hydroxyl food purification’. Now I’m no expert, but a simple look at some articles online shows that the technology involves pulsing voltage to ionize a gas at atmospheric pressure, helping in releasing hydroxyl radicals that help purify the water as well as the fruits and veggies inside it. In short, the Fruit WashingMachine uses a plasma jet to create a string of reactions that purify water in literally a split second, without affecting the water’s temperature or composition. In fact, the plasma jets are so safe, you can literally touch them with your hands.

The revolutionary technology helps release radicals like hydroxyl that help instantly cleanse your fruits and vegetables without using purifiers, minerals, filters, or disinfectants. In fact, the technology was originally studied by researchers at the University of Alabama as a way of instantly purifying water. It’s nearly 2020 and the kitchens of the future literally will be using plasma-jets to clean their fruits and veggies… Exciting!

The Fruit WashingMachine is a winner of the K-Design Award for the year 2019.

Designer: Hangzhou Enjoywater Technology Co.,Ltd

One chair, two chair, double-sided blue chair…

The unique appeal of the Turning Chair by Insu Kim is that it’s a comfortable lounger as well as a bar-stool. This creative take on seating relies on a form that can be flipped 90° to completely change its function! When in orientation A, the Turning Chair is a comfortable low-lying lounger with a reclining backrest, perfect for your living room… but thanks to its angular rear legs, the chair can be flipped backwards to turn it into a high-seated bar-stool that fits rather suitably in your kitchen. Plus, get this… the chair’s form is stackable too! What a space-saving shape-shifting seater!

The Turning Chair is a winner of the K-Design Award for the year 2019.

Designer: Insu Kim