This pendant lamp captures the mystifying colors of twilight in its net-like structure

There almost seems to be a bias towards dawn as that mystical part of the day that inspires creativity or invigorates the mind and the body. In terms of visual stimulation, though, it is twilight that captures the imagination, provokes flights of fantasy, and maybe even evokes a sense of fear of the unknown. Those few minutes when day gives way to night or night to day often paint the sky with colors that seem to blend two different worlds in a magical and sometimes eerie way. That’s the play of light and colors that this lamp tries to capture using a deceptively simple design that belies the intricate details of its construction.

Designer: Soren Blomaard and Anne-Lise Heydra (Atelier Robotiq)

There’s something almost magical in the way that nature paints the sky with colors, something that we humans can attempt to reproduce imperfectly with paints and computers. The way light breaks into two or three hues that blend almost perfectly across the twilight sky is always a breathtaking sight. Of course, a perfect twilight scene doesn’t always happen, so this lamp tries to bring that feeling of enchantment indoors so you can enjoy it 24/7.

The light from the lamp itself doesn’t exactly call to mind the setting or rising sun, but the way that illuminates the structure that encloses the bulb does. Two basket-like forms surround the light source, one larger than the other, creating a visual illusion of shapes and colors that blend into each other, just like the twilight sky. The net-like shapes that seem to float in the air have subtle hints of different twilight colors, like purples, blues, and oranges, allowing you to relive those magical hours anytime you glance at the Twilight lamp.

Beyond the play of light and colors, the lamp’s very construction is partly inspired by the heavens, particularly the designs and materials that we use to fly across it. The shape is formed using aerospace lightweight engineering principles, for example, and the mesh uses highly durable kevlar material. Despite looking fragile and flimsy, Twilight is strong yet lightweight in reality. There is also no excess in its design, with each of the two “bubbles” using the exact amount of lines needed to keep its curved shape, nothing more, nothing less.

Just like the boutique’s UFO fiber pattern lamps, Twilight pays homage to the wonders of our skies. Using both colors and shapes, the lamp conveys the beautiful balance that the twilight sky brings, blending different colors and times together in a harmonious gradient. It’s as if two worlds blend into one during these mystical hours, light and darkness, day and night, warmth and cold. It’s a duality in nature that’s often difficult to express artificially, but the Twilight lamps offer a striking approximation that brings a bit of that magic into homes and interior spaces.

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This carbon-fiber, kevlar, and titanium SUV is literally bulletproof

Meet the RM-X2. It looks like the kind of SUV Batman would drive around Gotham on one of his crime-fighting sprees… and it ostensibly is the right SUV for the caped crime fighter, because this absolute beast of an automobile isn’t just aesthetically hardcore, it’s a 999hp road devil with an LT5 V8 engine that bestows upon it an acceleration of 0-100km/h in 3.3 seconds, massive all-terrain tires that give it up to 27.5 inches of road clearance, and a body that’s made to practically be an armor. Available in a variety of styles and variants, the RM-X2 has the option of being equipped with B6 or B7 Ballistic Protection, thanks to its body that comprises materials like carbon-fiber, Kevlar, and titanium.

Customizable to fit your needs and wants, the SUV comes in as many as 6 variants with minute changes to the body parts to suit your aesthetic sensibilities as well as switch up the engine or even add an electric motor and batteries, turning the bulletproof SUV into an EV! Don’t get your hopes up about owning one of these though… each RM-X2 costs north of a million dollars, and the company is only slated to make 12 units in 2020.

Designer: R.A.M.S. Automobiles

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You can wear this hoodie on Mars

Let’s recap what happened in the video above. The hoodie was dragged mercilessly through gravel for over an hour, then battered by the ocean by being tied to the back of a motorboat, and to dry it off, a blow-torch was involved. Now I can’t think of anything that could withstand such treatment (no, not even the Nokia 3310)… but Vollebak’s 100 Year Hoodie can, and will continuously brave the elements and survive.

The 100 Year Hoodie was named that way for a reason. Built with a Kevlar weave, the jacket will literally be with you all your life, and probably all your child’s life too. Made with space and military grade materials, found in space suits and war-armor, the jacket can withstand temperatures on Mars, 2000 washes, and over a 100 accidents (life safely, the jacket doesn’t guarantee to protect you!)

Oh, and it’s probably one of the only clothes that ages gracefully with time, like a brass ornament, or a leather wearable, looking slightly aged after years of wearing, but with absolutely no sign of damaging, or giving up!

Designer: Vollebak








Literally a bulletproof travel-lock!

Even Thor’s hammer, the Mjolinr, is breakable, but the Ottolock isn’t! While most bike locks or travel locks are made from metal (making them somewhat reliable, but bulky), the Ottolock uses one of the most light yet powerful polymers known to man. Kevlar. The same material used in bulletproof vests, the Kevlar framework of the Ottolock allows it to be lightweight, but virtually indestructible. No amounts of strength can break apart the Ottolock and even cutting tools like shears, or padlock breaking equipment can cut through metal, but not the Ottolock. In fact, here, watch this video of a blowtorch try to melt the Ottolock and fail miserably!

The simple and immortal Ottolock comes in 3 outdoorsy colors, rolls up and fits in your pocket, and weighs under 115 grams. With the ability to lock anything from cycles, to doors, to even your travel gear, the Ottolock is a robber’s worst nightmare!

Designer: OTTO DesignWorks







Deal Of The Day: Zus Kevlar MFi Certified Lightning Cable For $19.99


I own the Zus Kevlar Charging Cable, and did a review on it right here. It’s honestly the nicest Lightning charging cable I’ve ever owned, and after a half-dozen frayed Apple cables, I feel like this one’s going to last a lifetime… or at least until Apple changes their standard again. It’s honestly just a really cool cable.

Stop re-upping on low quality charging cables that tear after just a few months. The ZUS Cable can bend over 15,000 times, 50% more than the nearest competitor, and is covered by a lifetime warranty. That’s how confident ZUS is in their cables. These cables are built with the same aramid fiber technology used in aerospace and military applications so normal wear and tear just won’t affect them.

– Cables are tangle-free thanks to the nylon braiding
– Each cable comes w/ a complimentary velcro tie to keep the cable further organized
– 90 degree plug provides a slim fit in narrow spaces
– MFi Certification means your iPhone is perfectly safe to charge

The cable is $19.99, and is shipped for free. That’s less than a new Apple Lightning cable for a product that’s vastly superior.


[ Get The Zus Kevlar MFi Certified Lightning Cable ]

The Indestructible Kevlar & Leather Belt


A belt is a belt with not much rocket science to it. Evolving from simple drawstrings that kept pants in place to this indestructible Kevlar & Leather belt by Harmattan Design, you can expect this fashion accessory to be your partner for life.

Using innovative materials like Kevlar – a synthetic fiber of high tensile strength used especially as a reinforcing agent in the manufacture of tires and other rubber products and protective gear such as helmets and vests – team Harmattan have reinvented the leather belt for us.

Unlike most Kickstarter projects that fail to ship at all, this belt comes with the promise of being shipped on time! Just for that, it scores major brownie points with us!

Elegance and and life-time guarantee, two unlikely combinations, but they seem to match the energy of the indestructible Kevlar & Leather Belt.

Designer: Harmattan Design





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