Eight ‘Kingdom Hearts’ games make their debut on Xbox One

Kingdom Hearts III coming to Xbox One was a big deal -- it was the first time a game from the series was published on one of Microsoft's platforms, and it was the first time a mainline Kingdom Hearts game wasn't exclusive to a PlayStation console. Xb...

Microsoft is adding 10 ‘Final Fantasy’ games to Xbox Game Pass

Earlier today, Microsoft announced that it's adding more than 50 new games to Xbox Game Pass -- as well as giving three sweet freebies if you sign up for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. By any measure, that's a lot of games, but it's an especially exciting...

‘Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience’ part two is adding the Olympus Coliseum

When the Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience dropped earlier this year, it was incomplete and missing some levels that might have put a damper on your nostalgia trip. Now, Disney and Square Enix are rolling out the experience's second part, which turns mor...

Kingdom Hearts Action Figures: S&M Mickey

I’ve never played the Kingdom Hearts video game or watched it be played so I’m not sure what the deal is with all the black leather and chains. All I know is that each time I see Kingdom Hearts Mickey in his black leather and shiny buckles I think of the Pulp Fiction “bring out the gimp” scene.

mickey-mouse-1zoom in

If you are a fan of the Disney x Final Fantasy crossover series, here is a trio of action figures from the franchise that you might want to add to your collection.

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There are four action figures in the set, including Organization XII Version King Mickey, Halloween Town Version Sora with a Pumpkinhead key blade and two Jack Skellington figures. You also get his dog, Zero. The entire set is $39.99(USD) and is available now at ThinkGeek.

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Leonard Nimoy, Star Trek’s Renaissance Man, Dead at 83

"He was an extraordinary man, husband, grandfather, brother, actor, author-the list goes on- and friend."On February 27, 2015, Leonard Nimoy passed away. Dani, Nimoy's grandchild, wrote on his...

Temporal Schism Keyblade: Doctor Sora

This Doctor Who/Kingdom Hearts mashup is pretty great. What is it? It is an amazing Temporal Schism Keyblade of course. One that was handmade by deviantArtist SoulessStranger. No soul. Nah. Anyone who made this piece has to have a very amazing one. (Though she is missing an “L“.)
doctor who key 620x413magnify

She made it as a custom order and it was made out of layered plywood, carved by hand with chisels and a Dremel. The windows were done with matchsticks and some resin. The handle and key/crown are done in silver and brass spray paint, the rest of it is hand-painted.

doctor who key1 620x215magnify

It looks really stunning. Great Timelord craftsmanship, Souless.

[via Cheezburger via Nerd Approved]

Final Fantasy 15 is a high priority for Square Enix

Fans of the Final Fantasy franchise are waiting in anticipation for the next game in the franchise. Square Enix is keeping mum about exactly when that game will launch, but the company is offering up...