This sustainable storage container + shopping bag reduces your consumption emissions and food waste!

Open your refrigerator – how many plastic containers do you see? Now open that cabinet where you store your shopping bags – do you really need that many plastic bags? We often store in our takeout boxes/plastic containers and keep those plastic bags in hopes to reuse someday because we forget to carry our cloth bags to the store. Most of these little habits are formed because it is convenient and cheap but we do them without thinking about the effects of its continued use on our environment. To solve both problems with one design, Gabriel Steinmann created P0 (pronounced pio like the letter and number) which stands for ‘project zero’  – a storage and shopping solution for food that aims to reduce consumption emissions.

P0 helps us to switch to and maintain a plant-based diet and reduce the amount of food waste. The design blends organic and sustainable materials with an earthy aesthetic to invoke warmth and a more personal relationship with the items we use. Its ceramic body and textile lining help encourage a deeper appreciation for the food we consume and make us more aware of how much food we actually need to minimize wasting it. It is also a practical and attractive utensil in your kitchen – “a symbol of change, of becoming a little bit more human,” as rightly described by Steinmann.

The jury at iF Design Awards gave PO the ‘iF Design Talent Award 2020’ because it raises awareness and facilitates sustainable food consumption using a very beautifully designed functional product. “The design will appeal to early adopters who will become ambassadors for this product. The whole process is well thought-out and the combination of the different materials is aesthetically pleasing and endorses the entire concept. The possibility of customization makes it even more personal and inspires others to change their food consumption habits,” added the jury.

This self-sufficient, parametric, adaptable storage-and shopping solution is something I would really love to see taking over the world and make that sustainable switch in our lifestyle convenient enough to ditch the plastic containers and shopping bags.

Designer: Gabriel Steinmann

This modern indoor BBQ grill is inspired by the mechanism of an air purifier!

Missing the BBQ parties during game nights and holidays in quarantine? This conceptual BBQ grill, Campin, makes it possible to still enjoy it indoors (perhaps with fewer people, and if it is just yourself then you won’t even have to share food!) while following the COVID-19 restrictions about outdoor activities and gatherings. BBQ parties are almost a cultural tradition to celebrate events big and small, and while traditionally one has to have a backyard for it, you can now enjoy it thanks to Campin within the comfort of your home without the need for the extra outdoor space – a huge blessing for the urban demographic who is cooped up inside in the pandemic.

It has two core parts – the BBQ bowl at the top and the bottom base. The BBQ bowl has a metal container that houses the whole setup including the intake vent, a charcoal bowl, a grill, and a lid. These pieces are modular and can be separated for easy cleaning and management. There is an LED located under the BBQ bowl that illuminates the lower side and making it look like there is a real fire for the ‘right vibes’.  Campin lets you grill with a charcoal fire by using the specific charcoal bowl for that authentic taste. The smoke is sucked in through the intake vent outside the grill and it is purified and discharged through the filter structure inside the body – the mechanism is similar to an air purifier. The lower part in front of the base includes an outlet to discharge the purified air.

Another thoughtful detail that saves space and reduces mess is the little storage compartment in the bottom – all sauces, seasonings, and dips can be put in here so there is no need for extra counter space or a runner who has to keep going back and forth to the kitchen. Campin can be charged when not in use via the charging port on the rear end of the base making it functional and portable. With this product, you won’t need an invite to a backyard BBQ anymore or have to wait for restrictions to ease up, just fire up that grill and celebrate that you made it through yet another day of 2020.

Designer: Jeong Kim and Weekend Works

This smart food storage device regulates temperature to keep your meals fresh in any climate!

I lived in various different climatic settings and one thing that is a persistent small problem causing large amounts of waste is storing food. If it is a tropical climate and you leave the food outside it will go bad due to the heat and if you are in somewhere cold and dry then you have to reheat your food in the microwave multiple times which is bad for your health. So how do we cover and store our food to reduce waste and effort? This conceptual device called The Mother’s Heart has the answers…yes, just like our mothers in the kitchen.

There is a Korean practice of covering food with a cloth (Sang bo) which has been a tradition for centuries and has worked well – a ramie or silk fabric covering keeps it ventilated in the summers while a thicker fabric keeps it insulated in the winters. Inspired by this, the Mother’s Heart was designed to keep food fresh and retain its original nutrient quality. It is a simple device that is crafted like a dome food covering and an accompanying base plate. The covering has a dial on top and that lets you adjust the settings based on the food you’ve cooked. You can select between refrigeration or warmth and there is a timer feature that lets you select for how long you want to keep it running. The bottom heating coil can maintain an internal temperature of 60 Celcius or higher to store food like noodles and curry. The upper cooling fan can keep the temperature below 5 Celcius to store dishes like salads or sandwiches.

“When I came home and lift up the cloth to have my meal, I could feel my mother’s warmth in the warmth of the rice. This design is inspired by sang bo so that mothers can still give their children fresh meals infused with their love,” elaborates Seojoung as he recalls the nostalgia that led him to create the award-winning Mother’s Heart. This is not only a convenient device for mothers but also anyone who works and cooks their own meals. It has the ability to help us reduce food waste and consume radiation-free meals. While meal-prep is great, there is nothing like a freshly cooked meal after you finish your chores – no one likes a wilted lettuce salad or a microwaved mac-n-cheese.

Designer: Yu Seojoung

Uncle Iroh approves of this bamboo-inspired tea set!

You already know Uncle Iroh would 100% approve of this simple bamboo tea set, he would probably give you a wise lesson on being like bamboo as he brews his tea! I can already hear his voice saying “Zuko be like bamboo, resilient, flexible, and versatile.”

This tea set will appeal to any minimalist looking to add zen to their kitchen and their life. Designed for a luxury hotel brand located in southern China’s natural treasure—Jintan District, it is a nod to the scenery and bamboo fields. Jintan is known to have some of the best bamboos and high-grade green tea, both these natural gems are blended into this one tea set. “We perfectly interpreted and integrated the bamboo shape with the tea set for tea ceremony. The minimal bamboo-shaped tea set showcases the elegant contour of the product and the features of the tea set as well,” explains the team. It includes a teacup, a teapot, and a tea spoon that can all be stacked on top of each other to create your own bamboo. The little leaf/green shot is a thoughtful detail turned into a spoon that highlights the elegance of bamboo.

The stacking is symbolic of the layers of different steps of a traditional tea brewing process. It gives you a chance to enjoy the gradual progress and appreciate it – as Uncle Iroh would say, the tea is the reward.

Designer: RONG Design


This 3-in-1 dishwasher was designed to fit in your sink – a 2020 kitchen essential!


Safe to say that the most hated chores are either doing laundry or doing the dishes. There is something about warm, dryer sheet scented laundry that kind of makes it worth it, so doing dishes is the most annoying household task in my list. I also feel like dishwashers are so awkwardly located, you have to bend too often and that can be a problem if you have a physical disability or if you are over the age of 26 because you have spent a good amount of time slouching over your devices. To make life easier for us all, Fotile has designed a 3-in-1 dishwasher that actually fits in your sink! Yes, that is correct – your sink is now a place for dirty as well as clean dishes.

This clever design hides your dishwasher and dryer elegantly by welding it to your stainless steel sink. The dishwasher has a larget fillet that facilitates accelerated rotation of water flow to improve the efficiency of wash cycles. Another great perk of it being fitted in your sink is that it reduces the hassle of cleaning inside the appliance. It also has a flat embedded ‘lid’ which makes it easy for you to keep your countertop clean while not sacrificing surface space. Apart from killing 99.99% of bacteria from the dishes, it also doubles up as a fruit and vegetable purifier. Using ultrasonic technology and a turbulent spray, it removes 90% of pesticide residue from your produce. This dishwasher claims to have no blind spots – 360-degree cleaning and drying!

The Fotile dishwasher is perfect for any home but especially urban homes because they don’t come with appliances (trust me, I had to apartment hunt in Manhattan which meant I chose dishwasher over having a living room), even more so when they are traditional bulky washers. Not just small apartments, but any home could benefit from space optimization with this in-sink dishwasher. It is also uses resources more efficiently and cuts the time + energy taken by existing dishwashers into half! Clean, convenient, and (very) cool.

Designer: Fotile

This smart sustainable kitchen cutting board has 10 features including a 99.99% germ-killing UVC light!

Chop it like its hot! I’ve always wanted to say that but this chopping board truly is one of the best designs I’ve seen and it is 100% going on the top of my kitchen essentials list. Chopbox is a smart chopping board that has so many unique features but the most relevant one in these ‘unprecedented times’ is the fact that it can actually kill germs on your cooking tools and space! Get rid of counter clutter and those extra kitchen accessories with this much-needed upgrade.

You can easily sanitize your knives and cutting surfaces, embrace your inner quarantine chef with germ-free cooking thanks to Chopbox’s built-in disinfecting UVC light – see I told you, this board is lit and literally! We clean our knives but do we ever think about the germs in knife blocks or the crevices of our cutting boards? With Chopbox all you have to do place your knife in between the two cutting surfaces and activate the small but powerful 254nm UVC light that can sanitize up to 3 knives at once as well as both the cutting surfaces. “Just one minute of UVC light exposure is guaranteed to kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria. The 254nm UVC light used in the ChopBox is small and has a limited angle with only a small gap in the boards when in use. It is 100% safe for all humans to be around and near this light. The UVC light will automatically switch off when you separate the two boards or you can press the second button on the control panel to turn it off. You will receive no negative side effects from this UVC light,” says the team.

With two cutting surfaces, you can switch between veggies and meat to avoid cross-contamination. Use the smaller cutting board for food scraps, as a side piece to store chopped produce, or for transferring the ingredients to the stove. The clever design even lets you replace the main cutting surface when needed. Another interesting feature of Chopbox is that it can also weigh your food with a built-in scale. The middle button on the control panel is used to switch between grams, ounces, pounds, kilograms, and a tare function for accuracy so you always have the right portions. Kitchen timers are not revolutionary but this one is integrated on the surface itself and can run for 9 hours! Chopbox also has two replaceable knife sharpeners on the right edge of the board – one is made with a diamond stone and the other is made with a ceramic stone so you adjust your level of sharpness accordingly.

Chopbox is not only smart, but it is also strong and can hold 150 pounds of weight. It is crafted sustainably using bamboo wood which was used for its hard density, durability, and affordability. The board and its replaceable parts are all 100% recyclable as sustainability is important to the designers and the consumers. It runs on a 3000 mAh battery that lasts for 30 days of daily use on a one-hour charge cycle. It is also waterproof and is rated IPX7 which means it can withstand being in water up to 3 feet deep! Since this is a smart cutting board with batteries and other tech features, it is not meant to be put in a dishwasher as the heat will cause damage to an otherwise long-lasting, multifunctional appliance. Even Gordon Ramsay will only have nice things to say about Chopbox!

Designer: Chopbox

Click Here to Buy Now: $119 $199 (40% off). Raised over $2,190,940!

ChopBox: Smart Cutting Board With 10 Features

This cutting board kills germs, weighs your food, and more! Sustainable design, Replaceable parts.


Chopbox protects you against germs and bacteria

Did you know that knife blocks, drawers, and even regular cutting boards harbor tons of bacteria and germs? It seems like no one talks about it, but the hidden germs in your kitchen are very real.

The revolutionary ChopBox makes sanitizing your knives and cutting surfaces easy and brings germ-free cooking to your kitchen with a built-in disinfecting UVC light in the cutting board. Traditional knife blocks and cutting boards with gouges and scrapes can harbor harmful bacteria and germs. But who thinks to sanitize their knife after grabbing it? Now you can place your knife in between the two cutting surfaces and activate the small but powerful 254nm UVC light to sanitize up to 3 knives at once AND both cutting surfaces at the same time! Just one minute of UVC light exposure is guaranteed to kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria.

The 254nm UVC light used in the ChopBox is small and has a limited angle with only a small gap in the boards when in use. It is 100% safe for all humans to be around and near this light. The UVC light will automatically switch off when you separate the two boards or you can press the second button on the control panel to turn it off. You will receive no negative side effects from this UVC light

Replaces 5 Kitchen Gadgets


Instead of needing up to five single-use gadgets and tools in your kitchen, the ChopBox combines all five into one amazing cutting board. You’ll never need to find or store smaller single-use tools like a food scale or kitchen timer again and will have more room for storage and organization in your kitchen.

Two Boards in One: Double up your space and avoid cross-contamination.


With two cutting surfaces, you can switch between raw meat and seafood to other foods without ever having to worry about cross-contamination. You can also use the smaller cutting board for food scraps, as an area to store cut foods, and for transferring your chopped food to the stove. The main cutting surface is replaceable. Buy parts via Kickstarter, or from Amazon after the campaign.

Scale: Built-in digital scale weighs up to 6.6 pounds


The built-in scale is part of the cutting board on the left-hand side. You can measure your ingredients in grams, ounces, pounds, kilograms and the scale weighs up to 6.6 pounds. Always get the exact right portion! The middle button on the control panel is used to switch between grams, ounces, pounds, kilograms with a single long-press. The scale features a tare function. To zero out the scale for a bowl or other vessel, just place the bowl on the scale and press the third (middle) button on the control panel to zero out the scale so that you’re only weighing the goof, not the container.

Timer: 9-hour kitchen timer


Your food will come out perfectly every time with our 9 -hour digital kitchen timer built-in to the ChopBox. Unlike traditional kitchen timers which can only go up to 59 minutes, the ChopBox timer has a longer readout and can be set for up to 9 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds, so even big meals and slow cooker meals can be set on this timer.

Knife Sharpeners: Dual Inset Knife Sharpeners


It’s tough to remember where you put that small knife sharpener or know you’re using the honing steel type of sharpener correctly, so we made it easier than ever by putting two knife sharpeners right on the side of the cutting board. They are easily accessible and simple to use. There are two different knife sharpeners built into the ChopBox. One is made from diamond stone, and the other is made of ceramic stone, so you can pick your level of sharpness. The sharpeners are replaceable. Buy parts via Kickstarter or from Amazon after the campaign.

Groove for catching runoff

There is a groove surrounding the cutting surface on the larger cutting surface for catching any juices from falling off and onto your counter, clothing, or floor. Just another small feature to make this the best cutting board you’ve ever used.

Use the second board as a presentation plater


In addition to food preparation, this smart cutting board is a perfect food presentation platter for parties and guests! With two clean uniform surfaces, you can use it as two separate food serving surfaces or as the perfect cheese or charcuterie board with the second surface coming out from the bottom to hold cheese knives and catch any drips.

Long-lasting battery life: lasts up to 30 days on a single charge

The ChopBox has a large battery inside [3000 mAh] which charges quickly. With just one hour of charging you get up to 30 days of regular daily use of your smart cutting board.

Completely waterproof for an easy clean up

IPX is a waterproof rating system that refers to the ability of an object to resist water. For example, IPX0 means something is not water-resistant at all, such as a book. IPX2 means your object is protected from “some water drops when the device is tilted up to and including 15 degrees.” The rating goes up to IPX8, which means your object is protected even if it is dropped in over 3 feet of water and is fully waterproof.

The ChopBox is rated IPX7, meaning it is fully waterproof and can withstand being in water up to 3 feet deep! However, we do NOT recommend putting the ChopBox in a dishwasher, as the high heat in dishwashers warp and break down all natural cutting boards over time

Durability tested and high strength


ChopBox is​ incredibly strong​!​ It holds up to 150 pounds of weight. Bamboo is completely natural and organic and is considered a “low maintenance wood,” meaning it is very hard and dense, so it keeps water out of the wood itself so it will not warp or crack as other woods can. Other woods like maple, walnut, or cherry require regular maintenance with mineral oil or beeswax to keep it from cracking and warping. Bamboo is also resistant to knife scarring, due to its hard density and is known for its durability and affordability.

Click Here to Buy Now: $119 $199 (40% off). Raised over $2,190,940!

This 3D printed sustainable clay range is an indigenous storage solution that reduces food waste!

All over the world, we face the challenge of waste generation and management. Most people think that plastic is the biggest culprit but you would be surprised to know that food waste the largest waste contributor worldwide. To put it into context, food is responsible for 44% while plastic is responsible for 12% – that is a problem we need to fix and designer Lea Randebrock is taking a step in the right direction with her Clay Pantry collection.

About 1/4th of the food waste, which is generated in industrialized countries goes back to the actions of consumers and the busy lifestyles of western countries in combination with a lack of knowledge. Old-timey solutions like root-cellars made it possible to store produce throughout winter but now we have cheap food that is quick to cook and always available which has been taken for granted. People are not only detached from their environment but also from the food they consume and Clay Pantry wants to change that approach through its organic design. It provides a suitable space for fruits and vegetables which make up for the highest waste count. Inspired by traditional storing methods, this collection was created to be used within our modern lifestyle settings – the best of both worlds. The furniture-container collection includes the Root Stool, Fruit Shelf, Tempered Box, and Watering Jug which are all crafted around the behavior and actions of watering plants. “By watering the objects like plants, the focus goes effortlessly to the objects and the content,” describes Randebrock who has been a student of furniture design and is inspired by indigenous materials.

Clay has been used since ancient times as a storage solution for food and drinks, having grown up in India it is a big part of the culture and in fact, water stored in clay pots is always cooler (and sweeter!). The cooling effect is due to the porosity of earthenware which has natural cooling properties when soaked with water. Clay Pantry optimizes this property to give you a range of storage containers for small, urban homes. The Root Stool provides dry and dark storage space and the Tempered Box was created for produce that needs humid and cool conditions. The Fruit Shelf and Water Jug are self-explanatory. Clay Pantry’s modular nature makes it a perfect fit for compact apartments and for those looking for an eco-friendly storage solution for their produce.

“In the situation followed by the challenging spring of 2020, I believe it is more important than ever to include empathy in our society. Any aspects of everyday life are challenged and need to be redesigned and restructured. While this is a challenging time, this is a chance to question the status quo. As a designer, I hope to contribute in a positive way to a Post-Corona society,” says Randebrock, a student of the Royal College of Arts. She has used a traditional food storage method but brought it to life using 3D printing – the best of both worlds is embodied in this collection that serves us and our environment.

Designer: Lea Randebrock

clay pantry

clay pantry 1

clay pantry 2

With 31 grind settings, this coffee grinder gives you the smoothest coffee every time!

If you love coffee and enjoy the process of making a perfect cup, you know the importance of not only getting a good roast but also a good grind. Every coffee machine uses a different type of grind – espresso machines that give you lattes and cappuccinos use a fine grind while a drip coffee maker or french press will use a coarse grind. The wrong grind will give you a complete failure and it won’t be coffee, it’ll just be hot bean water and we don’t want that. So how can we take the guesswork out of grinding beans and not ruin our specialty roasts? Simple – just get the Ode grinder!

Ode is a powerful and precise home grinder with professional cafe grade capabilities. It was designed so that you can enjoy a perfect cup of coffee every single day no matter what brewing process you choose – pour-over, french press, cold brew, espressos, or drip! This coffee grinder is probably the only one you will ever need because it comes with 31 grind settings and a distinctive single dose load bin for maximum bean freshness. And unlike the big cafe machines, this little appliance does everything quietly. Fellow and Branch wanted to create a grinder that also looked like an appliance worthy of sitting on your countertop. The all-black grinder looks like a sleek espresso machine in itself with a large intuitive dial that allows you to easily choose the type of grind you want. I also love the magnetic base so the container will not move out of place and no coffee will be wasted!

Fellow has some of the best coffee accessories in the game and a grinder was a necessity for their range but, they wanted to do it right and make something that actually would make a difference to your coffee without requiring you to be an expert. “We were also tired of affordable grinders claiming they could do ‘everything’. But when push comes to shove, these grinders were good at brewed coffee but less than mediocre at espresso (or vice versa). After 26 months of user research, prototyping, and lab testing Ode Brew Grinder was born,” says the team. Ode makes it possible to have consistent quality and precision with your ground beans and is versatile enough to work with any brewing process. It is truly an ode to coffee grinders!

Designer: Branch Creative for Fellow Products

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This modular vertical garden was designed to be a self-watering, self-powered, space saver!

Do you, like me, wake up with an urge to add something in your home to elevate your interior design game since we are spending all our time indoors? I think the top items I gravitate towards are air purifiers (obvious reasons), kitchen essentials, sleep-inducing designs, and plants (special attention to those that need no managing!). I was super intrigued by Moltke which is a modular vertical garden designed for both interior and exterior use. Plants liven your home, purify your air, give you herbs if you choose to have some, and make you seem like an adult who has their life together as much as one can in a pandemic – making Moltke a perfect combination of some of my favorite things without sacrificing space!

There is an increasing need to grow fresh food in small spaces without having to devote too much time or effort. Vertical gardens in the market right now either lack functionality or are super expensive. Moltke was designed to give you an affordable indoor/outdoor garden that fits your aesthetic needs and is self-sufficient. “The main feature of this vertical garden is the ease of use. No prior experience required, just use the pre-planted seed pods and the self-watering system that requires no power – this will keep the plants self-sustained,” says Vintu. Parts of the structure are kept transparent to allow more light for the roots. It works for an indoor setting as well as outdoor because you don’t need any external power supply. The ‘growth light’ in each module ensures that the plants stay healthy even if there isn’t enough natural light.

You can also use the wastewater produced by air conditioning units to refill the water tanks. The mesh net on top makes sure that no debris gets inside your planters especially if it is outdoors. Modularity is becoming crucial in product designs so they can fit with our ever-changing flexible lifestyle. You can add as many units of Moltke as you want, and there are solutions for bigger needs as well like the 3L or 5L custom water tanks that will hold more modules for plants. Moltke gives you the premium planter features without the cost, need for extra electronic equipment, or components that are hard to mount/take up a lot of space. While it is unclear what kind of in-built power supply the design is using, it would be cool to make it solar powered!

Designer: Cristian Andrei Vintu

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This drip coffee machine combines multiple accessories to upgrade your brew!

When I think of drip coffee the only thing that comes to mind is the iconic Mr.Coffee machine. Other than that, the only way to make it is by hand and with multiple accessories – a filter, a cone to hold the filter, a grinder for the beans, a weighing scale or a measuring spoon to put the perfect amount and then the slow process of pouring water so you don’t over brew it. So the choices are between the most basic pot coffee machine or a tedious process that requires a lot of tools – none of them are convenient and if you are using a specialty roast, you want to do it justice by making it perfectly! SCOPE is a drip coffee machine that takes the guesswork out by merging a scale, a grinder, filters all into one brewing appliance!

Not a professional barista? No problem. Don’t want to buy 5 different things to brew just one cup of coffee? No worries. Still want to enjoy a fine cup? Then this is the machine that should replace your drip coffee maker! SCOPE combines multiple accessories to make the process convenient for you as well as justify buying expensive roasts. Drip coffee isn’t always considered superior like espresso is, but it is the most fundamental and basic thing to learn for a coffee enthusiast – this is your level one coffee. Because there is no fluff around it, drip coffee actually teaches you to appreciate the true taste of the drink, just your basic hot water, and beans to give you the most authentic flavor without any pressure (literally!). It also doesn’t require paper filters which reduces a lot of waste if you drink coffee every day.

When manually brewing drip coffee in an authentic manner, you require a certain grind and also have to weigh the amount for the filter. After that, you have to make sure the water is between 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal extraction. Colder water will result in flat, under-extracted coffee, while water that is too hot will also cause a loss of quality in the taste of the coffee. So there is a lot of guesswork that can go in if you don’t have all the parts or you could brush it off and drink a mediocre cup. But SCOPE’s built-in grinder, scale, temperature control, and timer give you a significantly finer degree of control for making a perfect cup of hand-dripped coffee.

SCOPE is also the winner of the Asia Design Awards 2020. The brewing process is optimized to be simple yet delicate to give you a joyful experience. With hot water, beans, and SCOPE, you can cherish the rich taste of specialty coffee at home without a barista-level setup or a whole cabinet full of accessories!

Designer: Joo Hwan Hong