Speed, smartness, and a lifetime guarantee.


While we’re busy giving IoT features to automotive vehicles, there lies the potential to make bicycles smart too. Now I’d rather have a smart bike than a regular bike with my phone strapped to it. A smart bike like the SpeedX Leopard comes with a computer attached on the front. The software running on it is tailor-made specifically for the cyclist. It has a 2.4 inch screen, and a software running in the background to show you all the relevant data you need, from speed, time, slope and GPS, to personal stats too, like your heart-rate, cadence/tempo, and calorie burner.

On the design front, the SpeedX Leopard is quite a winner. Designed by one of the most reputed agencies in the world, Frog design, the cycle is a lean, mean, speed machine. Its carbon fiber construction ensures it stays sturdy while being quite light at 7.9kgs. The cycle’s hollow structure conceals all the wires, resulting in a clean, crisp bike frame. The bike’s frame also integrates a mount for your HD camera; and to top things off, you get a lifetime guarantee on the bike’s chassis. Find me a bike this amazing, I dare you!

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Pneupard Robotic Leopard Not as Fast as Robotic Cheetah

We’ve seen plenty of robots based on animal designs. Nature knows what it is doing after all. Researchers, much like leopards, don’t change their spots. They are still working on robot designs that will run us down and devour us. Like the Pneupard, a robotic leopard from Osaka University.

robot leopard
This robot is driven by compressed air. It is still a prototype, which is why this thing doesn’t seem very fast or certain on it’s feet. Plus, its front legs and spine are incomplete right now. Regardless, the artificial muscles that it sports are impressive and when this robot gets further along, it will be more nimble, I’m sure.

It’s movements were based on the movements of a cat walking on a treadmill. I’m guessing they’re not talking about these cats.

They are hoping that capturing movements this way instead of programming the system by hand will lead to a more authentic movements.

[via IEEE Spectrum via Geekosystem]

Google drops OS X Leopard support for Chrome 22 dev release

Just as we catch wind that Apple's released the Gold Master version of Mountain Lion, the latest version of Chrome to hit the browser's developer channel -- that's version 22.0.1201.0, for the record -- isn't so supportive of OSX 10.5 and lower. Perhaps Leopard enthusiasts should take this as a friendly nudge toward to wild, snowy world of 10.6.

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Apple issues Leopard update with Flashback removal tool

Apple issues Leopard update with Flashback removal tool

Folks still rocking Apple's Leopard may have been feeling left out after Lion and Snow Leopard both got an update for addressing that Flashback malware. If you're one of them, you'll be glad to know that Apple has finally issued a Leopard fix that comes with a removal tool for the vulnerability afflicting its big cats. In addition to a 1.23MB Flashback update, Apple also released a second 1.11MB fix for Leopard that disables versions of Adobe Flash Player that don't have the requisite security updates. Both should further whittle down the number of Apple computers affected by the Flashback trojan. For the actual updates, feel free to pounce on the source links below.

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Apple offering free Snow Leopard update to MobileMe holdouts

mac icloud upgrade

Mama had it right -- procrastination is bad -- but mama never knew Apple. For Leopard users still clinging tightly to their MobileMe account, it looks like the path to iCloud just got a wee bit cheaper. Qualifying MobileMe holdouts are reportedly receiving email notifications that point them to a special portal; behind a registration form, folks are finding a free copy of OS X 10.6 (on DVD, no less). The goal here is to get customers to make yet another jump to Lion (an extra $29), but the idea of keeping most of that cloud functionality via iCloud is certainly enticing. As MacNN so accurately points out, it's odd that Apple's not including the $69 USB drive version of Lion, which contains the ability to boost even Leopard users to OS X 10.7. If you're one that generally skips out on reading those automated Apple emails, you might want to make an exception for this one.

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