Kidrobot’s YumYumables Are Basically Plush Lunchables

They tell kids they shouldn’t put toys in their mouths, but even I, a full-grown adult, would have a hard time resisting that with these plush toys that look like Lunchables.

Yummy World’s delightfully silly plush YumYumables are soft, squeezy, and the most adorable thing you’ll see today. The 11″ tall plus lunch container comes packed with a family of jolly, bright-eyed lunch meats, cheeses, and crackers.

The fake foods even have names. The lunch package is Zoey, while the cracker is Chelsea, the cheese is Chester, and Charles is quite the ham. I can’t stand it.

You can grab the whole delightful set of Yumyumables over at KidRobot for about 50 bucks. Sure, you could buy like 20 packs of Lunchables for the same price, but they wouldn’t be nearly as appetizing.

Meet Steasy, the smart lunchbox that heats your food up with steam

Anyone who’s worked with chocolate knows that you don’t melt chocolate by throwing it into a pan over a flame. You’ll burn the chocolate by causing it to cook. What you want to do is heat the chocolate without cooking it, which is why you use a double boiler. Heating chocolate, or any food for that matter, with steam is tonnes more effective. Heat distributes uniformly, rather than being concentrated to one area, and more importantly, you can warm your food up without altering its taste… and that’s precisely what the Steasy does.

The Steasy is an electric lunchbox that uses steam to heat your food up. Designed to be incredibly sleek and streamlined, Steasy occupies the same footprint as your regular tiffinbox would, but it does something your food-holding piece of Tupperware cannot. Steasy has primarily three parts. A base for holding water, a metal container for holding (and heating up) your food that nests right into the base, and a lid that seals the box shut.

With an integrated battery that can heat your food up for 15 minutes, Steasy gives you the satisfaction of steaming hot lunch that tastes fresh and great. The steam heats the content of your lunchbox evenly (without cooking it), allowing it to taste as good as it did when you prepared it. The box comes with the ability to fast-charge, and even has its own mobile-app that you can use to activate the Steasy’s heating function 15 minutes before your lunch break, so you can skip the queue for the office microwave and literally open your tiffin-box to some incredibly tasty, hot, home-cooked food!

Designer: Steasy

NASA Apollo 11 Meal Canister: Lunch? I Thought You Said “Launch!”

The Japanese are renowned food segregationists. This is where the Bento box comes from that keeps all your eats separate, yet together. If you like your foods not to touch, and are a fan of the space program, I might have just the ticket for you.

This NASA-inspired lunch box has three food storage containers to keep your lunch or snacks ready to go, and looks like a stack of old mission film canisters. The backside of the canister has an Apollo 11 patch with timestamps 07201969 20:17:40 and 20:17:46. I’m not sure what the times were, but July 20, 1969 was the date when humans first landed on the moon.

Each of the containers has 20 fl. oz. capacity and the box is made of metal. That means no microwaving them or sparks will surely fly. Each bowl is 2.6″ tall and 5.4″ in diameter; it’s 11″ tall when stacked. These would also make great food bowls for your doggo. You can grab the set at ThinkGeek for $24.99.

The Lunch Feeder Rube Goldberg Machine Feeds You a Meal

You know how it is. You’re working hard at the office, and then you get hungry. But if you stop your work to get some food, your productivity will suffer. What can you do? You either go hungry or fall behind on your tasks. Well, that’s not the case if you have The Lunch Feeder.

This Rube Goldberg machine is genius. It was built by Joseph of Joseph’s Machines and feeds him a four-course meal. Specifically a brussel sprout, hotdog with ketchup, asparagus spear, and soup. Now, this guy can work and eat at the same time like a productive worker ant.

Never forget to feed yourself again. And since we don’t have robots that will take care of that task for us, this is the next best thing. I mean, yeah, it’s a lot of work to put into something just to avoid falling behind in your work but nevermind that. It’s a machine that feeds you and that’s all that matters. Great job Joseph. Hopefully, that asparagus spear doesn’t poke you in the eye though.

[via Laughing Squid via Geekologie]

HeatsBox Is a Lunch Box That Warms up Your Food

Packing a lunch for work is healthier than eating at a fast food restaurant, which is why many people do it, but the problem is that unless you use a microwave, your food is going to be cold when it should be hot. Not with HeatsBox from Swiss start-up Faitron.

This portable box is a lunchbox that is equipped with a built-in oven that lets you eat your meals hot, just like if they were prepared fresh. Reheating food in the office microwave means standing in line, and it won’t heat it evenly. HeatsBox makes it more enjoyable to bring your meal to work, gradually warming your food in about 15 minutes while you sit at your desk.


HeatsBox uses an 85 watt oven-type heater to warm food, and can be charged up via USB. It also comes with the same self-cleaning system found in many newer oven models. What’s not clear at this point is how it will keep your food from spoiling in the hours leading up to lunchtime.

There’s no word yet on when HeatsBox will ship or how much it will cost, but you can sign up for more information on their website. Assuming it works as promised, this is the kind of thing that will make your day.

[via Trendhunter]

Goldfish sandwich bags

Gold Fish Sandwich BagsImagine the shock on your friends faces at the lunch table when they see these. These full color sandwich bags will definitely get the attention at the lunch table. Your friends will wonder if you will be pulling out a live goldfish and eating it for lunch.

Upon close inspection they will figure out it is just for fun. Either way, these could be a great conversation starter for not only the kids in the family but the adults as well. Well worth the $4.99 at Perpetual Kid.

Value of Hot Food

The Vacuum Lunchbox is a neat hotbox concept that hopes to keep your food fresh and piping hot. The idea is to have the box airtight and that no heat escapes. I love the design style the idea of carrying this to my next picnic at Central Park.

Designer: Gu A Reum

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