Crazy MagSafe ‘iStorage’ adds a snap-on physical drive to increase the storage on your iPhone

Sure, a MagSafe battery pack is nice, but how about some extra MagSafe storage for my iPhone’s camera roll?

Everyone knows those pesky iCloud fees can be an absolute bummer. Yes, Apple makes it very certain that you’re getting a whole lot of functionality for the price, but what if I just want to bump up my phone’s storage because I’m busy clicking selfies and taking videos on my iPhone? Designer Abdelrahman Shaapan has an idea – Magsafe Storage. Designed to resemble Apple’s newly launched MagSafe Battery Pack (although Abdel came up with this design all the way back in May), the iStorage is a nifty wireless drive that lets you add extra storage to your phone in literally a snap.

To most people, it would seem quite unlike Apple to release a product that competes with one of its other services, but then again, the iPad is constantly pitched against the MacBook by being referred to as the laptop reinvented. For a while, the AirPods and the Beats by Dre constantly competed with each other too. Similarly, the iStorage is ‘somewhat’ a competitor to Apple’s iCloud service… although it’s purpose-built to work as more of an offline-only storage system. Snap it on, and the iPhone’s internal memory instantly gets a boost. You can back your phone up to the iStorage, or just transfer heavy files to it, like a wireless pen-drive.

How would the iStorage even work in theory? Clearly, the MagSafe is built just for hooking accessories to the iPhone and chargers to the wireless-charging coil. How would the iStorage even transfer data? Well, even though Abdelrahman’s iStorage is just a fan-made concept, the real device could easily communicate with the iPhone or any other Apple device using AirDrop protocols. The snap-on feature would probably be just something of a convenience, but I could easily imagine the iStorage as being Apple’s own hard-drive… something that the company hasn’t really ever worked on.

What’s really remarkable about Abdelrahman’s concept is that it also comes in a splash of colors to match your phone. He’s been rather clever in matching the iStorage’s colors with the current iPhone 12 palette, including the new purple color-way as well as Apple’s signature Project RED edition.

While there’s absolutely no chance that Apple’s working on something like this, it’s fun to see what designers come up with. More often than not, they’re indicative of what the consumer actually wants… and I’m pretty sure no consumer wants to pay recurring cloud-storage fees!

Designer: Abdelrahman Shaapan

This aluminum MagSafe wallet is harder, better, and stronger than Apple’s accessories

Yes, I’m sad about Daft Punk splitting up… how did you know? Okay, maybe that reference in the title sounded a little forced, but it does make a point… because Apple’s original MagSafe card-holder is frankly garbage. I’m talking about that flimsy piece of leather that holds roughly 2-3 cards and costs a shameful $59. It isn’t even RFID-proof, for crying out loud. In Apple’s defense, it doesn’t do accessories well. The charging cables barely last a year before breaking, its AirPower mat was a disaster, and let’s not forget the $700 Mac Pro wheels from 2019. Apple does, however, create the perfect opportunity for third-party companies to make some of the best accessories for their products… so when I saw the original leather MagSafe wallet on Apple’s website, I knew it was just a matter of time till an independent company made something harder, better, stronger, and well, more affordable too!

Meet the Fantom C, a MagSafe wallet designed to complement the Apple iPhone in durability and function. It comes machined from a Cerakoted billet of aluminum. The ceramic coating on the Aluminum makes it tougher and more abrasion-resistant, while a neat carbon-fiber finish on the surface of the wallet gives it a much more reliable and rugged appeal. Designed as a piece of EDC that pairs beautifully with your iPhone 12, the Fantom C gives you a dedicated space to store your cards right on the back of your phone. Magnets on its rear-side allow it to snap to the iPhone with a satisfying click, and at 0.31 inches (8 mm) thick, it’s marginally thicker than Apple’s own MagSafe wallet, but then again, the Fantom C is also capable of much more.

Right off the bat, the Fantom C can store more cards than the Apple MagSafe wallet. With space for as many as 5 cards, the Fantom C essentially allows you to shift your entire wallet onto the back of your phone, while cleverly-engineered internal details keep your cards safely inside the wallet, preventing them from ever accidentally falling out. The Fantom C features a unique profile on the front as well as the back, allowing you to easily fan out your cards with either your index finger or your thumb, so you can swiftly pick the card you want to use, and that aluminum construction gives the wallet RFID and NFC-blocking properties, keeping your cards safe from digital theft too! Oh, and at an early-bird price of $69, it’s just 10 bucks more than Apple’s wallet, but provides more features and functionality while being both durable as well as safe!

Designer: Ansix Designs

Click Here to Buy Now: $69 $89 ($20 off). Hurry, only 4/365 left!

Fantom C – The Apple iPhone MagSafe Card Fanning Wallet

The Fantom C is a minimalist wallet that pairs perfectly with the MagSafe of an Apple iPhone. The Fantom C also works perfectly as a compact, slim stand-alone wallet.

Compact Design

To make it compatible with even the smallest iPhone 12 Mini, the footprint of the wallet is just a tad larger than a standard credit card, making the Fantom C the smallest Fantom Wallet ever. To enable this ultra compact design, they removed the fanning lever so that the cards are fanned manually.

Built to Last

The Fantom C is made from all-aluminum chassis with the tough Ceramic Coated finish.

Instant Access

Fan out your cards for easy access the Fantom way. Easily select the card of your choice.

One-handed Operation

With the Fantom C Wallet’s integrated quick-access card slot, easily grab your top card with your thumb in one swift motion.

Safe & Secure

Carefully engineered so that the cards will not fall out easily.

Strong Grip

Strong magnetic connection between the Fantom C and iPhone 12 for your peace of mind.

Light & Thin

At 0.31 in (8 mm) thick, you won’t even notice the Fantom C Wallet in your pocket.

RFID/NFC Protection

The aluminum chassis provides RFID signal protection to keep your personal information safe.

Click Here to Buy Now: $69 $89 ($20 off). Hurry, only 4/365 left!