This robot-powered gaming chair looks so comfy that you might want to sleep on it

We’ve recently seen a rise in gaming chairs that would make your gaming desktop rig cry. To call them a chair might be an understatement, especially since they look more like elaborate, extravagant, and over-the-top lounges outfitted with everything you need to play games and not get up except for bodily necessities. While those chairs almost always advertise gaming comfort, they honestly look more like hard and cold traps designed to keep you from getting up and finishing your games. In contrast, you might never want to get up from this gaming chair concept, but only because it might be too comfortable and too soothing to leave. And to arrive at that kind of experience, the designers took inspiration from the most unlikely source, a supercar like a Lamborghini.

Designers: Ryan Kim, Yaeji Hong, Dongwoo Han

Gaming and cars don’t really have much in common unless you consider the concept of speed that’s associated with both machines. That’s not to say they can’t learn from each other, and cars today are getting more technologically sophisticated, running on powerful computers that might also be found in PCs. The Moiin Robodesk Gaming Chair concept takes the sharing in the other direction, with car aesthetics informing how a gaming chair could harmoniously blend contrasting elements of warmth and cold, comfort and performance.

The chair part of the Moiin, for example, has the same leather materials that Lamborghini would use on the seats of its supercars. While existing gaming chairs do have cushions and soft materials to offer comfort to the gamer, this goes over and beyond the call of duty. And if that weren’t enough, the chair is actually a massage chair that could help soothe those aching backs and shoulders from hours of gaming on end. Not that you should be playing games for hours on end in the first place.

The gaming part isn’t going to be left behind and will easily remind people of the sleek and shiny surfaces of high-end sports cars. LED lights around some edges give it that gamer aesthetic that makes it look equally futuristic, but the polished appearance of the “colder” parts of the setup actually complements the warmer personality of the leather-wrapped chair quite nicely. It’s a harmony of opposites that you’d find so executed so perfectly in sportscars and supercars.

That isn’t the end of the wonders of this gaming machine, though. If that monitor and keyboard stand looks more like a robot arm to you, you aren’t that far off. Rather than burden gamers with having to manually adjust the chair to their comfort, the robotic arm does all the work for them, leaning in and back as needed. It’s the ultimate reclining chair comfort made just as smart and as sophisticated as the gaming machine that it’s running.

Of course, there might be some concerns about whether making gaming too comfortable could lead to an even more sedentary lifestyle. At the same time, gamers might have the worst postures of all computer users, and having a desk and chair combo that not only encourages ergonomics but also adds comfort could at least help give their bodies a bit of a break. Admittedly, Moiin’s aesthetics might not appeal to all gamers, but those that love supercars and the Lamborghini design style might have found heaven in this concept.

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Peloton gets redesigned for a full body workout & recovery massage with aromatherapy at home!

The pandemic gave a huge boost to at-home workout equipment, especially the Peloton bikes. Peloton Vibe is based on the brand but elevates the at-home biking workout into a more well-rounded full-body experience! It is designed in a way to incorporate traditional weight training and also includes muscle recovery, aromatherapy, and music. Peloton Vibe caters to every sense and muscle from start to finish, it is truly a whole vibe.

The bench has a unique multi-position arm that can be moved to work with a variety of exercises. The lower portion stores a set of dumbbells that help expand to a larger range of guided workouts by the Peloton App service. Once you complete your workout, the bench seat and arm surface seamlessly transform into a massage experience. It utilizes built-in massage balls that can rotate and heat up based on your preferences. At-home gym equipment AND at-home spa? I would work out more often simply so I can make the most of the heated massage feature.

Peloton Vibe is focused on a more wholesome experience, it’s recovery features set it apart from all other home workout equipment. “Massage can release muscle tension, prevent injuries, promote faster muscle recovery, improve range of motion and flexibility. People need a massage, not only in need of treatment function, but also sensory enjoyment of environmental atmosphere, in which much equipment currently is lacking. Peloton Vibe has everything for the full experience,” says  Yinyifan Mo.

Unlike other bulky home exercise equipment, Peloton Vibe also doubles up as flexible home furniture so as to blend with the interior setup and not be an eyesore. It plays music and has aromatherapy features that add to the relaxing home ambience even if you are not working out. It has a minimal pill shape and clean design lines with rounded angles. The bench is padded for comfort and the curves ensure the safety of everyone around. The matte black and glossy black combination give it a modern aesthetic, especially the light bar which reflects light in a natural and diffused manner without disturbing the home environment.

Peloton users are loyal to the brand because their design and technology promote fitness by empowering people to be the best versions of themselves anywhere, anytime. Peloton Vibe builds on that and expands its services in a way that is organic to the brand while giving the users a wholesome experience. The redesign elevates the home fitness products to give us more comprehensive equipment that blur the boundaries between exercise, muscle recovery, and overall wellbeing!

Designer: Yinyifan Mo

This portable massage device takes the shape of a lacrosse ball for pinpointed muscle therapy at home!

For those who’ve had to use one, lacrosse balls can be lifesavers. Whether it’s plantar fasciitis or general muscle soreness, using lacrosse balls for targeted massage therapy hosts an array of benefits for relieving muscle pain. Merging all that works about using a lacrosse ball for self-massage therapy with the efficiency of smart technology, designers at Therabody, a health and wellness brand, created the Wave Solo, a pinpointed and ultra-portable therapeutic device.

Wave Solo takes the shape and density of an average-sized lacrosse ball for ergonomic use and to deliver pinpointed muscle therapy. Fused with smart technology, Wave Solo releases three powerful vibrational frequencies to focused areas of muscle tension to help promote self-myofascial release, a form of alternative muscle therapy that can be applied to your own body.

While the vibrations are sent to targeted parts of your body, QuietRoll Technology mutes the vibration’s reverberations so that each massage session can maintain an air of meditation and quietude. Compatible with Bluetooth, Wave Solo can be connected to external smart devices so users can control each device from their own smartphones. Equipped with 120-minute battery life, Wave Solo can keep on digging into those trouble spots for as long as they’re trouble.

When it comes to massage therapy, people choose lacrosse balls for their dense and solid structure to relieve muscle soreness and increase blood flow through self-myofascial release. The designers behind Wave Solo took the shape and density of lacrosse balls to promote pinpointed therapy that targets even the tightest of muscles.

Designer: Therabody
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Wave Solo comes customizable with three different vibration frequencies.

Low-surface area pinpoints pressure for targeted muscle therapy.

Each device comes with a charging cable and carrying case.

Wave Solo is also compatible with other smart devices for phone-controlled treatment.

Wave Solo dons a wavelike texture that’s meant to deliver optimal traction.

Wave Solo can be applied to any part of the body that could benefit from some muscle therapy.

A luxurious full-body massager with hidden speakers fits your interiors while keeping you stress free

The problem with purchasing a personal massage chair isn’t just the hefty price tag: it’s the hefty bulk of the chair itself. Massage chairs, especially high-quality ones, take up a lot of space. The Nouhaus, on the other hand, offers an enticing alternative: a high-quality massage packed into a space-efficient package.

Compared to similar products, the Nouhaus fits within a midrange price point, providing a deeply satisfying massage without breaking the bank. Standard massage chairs use either an S-track chair frame, which only reaches the length of the spine, the Nouhaus uses a hybrid L/S-track, which extends under the buttocks and thighs. The Nouhaus also features airbag massagers around the waist and pelvis, which offer a deeper, more relaxing experience. Also, like many higher-end chairs, it includes manual adjustments so you can fit the rollers to your body height.

The Nouhaus gives an incredible massage, but it also is a beauty in its own right. Even though the chair is quite large, it’s no bigger than your average recliner. Its plush cushions help create the ultimate relaxation experience. The chair even has Bluetooth speakers embedded in the headrest, adding to the immersion. Basically, if you could afford to upgrade your standard reclining armchair with a full-body massager, why wouldn’t you?

This Project is a 2020 Red Dot: Product Design winner.

Designer: Nouhaus



Are You Ready for a Robot Massage Therapist?

Back before COVID-19, I used to love going to the massage therapist to have the knots and kinks worked out of my perpetually stiff back. Now, the idea of being locked in a room with a virtual stranger putting their hands all over me is kind of worrisome. Sure, there are mask and disinfection protocols, but a massage is about as up close and personal as you can get with someone that you aren’t dating – and social distancing isn’t possible.

While there are options like massage chairs and personal massagers, nothing really gets into sore muscles like a human hand or elbow. With that in mind, engineers have been working on a robotic massage system that could emulate that sort of touch without the worry of human-to-human contact in a closed space.

French company Capsix Robotics and researchers at the University of Plymouth in the UK are simultaneously working on their own massage robots, each of which takes a similar approach. The Capsix robot uses a robotic arm along with sensors and a camera that guide it along the curves of a patient’s body. As it applies pressure, it follows guidelines that were provided by professional physiotherapists to ensure proper massage techniques are used.

The UK-developed system works with a KUKA LBR iiwa collaborative robot, which is a bit more compact and offers the ability to be programmed to carry out the exact movements you train it to perform. This approach might be more personalized but definitely doesn’t seem as clinically sound.

The Capsix system is clearly more ready for prime time than the university’s version, so I’m more likely to let the Capsix give me a deep tissue massage than the other robot. What do you think? Would you let a robot give you a massage if it meant you didn’t have to be exposed to another human in close quarters?

[via NewScientist]

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The world’s smallest masseuse can fit in your wallet!

Smaller than a stress ball, but a hundred times more useful, the Cardlax seems like the ultimate stress-relief tool. Be it after a strenuous workout, after a stressful day, or just when you want to relax at home and unwind, the Cardlax is a small, pocket-sized, card-shaped gizmo that simulates getting a massage. It adheres to your skin via a gel pad, and delivers short electric pulses to your muscles, causing them to contract and relax, as if a masseuse’s hands were working against your skin.

Its pocket-sized nature makes it virtually an EDC, allowing you to carry a virtual masseuse with you wherever you go, and its ability to adhere to any part of your body lets you have the comfort of getting a relaxing massage without any of the expenses, paraphernalia, or skilled technician. Its four-button interface allows you to power it on/off, change modes, and increase or decrease intensity, and that’s all it takes to get the spa experience without shelling out big bucks and heading to the parlor. Light a few scented candles and you have the aromatherapy experience too!

Designer: Cardlax