Sennheiser grows Momentum family with on-ear model, available in four colors

Sennheiser grows Momentum family with onear model, available in four colors

Momentum, it's not only useful for keeping things going, it's the name of Sennheiser's consumer range of handsome headphones. So far, the cans in this line have been over-ear affairs, but that changes today. Now, the on-ear crew have a pair of Momentums to call their own. If things look familiar, but just a little bit smaller, that's because they are pretty much an exact replica of the originals, all the way down to the audio innards, too. What is different, however, is the choice of colors you get. Sennheiser has spent time researching what this year's big tonal trends are going to be, and the results are what you'll be able to choose from on launch: pistachio, cream, blue and pink. So, fancy some Momentum, without the over-ear bulk? You should be able to take your pick some time later this month. At what price? Expect about £169.99 in the UK (US price to come).

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