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Transistor coming to the PS4, Sony doubles down on indie games

Transistor coming to the PS4, Sony doubles down on indie games

Amir Rao and Gavin Simon from Supergiant Games hopped on stage with Sony to announce that Transistor, the company's next title will be making its console debut on the PlayStation 4. The creators of Bastion will be making Sony's console their home early next year and it's bound to be one of the highlights of this year's E3. But, if you think the embrace of indie developers ends with the cyber-punk follow up to the surprisingly successful and original Bastion, you're wrong. Klei Games is bringing its hit Don't Starve to the PS4 and Octodad: Dadliest Catch from Young Horses is also on tap. Ragtag Studios, Red Barrels and 17-Bit Games are also bringing titles to the PlayStation before other consoles. There's even going to be a remake of Oddworld, called Oddworld: New 'n Tasty. Huzzah! And don't miss the trailer for Transistor after the break.

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