‘Tetris 99’ gets a team battle mode

Tetris 99 is one of the best reasons to grab a Nintendo Switch Online membership. The free game pits 99 players against one another in crowded and tense matches. But the game isn't just about endurance; by clearing lines of blocks, players push their...

Microsoft tests content filters for Xbox messages

The gaming community can be ruthless and often outright abusive. In an attempt to make Xbox more welcoming and inclusive, Microsoft is introducing new content filters. Beginning today, Xbox Insiders can select one of four filters that will automatica...

Google Confirms Stadia Launch Titles

After what feels like years of speculation (largely because it has been), we’re now closing in rapidly on the launch of Google’s Stadia gaming hardware. November is the scheduled release date for Stadia, and details are now being announced about the subscription packages people can sign up to. Irritatingly, Google […]

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Sony plans to make everyone with a PS4 a competitive gamer

Sony is hoping it can rally its PlayStation fans around esports. Today, the company announced seasonal PS4 tournaments. It's inviting users of all levels to participate in competitive online gaming through their PS4 consoles, and it's even offering c...

Two-thirds of online gamers in the US experience ‘severe’ harassment

It's no secret that online gaming can harbor toxic and abusive behavior. But a new survey by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) says as many as many as two-thirds of US online gamers have experienced "severe" harassment. More than half of the responden...

EA patched Origin security flaws that put millions of users at risk

EA patched flaws in its Origin platform that could have enabled hackers to hijack and exploit millions of users' accounts. The vulnerabilities were spotted by Check Point Research and CyberInt, and once exploited, they could have allowed player accou...

Nintendo Switch Online Service Price Revealed

Nintendo has announced details on the online gaming service that will be landing for the Switch next year. The Nintendo Switch Online service will cost just $19.99 per year, and will not only support online gameplay, but give you access to a library of classic video games from the NES.

Nintendo says that it is considering games from the Super NES as well, but no decisions have been made. Games that will be offered include Super Mario Bros. 3, Dr. Mario, and Balloon Fight. If you don’t want to spend $20, for $3.99 you can get one month’s access and for $7.99 you can play for three months.

Nintendo also plans on launching an app which adds an online lobby and voice chat this Summer, which will allow players to set gameplay appointments, and chat with friends during matches, but it appears that this will all be done via your smartphone, and not via the Switch itself.

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GTA Online Launches Today

Rockstar has announced that the update that sends GTA Online will be available today. In fact, the update should available right now with Rockstar having said this morning that the update was expected to be available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation gamers by 7 AM Eastern Time.

gta online1magnify

Once you have a copy of the game, you can download a small online update and then get access to the GTA Online world. The world of GTA Online is set a few months prior to the events that happened in GTA 5. The online world you see now isn’t all players will have access to, with Rockstar planning significant enhnancements in the future.

Sometime this fall Rockstar plans to launch a Content Creator tool that will allow players to set up custom Race and Deathmatch Jobs. The online game also offers an extensive character creation system that lets players fine-tune every aspect of the character from looks to personality.

You can find more details of GTA Online over on Rockstar’s website, or if you already own the game, you should be able to dive right in by now. And if you have any issues accessing the game, check out this page for status updates.