Switchboards for the rich! These high-end switches come with fingerprint sensors

I’d imagine a rich Lex Luthor having something like the Biometric Switch Plate in his home. With its slick, premium design, and one variant that literally comes studded with diamonds, the Biometric Switch Plate lets you control your lights, fans, and appliances with a touch. It uses a TouchID style fingerprint sensor to authenticate your identity, and a touch-sensitive switch plate to switch on/off lights and fans as well as a slider to turn their intensity up or down.

The switch plate comes in both wall-mounted and wireless versions, and gives you the ability to choose who can access the controls, a feature that would be pretty useful if you don’t like others coming in and messing with your thermostat, or leaving lights on around the house!

Designer: Paul Sandip

Sensory Recall Made Easy


It’s no secret that our sense of smell is the one that’s most connected to recalling memories no matter how distant. Designed with this in mind, the OZONE concept utilizes a unique aromatic cartridge system that can take you back or pick you up depending on what you want!

The magic lies in OZONE’s thoughtfully developed scents that are reminiscent of a number of places and things. Users can load the unit with up to 10 cartridges with scents ranging from rainfall to Grandma’s pudding. Each will take you back to a time and place with all the associated memories from moments of the past. Other scents, like fresh coffee, are optional as a way to awaken the spirit and kickstart the day with a natural burst of energy.

Designer: Paul Sandip







Guessing Game #18

Probably the last Guessing Game for this year, so get cracking at it! What is this design? A hairband…or….

Today’s hint: The most important value in the number system is what we call it. However the absence of the obvious makes it possible for us to pose like The Thinker.

Wow I am good at riddles!

In any case, here is Zero, a concept based on “something suddenly becoming more noticeable in its absentia.” The absence of the sitting surface makes this furniture piece intriguing and experimental. Crafted from thermo-setting polymer with ‘Pearlescent’ colors, the seating has been designed in collaboration with MERCK and is limited edition.

Designers: Paul Sandip & Suhasini

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