Housefly-inspired board pins are the most quirky and creative stationery I’ve ever seen!

Don’t go grabbing your fly-swatter yet! These houseflies are a convenience, not a nuisance! Designed as a quirky novelty, the Fly Push Pins replace your boring old board pins with something unique, eye-catching, and definitely conversation-starting!

The pins are shaped and sized to look exactly like houseflies (complete with the wings), and when pushed into a board, look like you’ve got flies resting on your important notes. I guess it helps undercut the seriousness of what’s pinned up on the board, creating a fun environment… but more importantly, it evokes a reaction – something that art (or appropriately kitsch) is supposed to do. Now that reaction could be a fond smile, a look of surprise and awe, or of sheer abhorrence and disgust. Either way, you’ve got yourself some fun stationery on your hands (or on your board).

Designer: SuckUK Design Team

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Optical Illusion floor-rug makes it looks like you have a gaping hole in the ground!

The Tik-Tok possibilities are endless!

Meet the Round Void, a floor mat that should definitely give your guests a mild shock and your landlord a mini heart-attack! Designed to look like you’ve got a circular hole in your floor, this woolen rug is for people with a sense of decor, and a sense of humor. The two-tone rug comes in black, with a crescent-shaped grey zone, designed to complete the illusion of a black void in the thick floor when you look at it at the right angle. The illusion works best on grey floors, but I suppose any sort of floor would really do the trick. Just place the mat at a crucial passage-way and watch your friends and family do a double-take as they suddenly feel like they’re about to step into a massive hole, only to later realize it’s an optical illusion and not a portal into the underworld. Happy Pranksgiving!

Designer: Scott Jarvie for Delupo

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An old Instagram hoax is back, and it’s duping celebrities

An Instagram hoax that first circulated in 2012 is back, and celebrities from Usher to Waka Flocka Flame, Julianne Moore, Julia Roberts and Rob Lowe have allegedly fallen for it. The post claims Instagram is changing its rules and everything you've e...

WTF Prank Candles Go from Yummm to Ewwwww

Candles are good because they make your room smell nice… and because fire. But if you want to mess with people who like candles, you might want to get some of these to give your friends at the office Christmas party that will be here before you know it.

These prank candles start out smelling nice, and then as they melt they go straight to stank. The candles come in Cereal Killer and Mountain Doo Doo scents. Cereal Killer starts out smelling like that sweet glory that is breakfast cereal and then goes to stinky breath scent.

Mountain Doo Doo starts smelling like a highly caffeinated soda and then goes to a nasty body odor scent. The scent transition happens after a few hours of burning. The downside is if you give it in the box, it says clearly it is a prank candle, so consider taking it out before you give these to your Secret Santa recipient. Each candle will cost you $12.99 (and a friendship) at ThinkGeek.

Why are people pretending to be dead on Instagram?

Ahmed Simrin, 15, is one of the millions of teenagers who uses Instagram. He doesn't post pictures on his page every day (there are two total), yet somehow he's managed to get nearly 3,000 people to follow it. That doesn't make him a social media inf...

Cruel pranksters made NYC internet kiosks play ice cream truck tunes

New York City is in the midst of a heatwave, and some pranksters are taking advantage of technology to twist the knife a little more. LinkNYC has confirmed to Motherboard that someone is making its internet kiosks play ice cream truck music, tauntin...

Voice & Motion Activated Stickers Are Perfect for Office Pranksters

Too many of today’s pranks are cruel or downright mean. I prefer old school pranks, which are a bit more lighthearted, and not likely to end with you or your victim getting a punch in the face or a kick in the groin. These prank stickers should do the trick just fine.

From the office microwave to the street corner newspaper machine, these stickers instantly transform everyday objects into “smart” ones, adding Voice or Motion control. Well, they don’t really do that, but they’ll certainly convince more gullible people that they are capable of these high tech feats. Watch in amusement as your co-workers yell at the Keurig, or flail their hands wildly at the water fountain.

They’re sold in a pack of 50 (25 of each design) for just $10(USD), so you’ll have enough to label all of your cans of soda, along with the cat if you want.

[via Dude I Want That]