‘Sea of Thieves’ is coming to Steam with crossplay

Microsoft's buccaneering simulator, Sea of Thieves, already has 10 million players on Xbox One and Windows 10. The company announced that the game is coming soon to Steam, adding to an already large stable of Microsoft games on Valve's platfo...

Star Trek Rugs Add a Little Space to Your Floor

From 1998 to 2008, the Las Vegas Hilton featured an attraction called Star Trek: The Experience. I remember going to it during a Vegas vacation, and it was quite cheesy- but in a good way. But if you have fond memories of it, or just want to bring a little bit of Trek into your home, check this out.

It turns out that after the attraction closed, they sold off a bunch of never-used carpet remnants, and someone has turned these into sweet space-themed area rugs. The custom-made carpeting features a repeating pattern of a starship’s windows looking out into space, and would look great in any geeky living space. As a bonus, since the carpet was designed for use in a casino, they’re made for high-traffic wear, and should last a very long time.

Etsy seller YourHouseWins is selling the area rugs in sizes ranging from 2×2′ up to 6×9′, with prices starting at $175 for a single space window, up to $995 for the biggest area rug. So set your wallet to stun, and head over to Etsy if you want to add a cool piece of Star Trek memorabilia to your room.


‘Sea of Thieves’ update adds a swashbuckling adventure on April 30th

Rare has shed new light on just what stories you'll see in Sea of Thieves' anniversary update, and the first one might just scratch the itch if you think the core game is a bit threadbare. A new trailer for the first "Tall Tales" story, "Shores of G...

‘Sea of Thieves’ anniversary update will let you catch and cook fish

It's been one year since Sea of Thieves set sail, and to celebrate, developer Rare is releasing an anniversary update that brings new story adventures, a new trading company, a new competitive mode, various world improvements and fishing, because eve...