This universal bottle cap with its own built-in straw is a weirdly brilliant idea

I’ll admit, it took a while for the ZippyCap to grow on me, but after a bit of perusing, I’m convinced it’s a pretty ingenious idea. Imagine being able to reuse any plastic bottle infinitely. Imagine never needing to touch your mouth to a bottle-opening ever. Imagine always having a straw on you no matter where you go. The ZippyCap has a pretty nifty way of catering to all three needs. It’s good for your mouth because it allows you to drink water without touching your mouth to the bottle or spilling water as you maneuver the bottle in mid-air… and it’s good for the environment because it lets you turn any plastic bottle into a sipper-bottle, by making sure you have a reusable straw on you at all times.

The ZippyCap turns the reusable straw into EDC in a way that’s never been done before. The straw comes tethered to a universal bottle-cap with your average 28mm threading… which means the ZippyCap fits on any sort of bottle, be it for water, seltzer, juice, or a carbonated beverage. The cap even comes with its own extendable silicone straw, that lets you sip from the bottle. Just pop the cap on, open its flap, and the straw’s mouth pops out, allowing you to sip from the bottle without touching your mouth to it, or even inclining the bottle. The reusable straw’s easier to carry than your average metal straw, and is much more useful than those crummy paper straws that melt after 5 minutes.

The entire ZippyCap apparatus fits into a plastic capsule that’s small enough to slide right around your keychain, and light enough to literally float on water. The cap itself comes with a matching base that encloses the straw into a nice package that’s easier to carry around with you than a metal straw. Open it out and the cap and straw fit on virtually any regular-mouth bottle. The twist-open cap turns your bottle into an instant spill-proof sipper, while the straw itself comes with a variable valve system, allowing you to control how much liquid flows through with each sip. You can limit the flow for carbonated or cold beverages, getting them to last for longer, or expand the flow for water or juices, allowing yourself to hydrate or quench your thirst quickly. The ZippyCaps are both designed and manufactured in USA, and along with providing jobs to American workers, the ZippyCap team even pledges a share of their revenue to 1% For The Planet… so aside from being a reusable alternative to plastic straws, each ZippyCap actually contributes to charities that help protect the earth!

Designer: Allison Szap

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ZippyCap – A Reusable Straw with a Built-in Twist Cap

The ZippyCap is a universal twist cap with a built-in “no-touch” silicone straw. Designed to turn your beverage into a travel-friendly sports bottle and avoid germs and accidental spills.

Features & Benefits

No More Germs: The self-expanding silicone straw goes from your keychain to your beverage without ever having to be touched. It also has a built-in germ-blocking shield to protect the straw tip between sips. Unlike other reusable straws that you have to touch with your germy fingers to put in your drink, and also sit in your beverage collecting all sorts of airborne viruses and germs. ZippyCap keeps your straw more germ-free than the other straws out there.

No More Spills: On the go, driving, gym, biking, hiking, boating, or just at your desk ZippyCap holds your straw securely in your beverage even if dropped from 6 feet high, without so much as a drop spilled. It’s also designed to fit most store-bought beverage bottles of all types, tall or short, flavored, carbonated, or not.

No More Plastic Waste: Stop using single-use plastic straws. They can’t be recycled and pollute our oceans and land. ZippyCap will be also made from 100% recycled plastic, right here in the U.S.A.! In support of global recycling efforts, we are donating 1% of our proceeds to “The Recycling Partnership” 501c-3 charity as a business member of 1% for the Planet.

If you drop your keys in the water, it will act as a floatation device too!

How to Use

How To Store

ZippyCap fits most standard store-bought beverage bottles of varying sizes and types. Our silicone straw bends to fit the bottom of shorter bottles without kinking.

3-in-1 Straw

The straw has 3 uses. The team has built in a “Dual Position Air Flow Control Valve” right on the straw that works in conjunction with our patented cap. This means you can control the FLOW of your beverage for water or carbonated drinks.

The third use is to remove the straw from the cap and place it in any cup or can of your favorite beverage.

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This reusable straw opens up with a zip-lock mechanism, allowing you to easily clean the inside

Product design truly is an endless journey. We, as a species, go from solving one problem to another till we have something that is as close to perfect as it can get… and that process can often take, well, millennia. The earliest instances of straws date nearly 5000 years back, and were made by the Ancient Sumerians who used hollow metal tubes to drink out of large vats (they also pioneered beer fermentation, so take from that what you will). Over the years, the humble straw evolved and saw material changes, from paper in 1888 (when the straw was first patented by man named Marvin Stone), to plastic in the 1930s. Straws were initially produced for hospitals, as it allowed patients to drink without sitting up – and they only caught on after the 30s after bending straws were in invented and soft drinks and milkshakes took the world by storm. Straws don’t really have a great reputation today, in part because they’re not biodegradable, but also because of their inherent throwaway culture. If you fix the material, design, and culture, you fix the straw… and that’s sort of what the ClickStraw is trying to do.

The ClickStraw addresses the inherent flaws of the straws before it. Plastic straws are an environmental hazard, paper straws become soggy, bamboo straws end up developing molds, and metal straws are difficult to clean. Made from high quality and sustainable TPE, the ClickStraw is designed to be used multiple times, and moreover, is easy to maintain. Its hollow, tubular structure can be opened out completely, allowing you to rinse the inner surface of the straw, giving it a deep clean. The ClickStraw’s innovation lies in a ziplock-bag-style snapping fixture and a live-hinge that run along the length of the tube. To clean the straw, slide your thumb in and it opens up. Once you’re done, click it shut like a zip-lock bag and you’ve got yourself a spanking clean straw that doesn’t degrade, get dirty, or worse, corrode like your metal straws.

The straw measures a cool 190mm (7.4 inches) in length, and stands at 17.3mm wide (0.6 inches), making it tall enough to fit into LIIT glasses, and wide enough to work with thick shakes and boba teas. The patented snap-fit construction is water-tight, lasts a million open-close cycles, and is safe for children. The TPE material is a clever choice too, given that it handles heat and cold remarkably well, has a neutral smell and taste, and can go right in the dishwasher… and if it ever makes its way into the trash, the ClickStraw can be 100% recycled, leaving absolutely no plastic waste behind!

Designer: Frank Healey of HELY

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ClickStraw – Oneclick Open Straw That Saves the Ocean

The ClickStraw is a reusable straw that can be opened lengthways for easier and faster ways to clean than other straws.

One Clickstraw can save 600 plastic straws entering oceans and landfills in a year.

The Problem with Conventional Straws

One of the biggest contributing factors in our ocean waste is single-use plastic. This has led many startups to come up with reusable straws made from materials like silicone, metal, paper and even pasta.

However, they’re not the most lucrative alternative to conventional straws as the metal straws can be hazardous while paper and pasta straws tend to get soggy and may taste weird. One of the biggest problems with these straws is that they are difficult to clean, and no matter how many times you wash them with water, there is a chance of some residue getting stuck inside the straw. Furthermore, the straws that come with a cleaning brush aren’t really offering a feasible solution because the brush is often made of plastic and can cause health problems if not replaced regularly.

The Solution

Made from 100% TPE, the ClickStraw can be click opened lengthwise for the cleaning process, so there is no residue left inside for a clean and hygienic straw that is ready to be used again. It is dishwasher safe and suitable for both hot and cold drinks.

Patent-protected. Simply open, wash and close.

To ensure that ClickStraws will be recycled and does not end up as plastic waste, the founders are promising a free & lifetime return service. They guarantee that every returned ClickStraw will be re-constructed into secondary plastic and reused in new applications.

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Bubble tea lovers finally get a reusable straw that opens up for easy cleaning!

If you are someone using plastic straws in 2020, you need to look up photos of baby turtles and imagine how they feel with plastic in their stomach. Scientists estimate 437 million to 8.3 billion plastic straws pollute the coastlines around the world. So our plastic pollution problem is pretty huge and to be specific how huge, the Great Garbage Patch in the Pacific Ocean is twice the size of Texas. Let’s start making a difference by decreasing single-use plastic usage – one of them being straws!

One bubble straw is designed using 100% recyclable material and is specially created for being bubble-tea friendly. I haven’t seen a paper or metal straw that is wide enough for bubble tea which makes it harder for that demographic to make the switch but not anymore. This straw by Green One has 1.3 cm diameter and measures 21 cm length. What makes it stand apart is that you can actually open it up to clean it and you don’t require any brushes! The design team wanted to create an alternative to the existing eco-friendly straws which was easier to use not only in terms of cleaning but also in piercing the drink – paper straws are too soft and metal straws are too hard. The straw is also super lightweight and wide enough to slurp up the bubble tea pearls which most existing reusable straws don’t accommodate for.

If you don’t want to rinse it by hand, you can simply put it in the dishwasher for cleaning. One bubble straw is made from 100% recyclable food-safe TPE which can be further recycled whenever you are done with it. This is the first step to decrease your single-use plastic consumption tremendously. It is eco-friendly, non-toxic, anti-dust, tasteless, and safe for use in hot and cold drinks. Green One is an HK based company dedicated to developing sustainable products and it shows in the straws packaging as well – it is made from eco-friendly paper with soy ink! Apart from creating alternatives, the brand is also organizing a ‘One Straws’ recycling program where the public can bring their used reusable straws to be cleaned before they are sent to recycling factories in order to educate people and help them reduce waste.

Designer: Green One HK


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