Uber has to pay New Jersey nearly $650 million in employment taxes

Uber may insist that its drivers are contractors and not employees, but New Jersey isn't buying that argument. The state's labor department has slapped Uber and its Rasier subsidiary with a nearly $650 million bill for overdue unemployment and disabi...

Via now provides veterans with free rides in the DC area

Veterans in the DC area can now book up to four free rides per month through the ride-sharing company Via. The new VetRides program could help veterans get to medical appointments, classes and job interviews.

Senator urges Uber and Lyft to run fingerprint background checks

A senator has called on Uber and Lyft to share details with each other about contractors they've banned to clamp down on dangerous drivers who've been kicked off one platform signing up to the other. Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) has also urged t...

Lyft Launches Campaign to Ditch Cars

Lyft has launched a new campaign to ditch cars, so that gglobal warming can be reduced. To encourage more people to sell their cars, the ridesharing company has tied up with online car retailer Carvana. Those who sell their cars on Carvana will automatically get $250 of ride credits. In addition, people who sell their […]

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New York Supreme Court dismisses Uber’s challenge to vehicle caps

Uber's bid to overturn New York City's ride-hailing caps didn't last long --New York's Supreme Court has dismissed the company's request to annul the cap law implemented in August 2018. The court rejected Uber's claim that NYC had overstepped its bou...

Lyft’s new monthly subscription is cheaper, but has fewer perks

Last year, Lyft tried to get users to pay $299 per month for its All-Access Plan. That included 30 "free" monthly trips (as long as they were under $15), but people were, understandably, shocked by the price tag. Now, Lyft is trying a new approach. I...

Waymo’s fully-automated shuttles are picking up riders around Phoenix

Waymo is now offering limited "rider-only" trips in Phoenix, Arizona, Chief Executive John Krafcik told reporters this weekend. At the moment, the fully-autonomous ridesharing service is only available to a few hundred early users.

Hyundai will offer free self-driving rides in Irvine, California

A handful of Californians are about to experience self-driving cars first-hand. Hyundai, Via and (appropriately enough) Pony.ai are debuting a driverless ride hailing BotRide service in Irvine on November 4th. A group of "several hundred" residents...