Batman Engagement Ring: If Batman Ever Proposes to Catwoman

Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle have been dancing around their relationship for as long as I can remember. I think it’s about time that Batman got down on one knee and asked Catwoman for her hand in marriage. Sure, there was that time when Catwoman gave up her life of crime and married Batman back in 1955, but that took place in an alternate reality on “Earth-Two,” so that doesn’t really count.

Seriously, put a ring on it, Bats. I’ve even already picked one out for you.

Among their various wares, Canadian jewelry shop Geeky Rings sells this sweet Batman-inspired engagement ring. This particular ring is made of gold with a bunch of bats flying around the band and holding up a ruby red gemstone at its center. The ring can be special ordered in other gemstone colors, as well as in white or a rose gold and silver combo, and an 18K gold version. If you’re looking for something that captures the “dark” aspect of The Dark Knight even better, they also sell a murdered-out black version.

Prices for the Batman engagement ring start around $550 and go up to $930 depending on the materials used. That’s chump change for the Wayne family, so you’ve got no excuse, Bruce.

Now, I wonder if this is the ring that Peter Parker gave Mary Jane back when they got married in the 1980s.

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Karlie Kloss’ coding camp covers more cities and languages this year

Kode with Klossy, Karlie Kloss' coding camp for girls, is expanding this year. Last year, the program offered 15 camps in 12 cities, but this summer, it's running 50 camps in 25 cities and will teach 1,000 young women between the ages of 13 and 18 ab...

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Yota introduces Ruby LTE hotspot with e-ink display at CTIA 2013 (hands-on)

Yota introduces Ruby LTE hotspot with e-ink display at CTIA 2013 handson

Remember Yotaphone, the twin-display Android smartphone (color LCD in front, e-ink in back)? Today at CTIA in Las Vagas, Yota devices, the company behind the innovative handset, introduced Ruby, a sleek LTE hotspot with a small e-ink screen. We don't usually get too excited about such devices, but Ruby looks like something out of Jony Ive's workshop, with some interesting features to match. The design recalls the iPod mini but is made of white plastic instead of aluminum.

Along the top edge, you'll find the e-ink display and a two-way power switch -- slide it to the left and Ruby behaves like a secure hotspot, slide it to the right and it's a public access point. The e-ink screen shows battery and signal status, the number of connected devices and a smiley icon to confirm public mode. On the bottom edge is a trick flap that's both a micro-USB socket and a USB Type A plug depending on how it's positioned -- the micro-SIM slot is cleverly hidden behind it. A programmable RGB LED mounted behind the Yota logo completes the package on the front of the hotspot.

Ruby currently supports quad-band EDGE, plus HSPA+ and LTE for the European market, but the radio can be configured (in hardware) to support other bands. The 2100mAh battery powers the unit for about 16 hours of use (60 hours on standby) and can be charged to 70 percent capacity in about an hour. Yota's signed a few deals with carriers in Russia and Europe and the device is expected to become available to Russian customers in two to three weeks for about $120 (unsubsidized). No word on whether Ruby will land in the US (yet). Take a look at our hands-on gallery below.

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