THQ Nordic says a new Saints Row game is ‘deep in development’

THQ Nordic had plenty of updates about upcoming games from its sprawling empire in its latest earnings report. Perhaps the most notable is that its Volition studio is "deep in development" on a new Saints Row game. It didn't offer any information on...

THQ Nordic is the Frankenstein monster of video games

THQ Nordic has built a successful business out of the dead and rotting leftovers from downtrodden video game studios. Since entering the publishing biz in 2011, its specialty has been acquiring the intellectual property rights for mid-tier and AAA ga...

Saints Row IV loses ‘alien narcotics’ mission to gain approval in Australia

Saints Row cleared for sale in Australia after removal of 'alien narcotics' mission

We knew the Australian Classification Board had fundamental objections to Saints Row IV. What we didn't know, however, was that these sticking points boiled down to just a single 20-minute side mission, in which the player gained superpowers by smoking "alien narcotics" with a character called Shaundi. That mission has now been exorcised, microwaved and buried in a sanitary disposal tank somewhere in the outback. According to Eurogamer, the only other change to the Australian version of Saints Row IV is the removal of a weapon called the Rectifier, which the censors were too anal to appreciate, but which will still be available to players as DLC. Meanwhile, we're taking bets on how long it'll be before the full, uncut title hits shelves Down Under as a premium box set.

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Source: Eurogamer

Saints Row IV banned in Australia due to ‘unjustified’ evil

Saints Row IV banned in Australia due to 'unjustified' evil

For every tearful accountant at Saints Row HQ, there must be a gleeful marketing person punching the air, playing mini golf and doing whatever else marketing people do when they're full of glee. Conflicted emotions aside, however, game publisher Deep Silver can now claim the notorious distinction of having its latest title, Saints Row IV, rejected outright by the Australian Classification Board (ACB). It's the first such refusal since the ACB implemented a new R18+ rating, which is meant to allow for adult themes within games but which evidently couldn't cope with Saints Row's peculiar depictions of sexual violence (which were "not justified by context") or its drug-themed reward system (which is "prohibited by the computer games guidelines"). According to The Guardian, this effectively means Saints Row IV is banned from sale in retail stores in Australia, but Joystiq has received word from Deep Silver saying it intends to create a "reworked" version of its open-world game specifically for that country. Meanwhile, the regular version has been given PEGI 18 and ESRB M ratings elsewhere, and it looks to be on track for an August release date.

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Source: Joystiq, The Guardian