This scoop spoon uses liquid thermal energy to easily scoop through rock-solid ice-cream

Imagine how good an ice-cream scooping spoon would have to be to win a Global Innovation Award. With a special heat-retaining liquid inside its handle, and a thermally-conductive alloy structure internal structure that guides the heat to the scoop’s rim, the ScoopTHAT II can quite naturally carve through that solid block of ice-cream with zero fuss. Relying on just the physical transfer of heat, ScoopTHAT II slices through frozen cream like a hot knife through butter, but without any electricity or batteries… just good old science.

The scoop comes with a non-stick concave scoop-head, and a special metallic rim that pulls thermal energy from the handle, giving you absolutely effortless scoops, no matter how frozen your ice-cream is. The ice-cream plops off the scoop-spoon effortlessly too, thanks to the non-stick finish, giving you the most perfect looking ice-cream spheres ever… perfect enough to warrant a Global Innovation Award!

Designer: THAT! Inventions

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Sink Your Teeth Into Concrete!


The sink gives a peek into your personal style more than any other object in the bathroom! So make it count with the SCOOP sink – a minimal option for the modern bathroom that utilizes UHPC (ultra high performance concrete) for strength and a natural feeling form. Precision moulded with smooth edges and a curvaceous basin shape, the resulting style is a weighty, industrial-contemporary style fit for any residential or commercial bathroom.

Designer: Miicon Studio








Soundhawk App-Enabled Wearable Customizes Listening Experiences

Soundhawk App-Enabled Hearing Enhancer 2

What may look at first as a gadget for the hearing-impaired is actually a device that helps people filter unwanted noises in order to focus only on what they want to hear.

Enhancing the signal to noise ratio has become a very sought-after thing nowadays. There are many unwanted sounds that surround us, from car traffic and loud dogs to noisy neighbors and annoying muzak. Soundhawk developed a little gadget that could help us get rid of the unwanted bangs and booms, so all we’re left with is specifically the sound we’re looking for.

In an interview with Mashable, Soundhawk CEO Michael Kisch spoke about the target audience for this device: “It’s typically someone in their late 30′s to mid-60′s… what’s exacerbating the problem for them is they are experiencing really noisy environments throughout the day. As the environments get nosier our biology, our hearing, isn’t able to keep up with it.”

The entire kit includes only three pieces: the Scoop, a wireless microphone and a charging case. The Scoop’s ability to filter the noises is uncanny, as Kisch explained: “The sensation is you can get 35 feet away from someone, have 100 decibels of noise but it will feel like someone sitting next to you whispering in your ear.”

Best of all, the kit comes with an app that enables people to pinpoint the direction of the sound that should be picked up by the Scoop. The app even comes with four presets that refer to possible environments where the Scoop could prove useful. Bass level, pitch and frequency can be furthermore adjusted, in order to accommodate the preferences of the wearer. The customization degree of this device is really incredible, and it makes me wonder if some gadget could be invented for seeing only the things that we want to see. Or maybe in the Scoop’s case we could filter out the voice of the annoying people so that when they talk all we see is their mouth moving with absolutely no sounds coming out.

The device is currently available for pre-order on Soundhawk‘s website, and getting it will cost you $279. The recommended retail price is of $299, so if you think the Scoop is what you need to hear what interests you, you should probably pre-order it now.

The following video should give you an idea about how the Scoop and the wireless microphone work in real life:

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Adjustable Measuring Scoop

nuscup adjustable scoop Adjustable Measuring Scoop
It’s the scoop that can measure any amount! The NuScoop Adjustable Measuring Scoop has adjustable thumb knob which makes the scoop size larger or smaller. Useful for both liquid and dry ingredients, this scoop can measure in ounces, cups, tablespoons, milliliters, and grams. One scoop to rule them all! Replace that keyring of various measuring cups with just one. Dishwasher safe.

Adjustable Measuring Scoop

Scooper Funnel Hybrid Gets The Powders Into The Bottles With Less Fuss

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 2.04.28 PM

If you’ve ever made a protein shake by scooping some of that powder up and trying to get it inside a water bottle, you know what a challenge it can be. Most of the time I’ve had to make a little funnel out of old newspapers and to be honest, I didn’t enjoy the process one bit. But the Shoot N’ Shake scooper pictured above seems to have a more elegant solution. It’s a trigger-activated funnel-shaped scooper that does double duty: scoop some powder up and deposit it into your container all in one step. It comes in 30cc and 50cc shapes, and costs all of $5.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ TheGreenHead ]

Scoop ‘n Weigh

Scoop is an electronic scale integrated into the measuring scoop, intended for the local grocers who sell by the measure. It is not only handy in eliminating a step, but also promises accuracy. I can picture this being used in kitchens as well, especially when we need to bake and measure out the ingredients as accurately as possible. Over all, a nice plausible design!

Designers: Kim Hyun Soo & Kim Bo Kyung

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