CBS and Viacom agree to sign $30 billion merger deal

CBS and Viacom have reached a long-rumored merger agreement. The two companies announced today that they will reunite as ViacomCBS. According to The Wall Street Journal, CBS and Viacom hope that, together, they'll be better positioned to fight agains...

Google thwarts shareholder challenge to its China search plans

If investors and employees were hoping to prompt cultural change at Alphabet during the company's shareholder meeting, they were likely disappointed. Voters at the meeting rejected all shareholder proposals, including a resolution that would have re...

Judge demands Facebook hand over data privacy records

Facebook will have to hand over emails and records related to how it handled the Cambridge Analytica scandal. In September, shareholders sued the company in order to obtain information pertaining to the leak. Today, a US judge sided with shareholders...

Amazon shareholders will vote to ban facial recognition tech

Amazon shareholders will vote to ban the company's controversial facial recognition technology next week in a key symbolic process. Amazon set the vote date, May 22nd, after the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rejected the company's reque...

Shareholders ask Amazon to halt sales of facial recognition tech

A group of Amazon shareholders has filed a resolution requesting the company stop selling its facial recognition technology to government agencies until a review can determine whether it has the potential to violate civil rights. Organized by the non...

Facebook already hit with four lawsuits over Cambridge Analytica

It has been a week since the bombshell reports on Cambridge Analytica's use of Facebook user data dropped and already the social media giant is facing at least four lawsuits. Along with a class action suit filed earlier this week on behalf of Faceboo...

T-Mobile improves its bid for MetroPCS, prompts MetroPCS to delay its vote

MetroPCS street ad

While executives at T-Mobile and MetroPCS may be ready to close their merger, some shareholders aren't -- major advisory firm Institutional Shareholder Services has been recommending that MetroPCS investors vote against the deal unless T-Mobile can sweeten the pot. Consider it sweetened. T-Mobile's parent Deutsche Telekom has made a "final offer" that would slash the debt owed by the post-merger company by $3.8 billion (to $11.2 billion), reduce the interest rate on that debt by half a point and prevent Deutsche Telekom from selling its shares in the merged firm for 18 months, rather than the original six. The reshuffled finances may not sound very exciting on the surface, but they're enough to put MetroPCS in a tizzy: the carrier is delaying a shareholder vote on the deal from April 12th to the 24th to allow for some reevaluations. There's no guarantees that the new offer is enough to please the naysayers. Still, we'd venture that T-Mobile will get a warmer reaction than the last time it tried a corporate alliance.

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Via: Bloomberg

Source: Deutsche Telekom IR (Twitter)

Olympus confirms that Sony is now its largest shareholder

Olympus confirms that Sony is now its largest shareholder

Sony got a stake in Olympus' future when it made a $645 million investment into the troubled camera firm last September, getting a board representative and a controlling share of a medical imaging project. As of this weekend, however, the foot is that much further in the door: it's now Olympus' largest shareholder. A share transfer promised alongside the investment, and officially completed on the 22nd, has boosted Sony's stake from 4.7 percent to just under 11.5 percent. The share switch doesn't give Sony enough influence to dictate Olympus' day-to-day affairs, but Sony won't have to do as much to rally support if it wants action. Olympus isn't in the best position to kick such a large investor to the curb, either. We'd expect the company to at least listen more closely to what its major funding source has to say.

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Source: Olympus (PDF)