This compact paper shredder comes with a built-in removable pouch to collect the shreds!

Pocket is a compact paper shredder designed with a detachable pouch that collects all of your paper shreds before throwing them in the trash.

Paper shredders are the types of products that are reserved primarily for settings like clinics, pharmacies, banks, and educational settings. Whatever the reason we have for shredding paper, the bulkiness of most paper shredders turns the task into a journey that takes up more time than you’d expect.

Yifeeling, a design studio based in Zhengzhou, China, created their own Pocket paper shredder that’s small enough to tuck away alongside the books and binders that line your desk and comes with an integrated pocket that carries shreds before discarding them.

Shredding paper can be a headache when the machine you’re using doesn’t register differently textured paper. Like a vending machine incessantly spitting out your crumpled dollar bill, conventional paper shredders often have trouble swallowing crinkled and larger pieces of paper. Specifically designed to handle every kind of paper, Pocket can shred unfolded, folded, and crumpled paper scraps in one go.

Taking it one step further, Pocket can transform into a literal pocket at any moment. Whenever the user needs an exterior sack to catch all of the paper shreds moving through the machine, built-in slits near the outer edges of the Pocket shredder provide slots for random pieces of paper to latch onto and form a curved pouch to collect the shreds. Slim by design, Pocket is portable and compact for easy storage and quick shredding. No more are the days of dreading the long walk to the one paper shredder in the entire office, with Pocket, shredding paper can happen at your desk.

Designer: Yifeeling Studio

Pocket carries a nondescript overall look, with bright blue buttons for intuitive operation.

Pocket can handle any type of paper, from crinkled to folded up pieces, and even larger ones.

Along the bottom, Pocket features rows of teeth that grip pieces of paper to form pouches that collect shreds. 

Pocket boasts a slim build to fit anywhere on your work desk.

Pocket can swallow longer pieces of paper in one go.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder Cheese Shredder

So yeah. This exists. If it’s wordplay, someone will make a product out of it. That’s the case here. What you are looking at is an officially licensed stainless steel Shredder cheese shredder. It taunts turtles while it shreds cheeses.

This geeky kitchen gadget has a classic stainless steel box cheese grater design with a handle in the shape of Shredder from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. That’s pretty cool I guess, but they really should have included some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shaped cheeses as well. I mean, Shredder is the bad guy after all and if he’s gonna shred, he should shred the turtles. Right? Plus you get to resell nerds cheeses over and over again. That’s how you make money. It’s the old razor-razorblade business model.

But as it is, all they did was slap a Shredder head onto a standard cheese grater. I can do that myself for cheaper. I mean it won’t be a fancy metal head like this one but still. This isn’t exactly a shredder that will Make America Grate Again is all I’m saying.

Grab the Shredder shredder over on Amazon for $22. Hit me up again when you have some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cheeses to offer, you weirdos.

[via Geeks Are Sexy]

Disclaimer: Very Sexy Appliance Ahead

‘Tis the month for beautiful combinations! Although ‘HP Shredjet’ doesn’t really sound as poetic, it’s a wonderful melange of three souls. It acts as a vacuum cleaner, stores garbage like a trash can, and also does a marvelous job as a paper shredder.

The Paper shredder isn’t rocket science, but coupled with the vacuum’s power, the Shredjet can actually shrink the shredded paper to a compressed mass, allowing it to effectively store all the waste it collects. The vacuum/garbage storage is actually a very nifty trick too, rather than being a hand-held vacuum cleaner, the Shredjet is a Vacuum Dustbin, which means it absorbs all the dirt that you sweep into the vacuum’s air inlet. No more dustpans, which means no more endless back-breaking hours of trying to get every particle of dust off the floor and into the trash! Plus, with looks like these, the Shredjet is bound to shred and trash a few hearts too!

Designer: Matteo Iavicoli








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DIY Money Shredding Alarm Clock: Wake up or Go Broke

A couple of years ago we saw a concept for a diabolical alarm clock. The idea was that a desperate late sleeper would willingly place a banknote on the clock, knowing that the clock will shred the money if he doesn’t wake up when the alarm goes off. And now the concept has been turned into reality, by a tinkerer named – I am not making this up – Rich Olson.

money shredding alarm clock by rich olson

Rich made the clock using a SparkFun ClockIt and a USB-powered paper shredder. Rich is quite merciless too – the clock waits less than 10 seconds after the preset time before it starts shredding your money:

Note that destroying money is illegal in many countries. So if you’re going to make your own shredding alarm clock, why not tape your pinky finger to it instead? That’ll be way more effective at waking you up. Just kidding.

[Rich Olson via Hacked Gadgets]