This reinvented smart bicycle doesn’t need any chain or mechanical power transmission

Rising fuel costs are a major concern for everyone and everywhere in the world. The issue and its effect are reported across newspapers, TVs, and social media each day it is impossible to miss. As much as we want the situation to improve, this dilemma will not end anytime soon. So expect to witness more consumers and businesses grapple with the situation. Many people are now feeling the impact at every trip to the gas station. Some commuters have started complaining about the higher transportation costs. The higher the gasoline prices are, the less spending money consumers will have. There are several issues to address but what most of us can do is find alternative modes of transportation to save money. One of the easiest solutions for everyone is simple: a bicycle.

Designer: Mocci

Mocci Magic Ride Pedelec B

Bicycles have become more in demand in the past few years as a proper alternative to cars. E-vehicles are helpful because they don’t require gasoline. Motorbikes still need fuel but they are more economical to run. Among these solutions, bicycles remain the most reasonable and affordable for many people. Cycling is good for health and well-being too, but there are some downsides to it. Bikes are low-maintenance compared to cars and motorcycles but they need proper maintenance. There are parts that need changing due to wear-and-tear which can be costly. There will also be unexpected expenses because you can’t prevent lost or stolen parts. The Mocci Magic Ride’s enters the scene with a goal to offer mobility while reducing the need for maintenance.

Mocci Magic Ride Pedelec Design

The Mocci Magic Ride features 30% fewer parts which make it low-maintenance and easy to care for. This also means less downtime for repair and a longer service life which is advantageous to the business customers. The bike frame is made from recyclable but robust and durable polyamide materials instead of aluminum or steel. The upkeep is easier because there is only one structural component on the heavy-duty wheels.

There is no more mechanical power transmission because it doesn’t have any chains. The absence of a chain or belt is possible because the pedals drive a generator for the rear wheel hub to move. Digital gears drive the bike but only start when the rider pedals. Pedal up and you get electrical energy that will get the bike generator to work.

Mocci Magic Ride Pedelec Details

Mocci Magic Ride Pedelec Vehicle

From the first push of the pedal, you will see the difference in the ease and efficiency of a ride. It is convenient to use because you don’t have to charge up or use fuel, you only need to exert mechanical energy. The reinvented bicycle also brings a new category: Smart Pedal Vehicles (SPV). The SPVs still need pedaling but there is a replaceable battery for added support. It holds extra power but is only good enough for up to 80 km.

Mocci Magic Ride Pedelec H

Mocci Magic Ride is a smart pedal vehicle that is ideal for urban areas. It is digital to allow more urban connections among riders, customers, companies, and the city government. It offers cloud-based interfaces and receives over-the-air updates. The reliable Magic Ride offers real-time monitoring and an emission-free drive. And since the Magic Ride is a pedelec, this means no need for a driver’s license, tax, or insurance.

The name of the company, Mocci, refers to a “magical movement” and that is what the Magic Ride delivers. The smart bike combines hardware with software for a fully-networked experience. At the moment, Mocci targets couriers, service providers, and restaurant chains offering delivery. The Magic Ride allows safe and quick arrival of anything from medicines, to food, and repair guys. It features integrated GPS tracking, matching heat boxes, and luggage racks for customization. It also provides easy fleet management to help companies track and improve fleet operations.

Mocci Magic Ride Pedelec Vehicle

Mocci Magic Ride Pedelec Vehicle

Mocci Magic Ride Pedelec A

The Magic Ride is interesting for commercial customers because it is digital, fully networked, and adaptable to the riders. It can be configured with custom racks or trailers, making it a smarter choice for everyone. Add to that, the Mocci Magic Ride is low maintenance and doesn’t need any special license. It is one practical solution businesses should consider if they want to counter the rising fuel costs.

Mocci Magic Ride Pedelec Vehicle

Mocci Magic Ride Pedelec Vehicle

Mocci Magic Ride Pedelec Design

Mocci Magic Ride Pedelec Concept

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The Bicycle for your Beast-mode

In spite of how similar bikes are to bicycles, the enthusiasts don’t always overlap. Motorbike lovers may or may not be cycling enthusiasts, and vice-versa. However, when technology takes over, the lines begin blurring. The SpeedX Unicorn is what you get when bicycle design meets state of the art tech. Touted as the world’s first smart-bike, the SpeedX Unicorn aims at being a better bike that isn’t just raw power and efficiency, it’s well connected too.

“Touted as the world’s first smart-bike”… The Unicorn actually comes with an inbuilt cycling computer nicknamed the Speedforce. This device runs Android and provides you with your cycling stats in real-time. The beauty of the Speedforce is its integrated design and the fact that all cables travel through the hollow carbon-fiber frame, giving your bike computing power along with a clean aesthetic that isn’t ruined by cables and wires hanging outside. The Speedforce is as rugged as the Unicorn itself. It comes with a 2.2inch touchscreen that lies under thickened glass. The screen, powered by the rear-mounted Powermeter and activated by a stealthily hidden button under your handlebar displays everything from time, cadence, speed, GPS, weather to even personal data like heart-rate, calorie burner, etc. The Speedforce even connects wirelessly to your phone, capturing all the data in SpeedX’s native app, giving you a full-scale record of all your ride-details.

The Unicorn’s frame is crafted out of carbon fiber, making it resilient and light-weight. A first-of-its-kind Vibration Control System negates all bumps on your road, and along with its Hydraulic Disc Brakes, the Unicorn can dominate virtually any type of road. The Vibration Control System is a design feature integrated into the frame, and to be honest, it looks absolutely insane! Check out the GIF here to see the way the Carbon Fiber frame doubles up as a shock absorbing mechanism! If that GIF worries you, here’s the amazing thing about Carbon Fiber. Its strength to weight ratio is so insane that SpeedX puts a lifetime guarantee on all its Bike frames. If anything EVER happens to the Carbon Fiber, you can get yourself a brand new frame fitted on your bike for free!

Designer: SpeedX Design

BUY IT HERE: $2999.00 $3999.00
















Speed, smartness, and a lifetime guarantee.


While we’re busy giving IoT features to automotive vehicles, there lies the potential to make bicycles smart too. Now I’d rather have a smart bike than a regular bike with my phone strapped to it. A smart bike like the SpeedX Leopard comes with a computer attached on the front. The software running on it is tailor-made specifically for the cyclist. It has a 2.4 inch screen, and a software running in the background to show you all the relevant data you need, from speed, time, slope and GPS, to personal stats too, like your heart-rate, cadence/tempo, and calorie burner.

On the design front, the SpeedX Leopard is quite a winner. Designed by one of the most reputed agencies in the world, Frog design, the cycle is a lean, mean, speed machine. Its carbon fiber construction ensures it stays sturdy while being quite light at 7.9kgs. The cycle’s hollow structure conceals all the wires, resulting in a clean, crisp bike frame. The bike’s frame also integrates a mount for your HD camera; and to top things off, you get a lifetime guarantee on the bike’s chassis. Find me a bike this amazing, I dare you!

Designer: Frog Design for Speedx


















The cycling revolution: SKULLY Smart Motorcycle Helmet


A car has space for smart devices and gadgets, but a motorcycle not so much. Where there’s space, it’s gotta count, and the helmet seems the perfect place for it.

Gadgets & motorcyclists can still potentially happen if the team behind the SKULLY concept have it their way: this is a next-gen smart helmet that does more than protecting the wearer, as it incorporates some of that technology that up until now didn’t seem compatible with bikes, such as rearview cameras and GPS navigation systems.

As of now, the SKULLY is looking to be funded at Indiegogo, where it has already raised the initial pledge of $250,000, and ready to start production. Still, it has 29 days to go, and many features that could possibly be added with more pledges.

Make no mistake: the SKULLY is no cheap toy, as the initial required pledge to actually receive one is $1399 USD, but it has plenty of features to justify that price. From the aforementioned GPS and rear-view cameras to software that allows hands-free calling, integrated audio (yes, on a motorcycle!) and Internet via pairing with your own phone, the SKULLY is meant to replace every other gadget you could possibly need while on the road. Check the video below these lines to learn more.


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Vanhawks Valour Connected Bike Helps Avoid Traffic, Stay Safe

Vanhawks Valour

After smartphones and smartwatches, a smart, connected bike has been launched that can help cyclists avoid traffic and potholes.

Oil! Let’s talk about it! Specifically how expensive it is because fuel for our cars and other fuel-burning vehicles is increasing like the temperature of the Earth as a result of that aforementioned fuel burning. But there are alternatives to private transport, if owning a car is too expensive and the public bus routes just aren’t your jam. The most popular one as of late is cycling (because God knows walking isn’t for everyone) but even if you have the legs for it, navigating busy city streets during rush hour or staying safe on the roads in general can be a hassle so with these exact dilemmas in mind, the Vanhawks Valour connected bike has made its way onto Kickstarter, offering a safer commute.

Made with matte carbon fibre, the Vanhawks Valour is both a trendy and attractive way of getting around, but the lightweight chassis of the commuter’s new favourite mode of transport isn’t its headline feature. No, instead, the key USP (unique selling point) of the bike is that it can actively keep you safe. Using sensors and “haptic detection”, cars and other vehicles are merely just an inconvenience rather than an actual threat to your safety as the Vanhawk Valour will notify you of dangers in blind spots such as to the left of your back wheel where your helmet might slightly obscure your view by vibrating the handlebars. In addition to driven dangers, various other things such as potholes are also warned against with information gathered from other Valour riders compiled, ready for your perusal.

It would probably be pretty difficult to distinguish a danger vibrate from a pothole kind of vibrate and there’s obviously a serious need for rider to be able to tell between the two which is why the Vanhawk Valour also comes with smartphone support. Using Bluetooth, potholes and even information about the best cycle routes (these will apparently be compiled from first hand experience of the roads in the location and from other riders rather than reskinned Google Maps data) will be put onto your smartphone allowing you to check it as you cycle and get to your destination safely and on time. The Vanhawk Valour is available for a pricey $1000 on its Kickstarter, but as it blasted through its goal by raising 5 times the hoped-for amount, crowdfunding won’t be the only way to pick one up in future.

Source: Kickstarter

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