Spider-Man T-Rex Gets An Action Figure

Pulled from the pages of the Edge of Spider-Verse #1 comic, Spider-Rex (aka Pter Ptarker) is a Spider-Man/t-rex hybrid learning about his powers. And now, the character has been immortalized as a 16-inch action figure released by Marvel and Hasbro and available at Entertainment Earth. Move over, grandma’s ashes; there’s about to be a new star on the fireplace mantle!

Web-Chompin’ Spider-Rex features poseable limbs and a classic blue and red Spidey motif. He also has ten sound effects activated by a push of a button on his back and can launch a ‘dino blast’ projectile from his mouth via a push of the button at the base of his tail. Will ashes accidentally be scattered all over the living room carpet as a result of an unfortunate dino blast? I’d like to think not, but the possibility is real and high.

I’ve got my fingers crossed for even more dinosaur superhero hybrids because this is a trend I could really get behind. Probably me and every other six-year-old! Still, Spider-Rex should be thankful he can shoot webs because those little Spidey arms would be useless otherwise.

Life Size Spider-Man Statue: I Am Iron Spider-Man

Do you know what your foyer has been missing? A superhero to greet you after a long day’s work. And what better superhero for the job than your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man? Thankfully, Queen Studios has you covered with this full-scale Spider-Man in Iron Spider suit statue. Just don’t go using him as a coat rack!

Constructed out of polystone, the full-scale Spidey is a limited edition of 299 and measures 192 cm (~6’4″) tall, including the lighted base. The statue is entirely hand-painted in metallic blue and red with gold trim, with internally lit accents in Spider-Man’s eyes, palms, and armor. However, he does not come with the Iron Spider suit’s mechanical legs though, so you’ll have to build and add those yourself. I’d suggest using cardboard and coat hangers.

Unfortunately, for anyone interested in a full-scale Spider-Man but doesn’t have Tony Stark kind of money, the statue costs $7,060. That’s a little bit out of my life-size superhero statue budget right now. Honestly, based on the overdraft fee I just got a text alert about, I can’t even afford one of those cardboard cutouts they have on display at the movie theater. What do you say – want to help me pull the old ‘tall man in a trench coat’ trick to go see Spider-Man: No Way Home?

Watermelon Venom: Deadly Deliciousness

Who doesn’t look at a watermelon and instantly think Venom? It’s hard not to, right? Well instead of just thinking it, Italian sculptor Valeriano Fatica went and made our collective thoughts reality, carving Venom’s head out of a watermelon. I’ll be honest though, that does not look like a tongue I’d want in my ear. Or teeth I’d want nibbling my ear. As a matter of fact just stay away from my ears, Venom.

Valeriano says he works predominately in fruit and vegetables but also dabbles in cheese, clay, and rock. Out of those carvings, I would only eat the first three. Still, who knew you could carve such an impressive bust out of a melon? The only thing I’ve ever done with a watermelon is accidentally swallow a seed and get scared a plant was growing inside my stomach, which my parents said was probably the case. And they wonder why I have trust issues.

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Spider-Man Dangling from a Street Lamp: Swingin’ in the Rain

As far as novelty desk lamps go, this is one of the better ones I’ve seen. The officially licensed Marvel Spider Man Streetlight LED Desk Lamp stands approximately 16-inches tall and features Spider-Man dangling from a miniature street light, which doubles as a desk lamp. Is your mind blown? Because there are pieces of mine everywhere, and my wife is NOT going to be happy when she gets home and I’m playing video games and still haven’t cleaned them up yet.

Available from online toy and collectible retailer Toynk, the desk lamp costs $60, which I actually found rather reasonable, considering a lot of these sorts of superhero collectibles require Bruce Wayne levels of money to purchase, and I’m operating on more of a Swamp Thing budget.

Spider-Man: there’s a little bit of him in all of us. And not just because we all descended from spiders, but we did and I’m writing the scientific paper to prove it. It’s called ‘We’re All Just a Bunch of Spider-People’, and it’s going to change the way humanity views our place in the world. Or get me locked up in the nut-house. Either way, I better get to make a cameo in the next Spider-Man movie.

[Toynk via Geeksaresexy]

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