A handsome, handsfree wireless hairdryer!

We put so much thought and consideration into our homes interior design, that it’s just not acceptable for it to be aesthetically compromised by the unsightly appearance of an abandoned hairdryer and the abundance of cable that comes with it. The Fondre Hairdryer addresses this issue, whilst also bringing with it an additional layer of functionality. Storing hairdryers isn’t always an easy task, their awkward form doesn’t make them a draw-friendly device, so why not allow their form to harmoniously compliment the exciting décor of the room.

The wireless design can be used both when it is docked on its base or when it’s held in the user’s hand. I bet your hairdryer can’t do that! There is no denying that the aesthetics have been considered in great depth; from the beautifully simplistic form down to the carefully considered CMF elements. It certainly makes for one desirable hairdryer!

Designer: Sunghyun Kwon

This UV LED emitting drone helps keep subways sanitized

How many of you use a hand sanitizer immediately after their subway ride? Ah, so many of us do this! In fact, most public spaces now keep a sanitizer bottle handy for those who are obsessive about cleanliness and germs. Building on this and the fact that enclosed spaces like subway stations are a thriving bed for germs, this set of Korean Designers have designed the GHOST Drone.

Functional Drones are not new (rescue drone, fire extinguishing drones etc.), but what caught my fancy about the GHOST is that, it hopes to solve a genuine problem. The housekeeping staff of stations are efficient, but there is little that they can do about the quality of air and the kind of germs that float around a subway station.

The GHOST Drone flies around the station, spewing UV light via its UV LEDs and sterilizes the air-space around. Easy to operate and focused on providing a healthier environment.

Through an all-way-sensor, it has a smooth flight and efficient sterilization process. Using UV LEDs, ‘GHOST’ with a stationed drone in the subway space is a space care system that provides sterilization service inside the subway, and is designed to quickly and completely sterilize the straight space inside the train. The light goes out, and during the time everyone is asleep, ‘GHOST’ will float for hygienic subway service.

Designers: Off GarageStudio , Yungi Min, Sunghyun Kwon, Ikhyeon Kim & Byeongjae Ha

UV sterilization is the most ecofriendly disinfection method in existence, and is used throughout our lives for various purposes, including food hygiene, water treatment and surface sterilization. In addition, the output of more than 100 milliwatts (mW) can rapidly sterilize to the air and applie to many aspects of our lives.

GHOST with a station inside the train moves in the interior space of the train, sterilizes it with UV, and returns to the station to charge.



New York Subway

Tokyo Subway

Munich subway

Beijing subway