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Mario 64 Modded to Play at 60 Frames per Second Looks Beautiful

Nintendo’s original Mario 64 game ran at 320×240 at 30fps, and only 20fps in some areas. Now, a modder has figured out a way to get the classic 3D platformer to run at 60 frames per second without negatively affecting the game’s physics. And boy does it look awesome.

Kaze Emanuar’s video shows off this mod, which makes the game look downright lovely. The whole thing is very, very smooth. Hit the 0:35 mark for a comparison between this game and the original. You can really see the difference. At least I can. Just make sure you have the YouTube resolution set to 1080p/60 to view it properly.

After all of these years, people are still playing Mario 64. That is a real testament to how great this game is. I don’t think that there has been a Mario game since that has captured the hearts of video gamers in the same way. I was never a big N64 guy, but you bet that I played this title for hours on end back in the day. I would love to try this version myself and see how good the entire game looks.

It’s your move now Nintendo. This is proof that you can give us some old games with increased frame rates, and they’ll look amazing.

[via Digg via Geekologie]

First Person Mario 64 Will Make You Dizzy

Super Mario 64 is a classic game. It was a lot of fun. How can you make it even better? Well, you could play the game in first-person perspective. Nintendo ROM hacker Kaze Emanuar has done just that, giving the N64 game a completely different feel.

First Person Mario 64 uses the camera to follow Mario’s head movement as closely as possible. This makes the game an intense and sometimes dizzying first-person adventure that would be a completely new experience to play.

In the video clip here, Emanuar shows us some of the ways the game plays differently now. Moves like rolls and jumps feel dangerous, even terrifying since your vision is limited to a first-person perspective. This has to be the craziest way to play the game. It would be a nightmare experience in VR for sure, but I would love to try it. It isn’t perfect. At close range, level geometry disappears so that it looks like you’re running on thin air.

If you want to try First Person Mario 64 you can find a download link in the YouTube description. Just be warned, you may never look at the game in the same way again.

[via The Verge]

Super Mario 64 Gets Online Multiplayer Mod, Chaos Ensues

Super Mario 64 is still considered one of the greatest video games of all time. Its combination of great 3D platforming and innovative control and camera scheme was pretty groundbreaking when it first came out back in 1996. But one thing Super Mario 64 was not was a multiplayer game. Until now.

We don’t have much in the way of details at this point, but a group of N64 hackers have been beta testing this customized version of the game which adds a true online multiplayer mode. The result isn’t exactly what Shigeru Miyamoto envisioned, I’m sure, but it does look like fun, with multiple characters working in a sort of improvised co-op multiplayer to work through the levels:

It’s more than a bit chaotic having all of those characters on-screen at the same time. It’s almost like a glitchy level from Super Smash Bros.

I’m not sure if or when we’ll be able to download the mod for ourselves, but keep an eye out on Kaze Emanaur’s YouTube and Patreon channels for more info.

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Super Mario 64 Bob-Omb Battlefield HD Fan Remake: We Give It 7 Out of 120 Stars

Last year we heard of a Super Mario 64 fan who’s trying to remake the game in full HD. Programmer and 3D animator Erik Ross never set out to accomplish such a gargantuan task, but he managed to recreate Super Mario 64‘s first level in 1080p on his own using the Unity Engine.

super_mario_64_unity_remake_by_erik_ross_1zoom in

Erik made the playable replica to demonstrate his Unity-compatible character controller. He initially planned to make just part of Bob-Omb Battlefield, but fortunately for us he got carried away and finished the entire level. He made all of the art and animations except for the ones for Mario, the Goomba and Power Star, which he borrowed from Super Mario Galaxy. Likewise, the sounds and music are mostly from existing Mario games. Be sure to watch his demo video in 1080p if you can.

Erik admits that his replica isn’t 100% accurate, but I don’t think anyone will hold that against him. You can play his replica on your browser – it just needs the Unity Web Player to run – or you can download a self-contained copy for Windows, OS X and Linux from his website.

[via Dark Side of Gaming via Reddit]

Mario 64: Chaos Edition

Remember the days of Game Genie and Gameshark? It was so awesome to be able to cheat and have superpowers or extra lives. Just add the adapter onto the cartridge and enter some codes and just like that you hacked the game. Well, I bet you’ve never played Mario 64 like this.

mario chaos 620x357magnify

Kaze Emanuar created a version of Mario 64 that loads in a constant barrage of Gameshark codes as you play. The result is insane, often creepy and always chaotic. Hilarious too. Basically it’s the Mushroom Kingdom on Mushrooms LSD.

The videos are from YouTuber VineSauce and TheRetroShowcase playing Super Mario 64: Chaos Editon. I want to play this so bad, but it is a joy to simply watch the insanity. You can download the mod here (at least until Nintendo yanks it down).

[via Uproxx]