‘The Tick’ returns to Amazon Prime Video on April 5th

Amazon renewed its quirky superhero series The Tick for a second season all the way back in January last year, and we finally know when you can expect the next batch of episodes on Prime Video. Along with the April 5th release date, Amazon released a...

Let Your Favorite Superhero Brighten Your Room

Light up your room in a totally unique way with these Superhero 3D Illusion Lamps. They’ll look great in any space, and let you show your appreciation for those who sacrifice themselves for the good of mankind.

Never has it been a more exciting time for fans of comics. With Avengers: Infinity War and Justice League right around the corner, you’ll want to showcase your favorite heroes for all to see. Unfortunately, the superpowers don’t come with the lamp.

But you will get a super cool way to add a splash of color to your space. Illuminate your room or office with one of these cool lights, inspired by Iron Man, Batman, Spider-Man, Punisher, or Deadpool.

Get a lamp in the shape of your favorite superhero while it’s just $49.99 in the Technabob Shop.

14 Cutest Geeky Wedding Cakes

It’s wedding season! And for those of us who are not the bride or groom, there’s usually nothing better to do at a wedding besides eat cake. For those of you who are the bride or groom, one of the best things about wedding planning is getting to taste the cake! So let us all eat cake and continue on with this list of cute, geeky wedding cakes for the geeks getting ready to tie the knot.

Doctor Who Wedding Cake

Image via: Pinterest
Elegant, classy, and no one will know it’s Doctor Who until they look at the cake topper! This cake is perfect for those who are looking for a more subtle way to show off their geekiness.

Lego Wedding Cake

Image via: Pinterest
I love this cake, because it’s such an easy idea to recreate without the help of a professional cake artist. All you need is a set of legos and an imagination, and you can create the lego-inspired cake of your dreams.

My Neighbor Totoro Wedding Cake

Image via: Brit + Co
The cake itself is my favorite on this list. Without the Totoro topper, it would just be a darling cake, and with the topper, it’s even cuter! Those pink flowers and the brilliant detailing on the tree trunk are just gorgeous.

The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker Wedding Cake

Image via: Pinterest
The powder blue color and the Zelda triforce symbol, as well as the cloud-like frosting makes for a delicious looking themed wedding cake! I also appreciate the touch of Harry Potter and Star Wars with their symbols making appearances on the cake as well. What a great way to show off your love of multiple franchises!

Superhero Wedding Cake

Image via: Pinterest
There’s something about the color white. It makes everything look beautiful and wedding-ready, but the superhero touch gives this otherwise typical pretty cake a splash of uniqueness. We all want to be unique on our wedding day right?

Portal Wedding Cake

Image via: Reddit
Oh my goodness, I can’t get over the cake topper! The turrets are so adorable in their little wedding get-ups. Look at the veil and bowtie! Not to mention the companion cube sitting atop the fluffy white cake. I’m in love with this cake.

Mario Kart Wedding Cake

Image via: Pinterest
Maybe at first glance this cake looks more like a birthday cake with all of its bright colors, but it’s so much fun! Mario and Peach top the cake with a pair of hearts and somehow it’s such a romantic scene, even if they’re fictional characters. I love all the added detail here as well, like the race track and coins.

Lord of the Rings Wedding Cake

Image via: Plans & Presents
This unique cake gives me nature vibes. That wood cake stand, those edible frosting roses, and the color of the cake all make this cake right at home in a forest setting. I love the Lord of the Rings inscription, taken straight from the One Ring itself. Is that Arwen and Aragorn standing on top of the cake? It’s beautiful.

Harry Potter Wedding Cake

Image via: OBNIIIS
Another classic white cake, with a geek’s touch! The golden snitches and the stylized “Always,” turn it into a Harry Potter fan’s dream. The swirly designs are magical as well, fitting right in with the Harry Potter theme as well as simply adding beauty to the whole aesthetic.

Star Wars Wedding Cake

Image via: Trend Hunter
Who’s up for a slice of the Death Star? This cake is so out of this world that it doesn’t even look like a real cake! I bet it tastes delicious though, and who wouldn’t want to take a chunk out of this evil ship? That stormtrooper bride is hilarious as well.

Batman and Wonder Woman Wedding Cake

Image via: The Knot
This is probably one of the most simple ideas to emulate on the list. Take your traditional looking wedding cake and just add a pair of your favorite action figures to the top of it to turn it into a geeky cake. The person who made this cake chose to add Wonder Woman and Batman — they’d make a good fanfiction pair. (Ahem, not that I write fanfiction.)

Pokemon Wedding Cake

Image via: Pinterest
Another traditional cake, with the added touch of a couple of classic cute Pokemon characters. A casual wedding guest might be unaware that this is a Pokemon cake unless iconic characters such as Pokemon or Squirtle are included, but I think this cake is perfect for those who want to show their love of Pokemon without Pokemon being the main focus.

Disney Castle Wedding Cake

Image via: Disney Weddings
Why not celebrate the happiest place on Earth while at the celebration of your happiest day on Earth? This cake is a replica of the Disney Land castle, and it’s absolutely magical! I love the inclusion of icicles, perfect for making this a winter wedding cake.

Mass Effect Wedding Cake

Image via: When Geeks Wed
Holly Conrad (famous cosplayer and artist) and Ross O’ Donovan (member of Youtube’s Game Grumps) — otherwise known as geek royalty — had a space themed wedding a few years back. Their wedding cake was Mass Effect’s Normandy, and it was absolutely fabulous. #Weddinggoals.

Did you fall in love with any of these cakes? I fell in love with all of them!

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When Mario & Wario Become Superheroes & Villians

When Super Mario & Super Wario Becomes SuperHeros  2

Illustrator and designer Rob Lafratta created a fantastic series called “Really Super Mario vs Really Super Wario” . In this fun illustration project he explored how Super Mario and Wario would look like if they were dressed as iconic comic books rivals. For each illustration, you’ll see Mario dressed as the hero obviously, and Wario as the villain.

Just a few months ago, on December 2015, Super Mario Bros. celebrated the 30th anniversary of its release on the Nintendo in North America. This clever art was actually made to honor the occasion. In the illustrations below you can find some of the most iconic Superheroes and villains all mashed up with Mario and Wario. Which one is your favorite?

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