Beloved RPG ‘The World Ends With You’ will get a sequel, 14 years later

You no longer have to make do with ports of the original game if you want another The World Ends With You fix. Square Enix has unveiled Neo: The World Ends With You, a full-fledged sequel to the classic Nintendo DS JRPG for the PS4 (what, no PS5?) an...

Animal Crossing: New Horizons holiday update arrives on November 19th

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons winter update is about to arrive, setting up some holiday events and adding some much-needed features to Nintendo's massively successful life sim. The company previewed two upcoming holiday events in a video, Turkey...

Gantri’s latest 3D printed lamp looks like curtains from the front, and a switch-icon from the top!

Aptly named Encore (not just because of the curtain reference but because it’s also Sam Gwilt‘s second lamp for Gantri), this lamp is filled with visual metaphors. It comes 3D-printed in Gantri’s special Plant Polymer (GPP), and even though the body of the lamp’s made entirely out of hard plastic, its curtain-inspired form, combined with the material’s inherent translucency, gives it a delicate, fabric-esque appeal, allowing it to look less industrial and more soft and inviting.

The Encore, just like Gantri x Gwilt’s previous lamp, the Weight, is all about visual poetry. While the Weight flipped the ‘light’ aspect of the lamp, making it something that’s actually visually heavy, Encore is rich with an element of performance. Inspired by the curtains that separate an audience from the stage, the Encore lamp plays the very apt role of stage-lighting that brings the room to life when switched on. The Encore’s switch sits on its power-cord, with a diffuser slider for you to adjust brightness, but cleverly enough, its top-view is a modern reinterpretation of the switch… designed to look like the digital icon found on touchscreen interfaces.

Each Encore lamp comes with an 8.5W E26 LED Bulb on the inside that casts a soft, diffused warm white glow both upwards and downwards, making it a beautiful table-lamp as well as an ambient light. The lamps are available in white, peach, and a rich red that’s reminiscent of theater-curtains. Each lamp is manufactured sustainably using zero-waste 3D-printing at Gantri’s headquarters in California.

Designer: Sam Gwilt for Gantri

Switch exclusive ‘Bravely Default II’ delayed to February 26th

Bravely Default II was one of the last few Switch exclusives Nintendo had on its release calendar for the remainder of this year. That’s no longer the case — it’ll now arrive on February 26th. “More development time is necessary to ensure this RPG ex...