Baby Yoda Glitter Globe Sets a Snowy Star Wars Scene

We’ve yet to visit any planets on The Mandalorian where it’s snowing. But maybe it’s just that none of the scenes so far have taken place in the wintertime. Regardless, I think The Child aka Baby Yoda aka Grogu would enjoy catching snowflakes on his little tongue in between gulping down frog eggs. If you like the idea of a snowy Baby Yoda too, then check out this official Star Wars The Child Glitter Globe.

The collectible is based on Grogu’s hover pram, only he’s inside of a crystal clear bubble. It’s sort of like a space helmet, only filled with water and shiny, snow-like glitter. I wonder if it’s cold inside there. And how does he breathe? I guess we could ask that question about every planet in the Star Wars universe. It seems like there’s oxygen, or whatever these characters breathe, readily available in the proper amount from Tatooine to Hoth. But I digress. Isn’t Baby Yoda just the cutest?

The Child Glitter Globe sells for $89.99 (or one ingot of Beskar Steel) from The Bradford Exchange. It’s currently sold out, but they expect to start shipping again in late November, just in time for the Christmas rush.

The Mandalorian Grogu with Egg Canister Cat Grass Chia Pet: Wait, Is This The Way?

It doesn’t matter what the product is, if it’s Mandalorian-themed, people are going to buy it. Case in point: this Chia Cat Grass Planter featuring Grogu with the egg canister he wanted to eat from so badly. Did anybody else wonder what those giant eggs tasted like? I mean Grogu made them look pretty good.

Don’t have a cat? There are also two regular Grogu Chia Pet planters available: one of him posed with raised hand using The Force, and another standing in Mando’s satchel. Available for pre-order from Entertainment Earth (shipping in October), each Chia Pet costs $20 and is sure to let guests know that, yes, you will buy absolutely any Star Wars product available for sale.

Of course, these Chia Pets are in addition to the already existing Grogu in hover stroller one. Hey, you can never have too many Mandalorian Chia Pets – that’s my motto. Granted it’s not a very good motto, but I’m still going to get the tattoo because I’m committed.

[via GeeksAreSexy]

LEGO’s Imperial Light Cruiser + 2 new ship sets are here to keep your force strong

LEGO Group’s first-ever LEGO CON kicked off with some interesting builds and a behind-the-scenes look at the set creation process. There were some latest creations like the LEGO Ideas Foosball Table and the Minecraft world’s Modern Treehouse. What caught our eye are the three Star Wars sets depicting the highlighting scenes from season 2 of The Mandalorian. They will go on sale from August 1, so LEGO and Star Wars fanatics will have to wait a while before getting their hands on one. The latest LEGO sets include the Moff Gideon’s Imperial Light Cruiser (which I’m surely going to add to the collection), Imperial Armored Marauder, and the bounty hunter Boba Fett’s Starship.

The highlight of them all is the Imperial Light Cruiser (75315) which comes with a bridge (doubles as a handle for flying action), large spring-loaded shooters, and dual mini TIE Fighters. How could the LEGO set not have the main leads – that’s why it also comes with The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda minifigures along with the infamous villain Moff Gideon, Fennec Shand, Cara Dune, and the Dark Tropper too. Carrying a price tag of $160, the LEGO set has 1,336 pieces in total. Truly the fans will get a unique opportunity to create the iconic scenes from the Disney Plus hit series. According to LEGO, “The Mandalorian’ fans can recreate epic hero versus villain battles from Season 2 with the first-ever Lego brick-built model of the Imperial Light Cruiser.”

The set has cool weapons like the Mandalorian’s Amban phase-pulse blaster and spear to emulate the realism of the nostalgic inter-galactic era. Moff Gideon’s Darksaber for hero vs. villain play makes things even more exciting. Add to the mix 2 thermal detonators and electro binoculars, and LEGO fans are in for a treat in these not-so-certain times. Yes, what better than to create the Imperial Light Cruiser while having a quaint weekend at home!

Designer: LEGO

Galactic Snackin’ Grogu Is Sure to Be 2021’s Must-Have Toy

Because Star Wars merchandise makes money hand over Mandalorian fist, Hasbro is releasing an $80 Galactic Snackin’ Grogu (affiliate link) this year in time for Christmas. The 9-inch interactive toy has over 40 sound and movement combinations and responds differently to the four interactive accessories included (bowl with tentacles, cookie, shifter knob, and spoon). I can already imagine the fights breaking out at Walmart and Target.

So, Hasbro decided not to include frog or giant frog egg accessories. That’s disappointing. However, it does present the opportunity for me to make my own and start selling them on eBay and Etsy in time to cash in on Grogu mania.

Do you remember the Tickle Me Elmo craze of Christmas 1996? My parents sure do. The temper tantrum I threw after not finding one under the tree was, as my dad painfully reminisces, “Apocalyptic,” and “Not of this world.” Man, you should have seen how fast he backed out of the driveway Christmas morning 2006 when I didn’t get a Wii!

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A Mandalorian Helmet Amazon Echo Dot Speaker Holder: I Have Spoken

Looking for something to spruce up your otherwise boring 4th-generation Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker with a little Star Wars flair? How about this 3-D printed Mandalorian helmet holder made and sold by Etsy shop Slic3DArt? Obviously, it will go perfect with the Baby Yoda 3rd generation Amazon Echo Dot holder you already own. Just think of all the fun they’ll have talking to each other.

The Mandalorian mask is a single 3D printed piece and costs $29. The only thing that would make it better is if there was a Mandalorian voice option for Amazon Echo Dots. Now that’s something I’d be willing to part with my Galactic credits for.

I used to own a smart speaker, but I got rid of it after getting paranoid that it was listening all the time. Plus whenever my wife and I would ask it a question to settle an argument it would always side with her. “The truth” she likes to call it.

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