Playing Marvel’s Avengers, a living RPG with microtransactions

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Thor Mjolnir Toilet Paper Holder: For the God of Thunder-boomers

Are you worthy of Thor’s hammer? I sure hope so, or you aren’t wiping this day. Mjolnir can fly, smash through objects, break people’s faces, and much more. Now it can also hold your toilet paper, allowing those who are worthy to uh, clean up.

This mythical weapon is made from “sturdy, heavy-duty materials.” So not exactly Asgardian metal that was forged by a Dwarf blacksmith in the heart of a dying star, but still. Instead, it is 3D printed. The important thing is that it looks just like Thor’s weapon with all of the details including the intricate patterns on the tapered ends and an inscription that apparently reads “Whoever Shits Here And Holds This Hammer Shall Fart Like THOR.” Or is this what it says?

I’m not sure which it is. I guess it’s a crap shoot. Now you can wipe like Thor too after sitting on your porcelain throne. It’s designed to be wall-mounted or used as a free-standing toilet paper holder, and looks good on the back of a toilet. Just do your business and when you are done, STOP. Hammer time!

You might even call this “End Game” for the seated Avenger.

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This Helmet Makes Your Eyes Glow Like Thor’s

Youtuber KyleofAsgard recently built himself a replica of Thor’s helmet. So what makes this one so special? This unique design makes your eyes glow and look like the CGI effect from the movies. Only I’m sure it costs a lot less than paying a team of VFX artists.

The helmet works its magic with a built-in ultraviolet light source, along with UV-reactive contact lenses. I’m sure it’s a great idea to shoot UV light into your eyes. What could possibly happen? I mean we just wear sunglasses for fashion right, not for UV protection. I’m sure it’s fine. Until one day this guy is stuck with Thor eyes for the rest of his life.

In this video, he shows you how he created the electronics, not the helmet, which is based on a 3D file over on Thingiverse.

This helmet operates wirelessly, and even has a handy remote so that he can turn his glowing eyes on and off. The effect looks completely awesome. If you were on Asgard you would completely mistake this guy for Thor if you looked him in the eyes. Looking him in the muscles, however, you wouldn’t have that problem.

[via Boing Boing via Geekologie]

Beat Your Meat with Thor’s Hammer

If you like to tenderize your meat into submission before cooking it, we have the tool for you. This meat beater looks like Thor’s Mjolnir hammer, and if thy are worthy of the most tender cutlets, you can wield it.

Underground Toys’ little kitchen gadget is official Marvel merchandise, and unlike Thor’s regular hammer, it has nubs on each side to pound meats of all sorts for the best tenderness and making the flattest cutlets. The hammer has print on the side that reads, “Whosoever holds this hammer, if they be worthy, shall possess the power of… Thor.” It also has a silicone grip, so your hands don’t slip during your meat beating sessions.

Get one at GameStop for $24.99. This would go perfectly with that Thor hammer toolset.

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Marvel legend Stan Lee dies at 95

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Thor’s Stormbreaker Gets Real

In Avengers: Infinity War, Thor had the world’s littlest giant forge him a one of a kind Thanos-killing weapon named Stormbreaker. Now humans have gone and built one in real life. Man At Arms: Reforged has brought the weapon to life, and it looks pretty impressive.

Instead of just casting the replica, they decided to forge it. First, they laid the foundation by hammering out the shape of the axe portion and leaving the other side rounded. Next, they added some stylish overlays to make it look like it does in the film. It doesn’t take long (for us thanks to the magic of video) for Thor’s new weapon to take shape, complete with a handle made by none other than Groot.

The surrounding parts of the hammer were made out of 316 steel because otherwise, it would weigh around 400 lbs. The end result is a weapon worthy of Thor himself. Naturally, they tested out the weapon after it was completed, so we get to see stuff like watermelons get destroyed. It’s awesome.

[via Comicbook]

Thor’s Hammer Tool Set: Mjolnir for Mechanics

Thor’s mighty hammer is pretty damned powerful in the right hands. But it can’t fix everything. What you need is something more versatile, like this special version that packs a complete tool kit inside.

It may look like Mjolnir from the outside, but when you set it down and pop it open, it packs a 44-piece tool set inside. You’ll get all the tools you need to be a repair superhero, including a socket set, screwdrivers, wrenches, a knife, level, pliers, tape measure, and more. Plus the big hammer’s handle doubles as the handle of an actual 13 oz. claw hammer.

The whole package makes a great gift for any handy person or Marvel fan, and is available from ThinkGeek now for $99.99. You are worthy!