Xbox remote play is open to everyone on Android devices

Microsoft has rolled out a new Android Xbox app, which will allow all Xbox One owners (and Series X/S players in the future) to stream games from their console to their phone or tablet. Until now, only Xbox Insiders had access to the feature. It’s di...

Xbox beta testers can try the Xbox One UI redesign starting today

Microsoft is now rolling out the Xbox One August update, which refreshes some aspects of the user interface ahead of a major redesign that’ll unify how the platform looks across Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC and mobile. Meanwhile, Xbox Insiders (or bet...

Computer mouse co-inventor William English dies at 91

One of the pioneers of the modern computer interface has passed away: the New York Times reports that William “Bill” English died on July 26th from respiratory failure at the age of 91. Alongside Douglas Englebart at the Stanford Research Institute,...

Windows 10 UI updates have been spotted in a Microsoft promo video

Windows 10 now has one billion active monthly users -- likely thanks in part to the deprecation of Windows 7 in January. To celebrate the milestone, Microsoft's chief product officer, Panos Panay, shared an Instagram video recounting the various iter...

‘Death Stranding’ update will fix tiny, hard-to-read text

One of the more prevalent criticisms of Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding is that the onscreen text is often pretty small and difficult to read. Kojima Productions has been working on a fix for the issue, and you'll be able to increase the font size.

How NOT to Create a User Interface

With more and more smart devices in our homes, the need to occasionally reset or troubleshoot them comes along with that. But how do you interact with a device that has no keyboard, mouse, or other input mechanism when it can’t connect to your network? Well, don’t do it like GE did with its C “smart” lightbulbs.

This video which is designed to show how to reset your C by GE bulbs is like a textbook lesson in what not to do in user interface and usability design. I could explain it first, but it’s way funnier to watch the video for yourself:

Apparently, they couldn’t be bothered to include some kind of reset switch, or a simple on/off sequence, and instead, resetting your C by GE light bulb is more complicated than learning the Konami code. Seriously, these are the OFFICIAL directions posted on their YouTube channel:

Your bulbs are running on firmware version 2.8 or later (you can find your bulb firmware version by tapping on the device in your C by GE app).

We recommend counting with Mississippi (1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, 3 Mississippi, etc.).

Start with your bulb off for at least 5 seconds.
1. Turn on for 8 seconds
2. Turn off for 2 seconds
3. Turn on for 8 seconds
4. Turn off for 2 seconds
5. Turn on for 8 seconds
6. Turn off for 2 seconds
7. Turn on for 8 seconds
8. Turn off for 2 seconds
9. Turn on for 8 seconds
10. Turn off for 2 seconds
11. Turn on
Bulb will flash on and off 3 times if it has been successfully reset.

TIP: If the factory reset above was unsuccessful, you might have an older version of the C by GE bulb. Please follow the instructions below to reset.

Bulb Reset Sequence – for firmware version 2.7 or earlier:
We recommend counting with Mississippi (1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, 3 Mississippi, etc.).

Start with your bulb off for at least 5 seconds.
1. Turn on for 8 seconds
2. Turn off for 2 seconds
3. Turn on for 2 seconds
4. Power off for 2 seconds
5. Turn on for 2 seconds
6. Power off for 2 seconds
7. Turn on for 2 seconds
8. Power off for 2 seconds
9. Turn on for 8 seconds
10. Power off for 2 seconds
11. Turn on for 8 seconds
12. Power off for 2 seconds
13. Turn on
Bulb will flash on and off 3 times if it has been successfully reset.

They forgot to mention the part where you just toss the bulb in the trash and buy a Philips Hue bulb instead.

[via Reddit]

iOS 13 may include system-wide dark mode and undo gesture

With Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference less than two months away, more details about what iOS 13 might have in store are emerging. It could add a system-wide dark mode, deeper multitasking options, an undo gesture and updates for the likes of Sa...

Designers reveal what developments evolved into the final Apple Watch

Human interface designer Alan Dye, and vice president of Technology Kevin Lynch are the two most important people when it comes to the Apple Watch. These two are responsible for the software...

Pinc Headset and iPhone 6 Put VR at Your Fingertips

Pinc VR Headset 01

Virtual reality headsets are not yet mainstream, but they have already gone past being only an accessory for gaming. Pinc VR pairs up with the iPhone 6 to show us how the UI of the future could look like.

Following Samsung’s example of creating a VR headset that requires a smartphone to function, Pinc developed one that works in tandem with an iPhone 6 to give people control over a Minority Report-like UI. Besides the headset, the setup also includes two rings which need to be placed on the index fingers to enable the headset to track the movement of the hands.

“We see the opportunity for VR as much broader than just gaming. Areas like everyday computing, productivity and commerce are very interesting for us. When we can control mobile applications in 3D environments, we get into a new realm of computing” said Milan Baic, President of Cordon, who’s heading Pin? product development.

There are plenty of possible applications for such a VR headset, and the first one is obviously related to the way people interact with their mobile devices. Having multiple screens one next to another could enable users to type text messages while watching a clip or scrolling a website, even though only one of the screens is in focus and the others occupy the peripheral vision.

“The biggest limitation for customers, developers and brands is the screen and interaction size on mobile devices,” pointed out Baic. This VR headset really has the potential of redefining multi-tasking on mobile devices. There are several ways to display the mobile screens next to each other, including Tile, Spider, Cabinet, Horizon, Carousel, and Hover. Users are encouraged to pick the mode that suits their needs best.

Pinc could change the way we interact with maps, and this is something not many VR headset manufacturers have thought of. Needless to say, using Pinc for directions while driving would have disastrous results. Maybe an AR headset would be better in that case, or in the case of motorcycle drivers, an AR helmet.

Not at last, the Pinc VR headset could turn shopping into a completely new experience. There are already plenty of websites that showcase their products in 360-degree views, but what if we could see them in 3D, right in front of our eyes.

The Pinc VR headset is available for pre-order on the manufacturer’s website for CAD $99. The manufacturer of Pinc even provides an SDK that app developers can use to make their software compatible with the VR headset.

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