Hitting the Books: Boomers not understanding tech is the circle of life

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Zack Snyder is turning Norse myths into anime for Netflix

Netflix isn't just tapping Zack Snyder for a zombie action movie. The streaming behemoth has announced that Snyder and DC animated movie director Jay Oliva are creating an anime series based on Norse mythology. There's no mention of plot, a release...

How NASA will defend the Earth against plagues from outer space

In the summer of 1957, the Earth stood witness as a meteorite cratered in rural Pennsylvania, bringing with it a people-eating plague never seen: an alien amoeba with the taste for human flesh. While we had Steve McQueen around for the first invasion...

A lawsuit almost stalled NASA’s Cassini mission

Captain Scott Kelly wasn't kidding when he famously quipped that "space is hard". Even getting to the launch pad can prove to be a daunting challenge. Take the Cassini mission to study Saturn, for example. Despite an investment of $3.4 billion and ne...

DIY Viking PC Case: Ragnar’s Revenge

It’s that time of the year again. No, not Christmas, but Bit-tech’s annual awards for best casemod and custom case. They’ve got a lot of great entries this year and I don’t have a strong favorite. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ali Abbas’ project receives the custom case crown.

ragnars_revenge_viking_pc_by_ali_abbas_3zoom in

Ali calls his creation Ragnar’s Revenge, a computer in a Viking-themed wooden case. It’s bursting with details, from its mechanical swiveling wings to the sail that covers its power supply. It’s not what you would call an organic or intuitive design, and I’m sure Ali knows that. His primary goals were to hide the PC’s modern parts, and give the impression that everything was handmade. Check out the video and photos below and you’ll see that he succeeded.

ragnars_revenge_viking_pc_by_ali_abbas_1zoom in

ragnars_revenge_viking_pc_by_ali_abbas_2zoom in

ragnars_revenge_viking_pc_by_ali_abbas_4zoom in

ragnars_revenge_viking_pc_by_ali_abbas_5zoom in

ragnars_revenge_viking_pc_by_ali_abbas_6zoom in

ragnars_revenge_viking_pc_by_ali_abbas_7zoom in

ragnars_revenge_viking_pc_by_ali_abbas_8zoom in

ragnars_revenge_viking_pc_by_ali_abbas_9zoom in

Even if Bit-Tech’s readers and members don’t pick Ragnar’s Revenge, the PC already has several awards from this year’s German Casemod Championship, including the best constructed case.

ragnars_revenge_viking_pc_by_ali_abbas_10zoom in

Congrats Ali! I’m sure the Vikings would’ve loved to steal your creation. Head to Bit-tech to check out Ali’s build log and the other nominees as well.

‘The Banner Saga’ pillages its way to PS4 and Xbox One soon

The Banner Saga's road to a console release has been a bit rocky, but the development team at Stoic has some good news: the excellent viking epic lands on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this coming January 12th. That's pretty soon! In fact, the team's ef...

Viking Ship Fire Pit Carries Flames to Valhalla

All I know about Vikings and Norse mythology is what I gleaned from the Marvel universe and other TV shows. One thing I know that they preferred to burn the bodies of their dead by setting them afloat in ships that were on fire.

viking-1zoom in

That is a pretty cool way to get rid of your dead. Fans of Norse mythology and Vikings in general will love this fire pit; it looks like a Viking ship. All it needs is a little iron dead warrior inside to seal the deal.

viking-2zoom in

If you can’t live without your own and lack the skills to make one yourself, you can pick one up on Etsy. Etsy shop owner Imagine Metal Art will sell you one for about $445(USD). I’d bet the shipping charges will be brutal on something that big and heavy.

viking-3zoom in

[via Nerd Approved]

Your Cat Probably Wouldn’t Tolerate This Crocheted Fantasy Viking Helm

If your cat is a cat, and your cat almost certainly is, it almost definitely doesn’t like having its ears touched in any way. After all, cats use their hearing to constantly survey their environments and position their ears for communication. In that light, I can definitely see why the average cat might not be cool with weird crap messing with its ears. This cat, however, actually looks pretty cool about wearing a hat that constricts its ears. That’s probably because it’s an awesome crochet fantasy viking helm, complete with ridiculous and wonderful Wagner-esque horns.

viking_cat_hat_3zoom in

It sold for just $32.60 (CAD) (~$29 USD) from iheartneedlework on Etsy. While the boat has sailed for this particular hat, and its proud new owner probably tore it to shreds in roughtly 7.336 seconds, iheartneedlework has many other designs up for sale, and I’m sure Meredith, the hat’s creator, would be willing to recreate the viking helm for you, should you promise to give her $29. People tend to be very agreeable once you offer them money.

viking_cat_hatzoom in

viking_cat_hat_2zoom in

viking_cat_hat_4zoom in

[via Etsy]

Plan Your Next Corporate Raid with This Viking Conference Table

Raiding and pillaging? You better plan it all out. The best way to do that is to sit at this viking longboat conference table and go over your impending attack step by step. Your business is all about conquering – and business is good.

viking conference table 620x435magnify

If you want your business to be just as aggro as a group of angry vikings, then this is the table you need in your office. You could have meetings about raids, replacing the horn on your helmets, or about deciding what country you want to conquer next.

This 3-dimensional rendering of a table design is by Wildetecture, an architecture and furniture design firm in South Africa. It’s an awesome idea. Put this on a viking ship and it’s perfect. Watch out for hostile takeovers.

[via Reddit via Geekologie]