MINI EV unveiled at BMW NextGen – a living room on wheels that focuses on designing social experiences!

Traditionally, MINI is all about fun and functional approach towards mobility – well that changes with the Vision Urbanaut, a bold take on the future of ultra-customizable mobility highlighted by the adaptive exterior and interior ambiance. Unusually tall by MINI’s standards, the Vision Urbanaut unveiled at the BMW NEXTGen platform tips more towards the fantasy end of the scale with no clarity about its prospects of making it through to production any time soon. Yet, the automated concept already signals the strong promise of an achievable idea that most people will take with both hands for its mindful use of space – keeping things minimal yet highly functional.

The electric drivetrain powered minivan concept is defined essentially by three exemplary MINI moments – Chill, Wanderlust, and Vibe. Something that feels like home (your living room to be precise) and also transports you and your loved ones just like any other four-wheeler. “Chill” is dominated by the relaxing pod-like feel for relaxing peaceful moments, “Vibe” is oriented towards the fun mood with pals and Wanderlust is about experiencing the drive with fellow travelers having the option to take control of the retracted steering wheel. Defining the design process, these moments transform the interior space – driving aids, seating configuration, lighting, aesthetics, and connectivity settings – for the best experiential mobility keeping in mind the socializing aspect!

The whole vibe on the outside also changes with the front and rear lighting setting to the tune of the particular moment selected. Add to that the funky wheels that are LED lit, and you are in for a futuristic ride you don’t want to get off when you reach your destination. On the inside, the futuristic ride is highlighted by textile crafted out of recycled and natural materials. The dashboard transforms into a daybed depending on the mood you’ve set, and that’s the whole theme of creating this concept ride. It even manages to find space for a table with a planter, giving us all a good idea about the clever use of interior space. All-in-all a well thought out concept for a futuristic open-spaced minivan for your private escapades as well as social gatherings.

Designer: BMW Group