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Inside the virtual production of ‘The Lion King’

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OpenPool anyone?

OpenPool Billiards TableHere is a great addition for your man cave/game room; OpenPool. This new interactive device will make one of  the oldest non-tech games out there extremely high tech and you will have the most talked about game rooms in town. OpenPool takes an otherwise normal pool table and turns it into a hot bed of visual effects. An example of this is shown on their website is called the “Pond” effect, it makes the table look as thought you are playing on water rather than felt.

How this works is through two Kinects, a projector, pocket detectors , and collision detector. The Kinects follow the ball movement, the projector displays the visual effects on the table, the pocket detectors detect when a ball is made into each pocket and displays visual effects, and the collision detector uses a microphone to detect when balls collide to provide a certain visual effect for that as well.

Another really cool thing they have done is made this open source. They have made you the visual effects coordinator for your own game. So sit down, write some code and you have bragging rights to all your friends.

They have started a Kickstarter campaign where you can get one of the full systems for a $5000 donation. Or for a $1000 donation you can get what they are calling a DIY kit which is the software and projector mount.  If you have the bucks to spend on this system and are looking for an addition to you game room, this is the thing to have.

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OpenPool Augmented Reality Kit Adds Visual Effects to Billiard Tables: Trick Shots

Pool tables come in hundreds of different styles, but if you really want to make your setup unique, check out OpenPool. It’s an augmented reality system that lets you project visual effects on the bed that react to the motion of the balls.

open pool billiard table augmented reality 620x465magnify

OpenPool is an open source program that uses a Kinect sensor to track the balls on the table, then feeds the visual effects to a projector mounted above the table. OpenPool also has an optional complementary device that triggers additional visual effects when a ball sinks into a pocket.

OpenPool isn’t for small time players though. You have to pledge at least $5,000 (USD) on Kickstarter to get a full OpenPool kit, which includes a PC, a Kinect and a projector – and that doesn’t include the pool table. You can also get a DIY kit – basically just the software and a mount for the projector – by pledging at least $1,000. Masse your browser to the OpenPool website to see additional information as well as more demo videos.

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World’s first 84-inch 4K Ultra Definition TV ships from LG

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LG 3D World launches

 LG announced the worldwide opening of 3D World, a premium content service that will be available to LG’s CINEMA 3D Smart TV users in nearly 70 countries. With DNA from LG’s original 3D Zone...