Transformers Masterpiece Edition MP-44 Optimus Prime is Perfectly ’80s

Growing up, all I wanted in the world for one of my birthdays was an Optimus Prime Transformer. I got it even though it was like $20 back then, which seemed like $100 today. Hasbro’s Transformers Masterpiece Edition MP-44 Optimus Prime (ver 3.0) toy looks exactly like I remember my Optimus Prime, but a much cleaner and higher quality version.

This plastic and die-cast metal toy is designed specifically to look like the ’80s version, not the new Optimus Prime from Michael Bay’s movies. It’s supposed to be the most complete Optimus Prime toy ever, and it certainly looks it.

It can transform to a robot and back to a truck, as it should. It comes with an Ion Blaster, Energon Axe, Starscream head and shoulders, hoses, blast effects, and lots more stuff.

This new version is incredibly expensive at $439.99, and can pre-ordered at Entertainment Earth if you want it as badly as I do. Shipping is set for this month, so you could give this as a Christmas gift… to me.

Prime 1 Studio Doomsday Statue: Death of Savings

Prime 1 Studio has unleashed an epic statue of the only living being so far to have killed comic books’ greatest superhero: Doomsday. The massive statue stands over 38″ tall and comes with Superman’s tattered cape, which is based on Dan Jurgens’ fantastic cover in the climactic issue of the Death of Superman story arc. The statue’s exclusive version comes with an extra head.

I still remember reading their fist fight for the first time and being sad and confused that Supes died. How naive I was. Nowadays entire comic book universes live and die seemingly every year.

This collectible was created solely to devour money. Face your wallet’s demise at Sideshow Collectibles, where you can pre-order it for $1,699 (USD).

Optimus Amazon Prime Costume: Shipments in Disguise

Looking for a dirt cheap last minute Halloween costume? Just use those Amazon boxes that you have lying around and create a Transformer. Caron Arnold, a creative director of Fusion Marketing agency in St. Louis came up with this version of Optimus Prime made from cardboard Amazon Prime boxes.


She used all of the Amazon boxes she had from her orders and had some help from her colleagues for the rest. Arnold says she has no affiliation with Amazon and that it was solely her idea, but she is in marketing so who knows. Either way, it’s a great costume.

Her inspiration came from the Optimus Prime Costume by Instructables user Danny Eurena. Obviously she won the Halloween costume contest in her office.

[via Huffington Post via Damn Geeky]

Transformers Masterpiece Custom Cartoon Paint Job: Figures in Disguise

Last year we checked out an awesome Gundam model that was painted to look like it was an anime drawing. Transformers action figure painter LEK Custom Toys did the same trick to Takara Tomy Masterpiece Optimus Prime and Soundwave figures.

transformers_optimus_prime_cartoon_paint_by_lek_custom_toys_1zoom in

transformers_optimus_prime_cartoon_paint_by_lek_custom_toys_2zoom in

transformers_optimus_prime_cartoon_paint_by_lek_custom_toys_3zoom in

transformers_optimus_prime_cartoon_paint_by_lek_custom_toys_4zoom in

transformers_optimus_prime_cartoon_paint_by_lek_custom_toys_5zoom in

transformers_optimus_prime_cartoon_paint_by_lek_custom_toys_6zoom in

transformers_optimus_prime_cartoon_paint_by_lek_custom_toys_7zoom in

transformers_optimus_prime_cartoon_paint_by_lek_custom_toys_8zoom in

transformers_optimus_prime_cartoon_paint_by_lek_custom_toys_9zoom in

transformers_optimus_prime_cartoon_paint_by_lek_custom_toys_10zoom in

The two-dimensional effect in LEK’s work isn’t as convincing as the one in the aforementioned Gundam model, though the way these photos were taken didn’t help reinforce the illusion. Still, LEK did a good job of mimicking the original cartoons.

transformers_soundwave_cartoon_paint_by_lek_custom_toys_1zoom in

transformers_soundwave_cartoon_paint_by_lek_custom_toys_2zoom in

transformers_soundwave_cartoon_paint_by_lek_custom_toys_3zoom in

transformers_soundwave_cartoon_paint_by_lek_custom_toys_4zoom in

transformers_soundwave_cartoon_paint_by_lek_custom_toys_5zoom in

transformers_soundwave_cartoon_paint_by_lek_custom_toys_6zoom in

transformers_soundwave_cartoon_paint_by_lek_custom_toys_7zoom in

transformers_soundwave_cartoon_paint_by_lek_custom_toys_8zoom in

transformers_soundwave_cartoon_paint_by_lek_custom_toys_9zoom in

transformers_soundwave_cartoon_paint_by_lek_custom_toys_10zoom in

Check out LEK Custom Toys’ Facebook page for more of his work.

[via Super Punch]

Transforming Optimus Prime Cake: Frosting in Disguise

An Optimus Prime cake that transforms? That is something very awesome right there. It’s like a toy and a cake in one. Now all that’s left to do is for Hasbro to package Prime Cakes and sell them in the grocery store so I can devour them.

transformers_optimus_prime_cake_1zoom in

This cake came about because Russell Munro’s son asked for a Transformers cake for his birthday. Munro took that challenge and created something amazing. This Optimus Prime cake transforms from vehicle to biped mode while quoting a famous line from the 1986 Transformers movie, and it’s pretty awesome.

Check out the video of the kid enjoying it, then watch the other which shows how it works internally. Basically, a 3D-printed frame for the cake moves on servos with the press of a button. Russell you are one cool dad.

[via Gizmodo via Neatorama]

Huge LEGO Optimus Prime Really Transforms

This awesome LEGO creation comes from Mad Physicist. It is a fully transforming Optimus Prime at 1/22 scale. Fans will know right away that the design was based on the movie version of the leader of the Autobots.

lego_optimus_prime_1zoom in

Not only is this a huge LEGO truck, but it’s also a fully transformable model. The details are super nice too. I bet his friends told him he couldn’t build it, but he’s always an Optimus. A little Transformers humor there.

lego_optimus_prime_2zoom in

You can check out Mad Physicist’s Flickr stream for more cool shots of this thing. No matter what you think about the movies, this is one kick-ass toy. It looks better than Optimus does on screen if you ask me. Great job, MP!

lego_optimus_prime_3zoom in

lego_optimus_prime_4zoom in

[via Bricknerd via Kotaku]

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Scrap Metal Transformers Bring Chinese Farmer $160K a Year

Scrap Metal Transformers Sculptures 05

There are only two good things people could ever do with scrap metal: recycle it or repurpose it by building geeky Transformers sculptures that bring in tons of cash each year for you and yours.

Chinese farmer Yu Zhilin and his son Lu Yingyun went for the second options, for obvious reasons. For the past three years, the two have turned scrap car parts into beautiful Optimus Prime and Bumblebee sculptures that don’t only look good, but also generate quite a lot of profit.

Needless to say, getting from a pile of metal as the one seen in the above picture to an enormous sculpture takes a lot of time and effort, but the results are worth every penny, especially since Yu Zhilin has been selling these for 1 million yuan (north of $160,000) a year.

If the Transformers franchise wasn’t so successful in China, maybe the sculptures wouldn’t have attracted such big profits, but it looks like people in that country have great love for Optimus Prime and his metallic gang. Even though I’d like to think that’s because of the cartoons and the comics, the truth is that Transformers sell like hot donuts there, regardless of the media, and that schlep Michael Bay‘s movies are probably playing a big part, too. After all, when it comes to blowing up, no director is his equal.

What’s interesting about the creator of these sculptures is that Yu Zhilin, despite currently being a farmer, has a background in fine arts. The Optimus Prime and Bumblebee sculptures are built in his spare time, which means that he still dedicates most of his time to his main job.

Ironically, these sculptures are made of scrap car parts, whereas the Transformers disguise themselves as cars and trucks. In this Universe or in a parallel one, the Transformers and Yu Zhilin’s sculptures surely share the same origins.

It will be interesting to see how the copyright holders will react as soon as they get wind of this. In my humble opinion, they should mind their own business, as this something made by fans of the franchise for other fans, but chances are they might want a slice of this metallic pie. Well, the copyright holders launch miniature action toys, whereas these modern artists are selling gigantic sculptures that make the former green with envy.

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