This spherical robot is your smart home guard and your family companion

Our homes are starting to be filled with technology, and not just from the computers and smartphones that we use day in and day out. But despite all the advancements in software, AI, and human-computer interaction, these technologies still feel distant and almost impersonal. Even those “personal” AI assistants are nothing more than disembodied voices that can hear us and not much else. These devices and services do make life convenient, but they don’t always help us with the other important things in life, like connecting with or checking up with another, especially when we’re not at home. The average human spends 26 years of their life sleeping and 30 years of their life working. That leaves just 1~2 hours in a day to truly connect with family, elders, or pets if we’re lucky. With all that time apart and no one there to supervise, there can be a lot of concern about the health and safety of our loved ones. This is why Enabot created the EBO X, your family’s protector, companion, and playmate. Smart home security cameras just don’t cut it, especially because they lack that “human touch,” and that is the kind of connection that this adorable moving homebot is trying to make while also making sure that your family and house are safe.

Designer: Enabot Design

Click Here to Buy Now: $569 $999 ($430 off). Hurry, only 50/480 left! Raised over $280,000.

Smart Mapping – Provides EBO X with autonomous & accurate movement ability. Upon first use, EBO X will travel through your house using V-SLAM technology. This will allow EBO X to travel anywhere in the house.

Self-balanced Two-wheeled Design – EBO X ensures flexible mobility and high-precision motion control. EBO X can move around your home with ease and turn 360 degrees smoothly.

4K Stabilized Camera – EBO X’s 4K camera is one-axis stabilized, and the vertical angle is adjustable within a range of 104 degrees. EBO X has an 8-megapixel ultra low-light sensor and provides the super large 106-degree FOV.

Smart Tracking – If your child says “EBOEBO , follow me!”, EBO X will follow him or her anywhere it can reach, just like a loyal companion.

Edge Detection & Obstacle Avoidance – With multiple built-in dToF and ALS sensors, EBO X will stop itself from crossing any edge and avoid obstacles.

EBO X is, first and foremost, a smart guardian for the home and the family. Thanks to its self-balanced two-wheeled design and especially its smart mapping capabilities, it can go reach almost any part of your house. Despite this, users can set up restricted areas to protect their privacy. Not only can it map the layout of your house using V-SLAM (Visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping), detecting edges and deftly avoiding obstacles, it can see clearly no matter the time of day or night with its stabilized 4K camera and 8MP ultra low-light sensor. It can even hear and turn towards the source of a sound, following not only your voice but also a potential accident.

Elderly Fall Alert – EBO X can be set to detect the fall-down of an elderly during auto-cruising. lf detected, it will send alerts through 3 optional ways to ask for help.

Crying & Call-for-help Alert – If your child is crying, EBO X will detect it and trigger an App call to you. Besides, EBO X will inform you through the App call if anyone at home is experiencing an emergency and calls for help.

Facial Recognition & Medication Reminder – At a scheduled time, EBO X can find the specific family member by facial recognition, and send the medication reminders in voice.

Unlike even the smartest home security systems, the EBO X robot is also your family’s protector. It can detect and report when someone, especially an elderly person, has fallen down and alert family or emergency services. It can do the same for someone crying for help, calling your attention through the app. It can also help prevent accidents in the first place by reminding family members to take their medication, even when no one else is around. It can use facial recognition to find your loved one around the house and give them a gentle nudge to take their meds.

The robot, however, does more than just secure your home and safeguard your family. It puts a face on these technologies, literally and figuratively. EBO X’s cute face will endear itself to members of your family, regardless of their ages. It can follow kids around, ensuring their safety while also keeping them entertained with sound effects and music through its premium Harman AudioEFX speaker. EBO X also uses Alexa Voice Control, so every convenience is just a voice command away. The robot can take pictures of the whole family, or it can even take low-angle photos of your furry family members. It can act as a two-way communication between those at home and those far away, bridging the distance in a far more interesting way than a simple call.

Enabot designed EBO X with privacy protection at the forefront of our minds, and Enabot truly focused on user privacy and made some improvements. For example, all the media files could be optionally stored only on the local SD card, and you can use the privacy switch in the App to remotely turn off the gimbal camera. You can also physically press the gimbal button on the camera, which can completely obscure the camera from the product structure. When EBO X detects that the gimbal is completely closed, it will stop video recording. Besides this, the circular 4-array microphone at the top can also be powered off at the hardware level to ensure that the camera and microphone are not being monitored or bugged.

Protector, companion, and playmate, the EBO X robot puts an emphasis on the “home” part of smart homes. Combining three devices in one, the agile smart guardian keeps your family safe, entertained, and comfortable, creating an environment that you can truly call home. All these for a sweet Super Early Bird price of $569, a large $430 discount off its $999 MSRP.

Click Here to Buy Now: $569 $999 ($430 off). Hurry, only 50/480 left! Raised over $280,000.

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Enabot EBO X is a security robot that disarms you with its cuteness

It’s becoming more common for houses to have at least one indoor security camera, whether to keep an eye out for intruders or to look out for the safety of family members and pets. Knowing that there’s an all-seeing eye inside your house can cause both peace of mind and uneasiness, especially because of the cold and impersonal way most of these cameras are designed. Not much of a problem if you’re staying by yourself, but living with kids and pets changes the atmosphere and the requirements significantly. Not only will you need something that can keep up with these fast-moving creatures, but they also need to be something that the young ones can approach with confidence. That’s the kind of robot that the upcoming EBO X is, combining the safety features of a security camera on wheels in the guise of a cute robot that your kids and even pets can befriend.

Designer: Enabot

Futurists had us believing that our homes will be filled with robots by now, but so far, only robot vacuums have become a more common novelty in some households. Admittedly, there aren’t many use cases for other robots to be moving around the house aside from cleaning and maybe assisting those with limited mobility. Enabot, however, has been introducing home robots that, at first glance, seem to be just sophisticated toys but can actually become important safety measures, at least if they work perfectly.

EBO X is the latest spherical wheeled robot from the company, and it can do everything that its predecessors can and so much more. That includes monitoring your house remotely or communicating via voice with whoever is at home. It can also follow moving objects, like pets and small humans, to take timely pictures or even sound the alarm if it detects something amiss.

What really sets it apart, however, is its human-centric design, specifically kid-centric. Enabot gave the EBO X not only a cuter face, with dynamic lighting that changes according to its functions, but also a smarter brain. It can respond to voice commands, for example, so that kids can converse with the robot as if it was their friend. It also has touch-sensitive zones on its side for activating features, giving a more tactile and more personal experience as well.

In some ways, the EBO X sounds like just an upgraded version of other EBOs before it. Its more approachable and more relatable design, however, makes a world of difference that turns the device from an advanced security system to a family friend. And if robots are going to start invading our homes, looking friendly and adorable can help integrate them better into our daily lives.

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This door lock concept protects your secret code from prying eyes

Smart, Internet-connected door locks might seem new to our awareness, but there have always been more sophisticated door locks that go beyond the typical knob and key combination. Hotels, for example, make use of key cards, while some businesses have a variety of options that include biometrics. Residential houses, on the other hand, often make use of locks where you input a sequence of numbers on a keypad, practically their PIN for unlocking the gate or the door. This seemingly easy yet secure system has turned out to be quite flawed, so this door lock concept tries to fix that by literally flipping the device on its head, hiding the code you enter so that even you can’t see what you’re doing.

Designer: Minjeong Kim

If you’ve watched crime procedural TV shows, particularly fictional ones, you might already be aware of how door locks with keypads can be easily defeated. Someone might be able to simply see the numbers you tap into the lock, even without resorting to complicated strategies like deciphering key tones or analyzing the wear patterns on the keypad. It doesn’t inspire much confidence, especially in places where doors are near heavy traffic or within easy sight. You could opt for a smart door lock, which has its own risks, but that often involves a hefty sum in turn.

SEE-Cret_ is a door lock concept that proposes a simpler solution to this problem. It still uses a secret pattern that only you know in order to unlock a door. But instead of a string of numbers, it’s more like a pattern of presses that you make on four buttons only. What makes it different from the run-of-the-mill lock is that these buttons are actually hidden behind the door handle so that no one, not even you, can see which ones your fingers are pressing.

The idea is that you simply hold the handle with four fingers other than the thumb, placing them on top of the buttons. After pressing the secret sequence, you simply pull or push the handle to open the door, depending on the design of the handle. With the buttons hidden behind a large rectangular plate, there is no way anyone nearby will be able to observe you discreetly. The only way they can learn your pattern is by closely observing the movement of your knuckles, which isn’t exactly a trivial feat.

There is one small disadvantage to this otherwise simple solution. This method of entering a pattern requires muscle memory, which could be harder to develop compared to memorizing a series of digits. The concept also doesn’t mention any kind of feedback to subtly inform the person of an incorrect entry other than the door not unlocking at all. Still, it’s a rather interesting concept for a door lock, especially since it also replaces the door knob so that you are basically getting two for the price of one.

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This smart lock concept keeps a watchful eye on sliding doors and windows

Although people have been keeping their valuables at home for ages, our homes themselves have now also become more valuable because of the plethora of advanced devices that power them. Smart locks for smart homes are becoming more common in the market, even though not everyone is still convinced of their foolproof security. That said, threats don’t only come through the front door, though, and typical smart locks can’t do anything about windows or other types of doors, for that matter. There is definitely a market waiting to be conquered here, and this smart lock module concept is designed specifically to target one particular type of door or window, the type that slides open to give access to the people and treasures inside your humble abode.

Designer: Haechan Ryu

Typical smart door locks are designed to work only with the most common type of front door, the one that has a knob to turn and swings open or close. Their designs are pretty much pointless for sliding doors, which are sometimes easier to break into because of their location at the back or sides of houses. This kind of door offers an opportunity to design not only a different type of lock but also a lock that offers a convenience you might not be able to have with the conventional smart door lock.

The Plus Link Z concept, designed to work with a real-world Plus Link smart home security platform, is practically the combination of a smart door lock, a security camera, and a slide door opener. The first two functions are pretty much on par with any kind of smart lock, allowing the homeowner to remotely lock or unlock a door as well as keep an eye on people outside the door. It might be possible to eventually add some sort of face recognition to this external camera, but monitoring is its primary purpose for this design.

What makes this IoT security module a little different is that it can also automatically open and close the sliding door. Typical smart door locks can only lock and unlock doors, leaving you to manually push or pull the door. The Plus Link Z uses motorized gears that run the door’s top frame to slide it left or right. Because of this design, it isn’t necessary to change or modify the door itself, and you simply have to install the security module above it and the attached camera on the outside.

The Plus Link Z concept, while innovative, also looks a bit complicated and probably needs a professional to install it. It also raises concern whether those gears will eventually damage the door frame through its friction. Nonetheless, the idea itself is commendable in trying to tackle an often overlooked security problem at home, where the front door might be smartly secured while the other doors and windows are left vulnerable to a simple break-in.

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Savannah Anti-Theft Kit features smart devices that look like minimalist toys

Savannah Anti-Theft Kit System Concept

Savannah is a city in the United States in Georgia, known for its beautiful landscapes and rich history. It is also famous for its well-preserved architecture. We know it now as the inspiration for the Savannah Anti-theft Kit, which integrates safety and security tools more into our domestic life.

Savannah is a line of smart products that are nothing like the devices you see in the market. They are similar in basic functions, but they are made from ceramic. The result is smooth aesthetics with a very evident minimalist appeal.

Designers: Francesco Isaia, Alessandro Pomponio, and Cecilia Veglio

Savannah Anti-Theft Kit System Details

You won’t think these are anti-theft devices as they look like small toys. But that’s the beauty of these products because they are very subtle you wouldn’t think they have other essential functions.

The landscapes and animals of Savannah inspire the Savannah. Several products are available, like a WiFi router (hub controller), siren/Bluetooth speaker, window sensor, smoke sensor, and a camera. The WiFi router looks like a table home decor. It is designed like a landscape with a couple of trees, and it also works as a hub for all the other Savannah devices. The Bluetooth speaker is shaped like a cube, with the top cover looking like a mountain range. We can also imagine this design being applied as an air purifier.

Savannah Anti-Theft Kit Features

Concept Savannah Anti-Theft Kit

Concept Savannah Anti-Theft Kit System

Savannah Anti-Theft Kit System

The window sensors are ready in different shapes. They help detect and report the opening and closing of doors. There is also a smoke sensor that looks like an upside-down character. The camera looks cute in different animal designs and colors.

Savannah Anti-Theft Kit

The Savannah Anti-Theft System is a design by Francesco Isaia, Alessandro Pomponio, and Cecilia Veglio. These Italian designers prove that Italian design is really something more. It goes beyond the aesthetic appeal as it is also about quality, craftsmanship, tradition, innovation, and passion. The Savannah 2021 Collection is likely to have additional products in the future. But first, this project needs to get into production. The devices remain as a concept product design for now but we know the idea can be easily picked up by other designers.

We have featured other anti-theft devices before but nothing cute like the Savannah. The ones we’ve seen were specifically for cyclists. There was the Anti-Theft Collapsible Bike Wheel and those discrete metal tags by Cycling Boom. Special anti-theft bags have been introduced as well—the Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack and the Tribal Anti-theft Sports Bag.

Savannah Anti-Theft Kit Concept

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Box Gobbler At-Home Package Drop-Off Door Prevents Porch Piracy

Porch pirates: there are very few things worse, and if I caught one right now you better believe they’d be walking the plank straight into shark-infested waters. Here to help prevent porch plundering in the first place comes the Box Gobbler from MB Sentinel, an in-home package drop-off door that allows delivery drivers to place your packages in the safety of your home or garage instead of leaving them out in the wild.

Whenever you order a package you can include your Box Gobbler code in the 2nd address line, so delivery drivers can unlock the key-coded door and insert your package. Of course, first, you’re going to need an accessible wall to have the door installed in, and the only wall that makes sense for me right now would mean packages being dropped off behind the entertainment stand in my living room.

Box Gobblers are available in two sizes, 14″ x 28″, and 28″ x 28″, both of which are insulated to prevent the loss of heat through the door, and start at around $1,900. Now I don’t know what sort of things you’re buying on Amazon, but personally, I’d have to get about 200 packages stolen to justify the cost of buying one. I’m just saying, my last porch pirate, made off with nothing but watch batteries and dog poop bags.

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This personal security wearable uses voice recognition + pressure sensors to keep you safe in an emergency!

Mathilde Blondel, a student of France’s Université de Technologie de Compiègne created EVE, personal security and anti-aggression bracelet, after experiencing an assault on the streets of France. In collaboration with friend and colleague Romaric Delahaie, the duo followed EVE through a ten-month period to design the wearable personal security bracelet that’s encrypted with cutting-edge communication technology to provide efficient defense solutions in the face of street attacks.

Once activated, EVE launches a 10-second alarm meant to discourage the attacker from continuing their assault and instantly calls the local police station, sending operators the location and live audio recordings of the attack. EVE follows a two-step activation process to launch the wristband’s emergency features. First, to unlock EVE and prepare it for activation, the user simply shakes their wrist repeatedly three to five times. Embedded inside the wristband, an accelerometer and gyroscope detect the shaking and rotation of the wrist, awakening the device and gearing it up for activation. Then, either by announcing previously recorded voice triggers or by placing pressure on the wristband’s sensors, the 110dB alarm sounds, and the police are called, sending live recordings of the assault to an emergency operator, along with the GPS location of the EVE user.

Blondel and Delahaie designed EVE to be totally autonomous and independent from smartphones so that the functionality of EVE doesn’t depend on a smartphone’s proximity or battery levels. Over a ten-month long period, Blondel and Delahaie sketched and produced multiple prototypes to ultimately settle on a lightweight, small, and accessible wristband whose emergency triggers are easy to activate. Located in the palm of the hand, the sensors that activate emergency departments are easy to trigger and discreet by design.

Designers: Mathilde Blondel & Romaric Delahaie

Discreet by design, EVE is also easy to use and activate.

One charge of EVE can last up to a whole month.

Once activated, either through vocal recognition or sensor technology, EVE launches emergency help from local police officers.

EVE is encrypted with communication technology that functions to launch protective services in the face of street attacks.

The designers behind EVE ensured that the wristband was lightweight and small by design for a comfortable wear.

EVE can be activated by pressing the sensors located in the band that stretches across the palm of the user.

EVE can be activated either through voice triggers or pressure sensors.

Once the pressure sensors are activated, EVE sends out live audio recordings and GPS location to local police operators.

Wrist movement adaption allows EVE to band when the user chooses to unlock emergency services by shaking their wrist three to five times.

Following a ten-month long period of conceptualization and production, EVE ultimately assumed a lightweight body for accessible use.

EVE is equipped with smart technology for instant feedback.

These smart home-security systems guard your home better than Google Nest could!

When it comes to the security and safety of our home, that is something that cannot be joked around with at all. Our homes are where our loved ones and we spend the majority of our time, they’re considered our safe haven, and it’s extremely crucial that we keep it that way. Installing home security systems and cameras in our homes allows us to ensure that our home is always protected against any foreign threats, and not to mention it lets us take a breath of relief when we aren’t home. However, selecting a home security system is a Herculean task by itself. Picking a foolproof, highly functioning and well-engineered home security system is critical, and hence we’ve curated a collection of trustworthy designs that’ll help you step out of your home in peace!

The Always Home Cam (as it’s called) expands on Ring’s home security line-up, giving you a camera that sits INSIDE your house rather than at the entrance of it, like the Ring’s more popular video doorbells. When it detects a break-in, the flying camera un-docks from its station and travels to the intruder, capturing their face on video, which is beamed to the owner’s phone (and possibly even the police, considering Ring’s partnerships with local police forces). It’s designed to activate only when the owners aren’t at home and come with a completely enclosed propeller system so that it doesn’t harm anyone or any pets as it flies around the house to surveil intrusions. When docked, the camera’s station completely encloses the drone’s stem, which contains the lens, preventing it from being able to ‘spy’ on its owners.

The HeimVision Assure B1 is a culmination of a lot of good ideas into one, neat package. It’s a CCTV but works as a two-way audio teleconferencing device too. It runs via an app, but can even be commanded via Alexa, making it simple to use without needing your phone around. The Assure B1’s basic kit (that’s the $79 one) comprises one wireless camera and one central hub that sits within your home. The camera features a tripod-mount for easy installation and runs on rechargeable AA batteries for a solid 12 months (with the option of hooking it to a solar panel for uninterrupted continuous power). The camera unit is a small, robust little device that weighs a mere 181 grams, but packs a solid punch. It can capture video in 2K Ultra HD with a 130° FoV, and even sports colored night-vision. Fitted within its Stormtrooper-esque white and black body is also a passive infrared sensor that can detect motion as well as identify humans.



Angee, the smart camera for your home, is tackling issues we didn’t know we had already – privacy. With the ability to rotate a full 360 degrees, Angee faces away when it realizes that you’re home. This is a fantastic solution to the paranoia of constantly being watched. Even unplugging a smart camera at home isn’t enough – the lens just glaring away, staring at you…no thanks. Angee does require an additional device to be attached to the front door to determine when it should be actively recording. Probably not the most practical alert system considering Nest and various other home cameras will detect movement automatically. However, that being said, that’s a small price to pay for the luxury of privacy.

Meet Lucy, an AI bot that fulfills the jobs of a Roomba as well as a Nest Security Cam. With an auto-navigation system guiding it, a 3000Pa vacuum underneath it, and a day-and-night wide-angle camera on the front of it, Lucy does floor-sweeps and security-sweeps at the same time. It relies on its in-built guidance system to segregate your house by the room, allowing it to clean or monitor individual rooms at a time. Built with a battery that gives it 2 hours of performance, Lucy can navigate rooms, avoid no-go-zones, and even patrol your house based on a route you set. Lucy’s ability to clean as well as screen your household (I have no shortage of clever phrases) is thanks to its 6-core ARM System-on-a-Chip, which allows it to run as efficiently as it does. The AI-bot comes equipped with a depth sensor and a 1080p camera that can detect objects as little as 1-inch high, allowing it to avoid toys, books, socks, or anything that may be lying around on the floor, and directly target dust, dirt, crumbs, and furballs. The camera’s human and pet-recognition allows it to avoid, but most importantly surveil living obstacles, pinging you if it sees someone new. Video instantly gets streamed directly to your phone so you know if there’s ever an intruder breaking into your house, and an intercom system literally lets you speak to family members or intruders right through the app and Lucy’s native microphone and speaker setup.



Meet, ORBIT, designed to work with existing smart systems, and carrying a design that shares its DNA with materials intended for space exploration, we certainly think it’s a desirable piece of kit! Packed within the simplistic, polycarbonate exterior is not one, but two cameras; positioned at the top is a 360° camera for unparalleled coverage, while the bottom remains stationary and boasts a wide-angle lens! Its designer, Max Dahl, considered every aspect of the product in great detail, this is particularly noticeable in its sleek packaging; Orbit arrives in a cylindrical tube that shares the same, speckled, finish as Orbit, once opened the device is displayed on a pedestal surrounded by the logical organization of the complimenting accessories!



Hive’s View security camera seems a lot like the latter kind of product. Designed by Yves Behar and Fuseproject, the Hive View looks like a GoPro on a throne that swivels 360° on both vertical and horizontal axes, allowing it to point any which way you choose. The aluminum arm that holds the camera even transfers power to the cube-shaped camera that can be detached from its base, extending the functionality of the security camera in a way that lets it be your home security as well as your personal security device. The camera comes with sound as well as motion detection, and captures everything within a 130° viewing angle in stunning 1080p HD, allowing you to playback your security tapes on your phone via the cloud. Its classy ‘throne’ can be placed on any surface or even wall-mounted, allowing you to virtually put the camera anywhere you, please.



Deep Sentinel develops security cameras and AI that set up a security perimeter around your house, but that’s not all they do. Deep Sentinel doesn’t just record any criminal activity… it prevents it. Behind the camera and the security, the hub is Deep Sentinel’s growing team of surveillance guards who tirelessly sit and monitor footage. They instantly get an alert when something seems off, like if a stranger is approaching your window, or trying to pry open your door. The ‘LiveSentinel Surveillance Guards’ have a two-step procedure for dealing with this. Deep Sentinel’s cameras also come with a speaker module, allowing the agents to warn the criminals to stop. As the criminal looks at the camera, Deep Sentinel’s agents send the evidence to the nearest police station, calling for help. The system relies on three components that work together to make it incredibly successful. A. Artificial intelligence that detects people, animals, and objects and interprets behavior in real-time, segregating friendlies from non-friendlies, B. a team of guards or Sentinels that bring the element of human reconnaissance to the experience, and finally, C. the police force, which gets alerted promptly and with the necessary evidence.



The Halo Classic is more than just a smart camera, what makes this camera special are its features – a fully wireless experience and a battery life that lasts up to 6 months long, 6 MONTHS! The Classic is designed to look and feel like a premium product with its choice of sophisticated material choices and elegant forms, chosen to complement the aesthetic of any living space. The Halo Vantage is the only in-ceiling smart camera. Disrupting the smart camera market once again with the Vantage, Halo has taken a different perspective on the at-home, smart camera. The smartest aspect of the Halo Vantage is the ability to simply “install Halo Vantage into an existing recessed light fixture to achieve a superior point of view with a discreet appearance.” The Halo Vantage is a wireless design once again, however, it gets its power from the mains, through the existing light bulb fitting – as well as having a backup battery with 14 days of power in it. This is truly a discrete form of monitoring your house and keeping the place safe.



We go to great measures to secure our homes with all sorts of locks, gates, gadgets, and gizmos, so why not take the same security measures for the other places we dwell? That’s the idea behind Convoy. Like the name suggests, this portable security system is a true companion that you can take anywhere with you whether you’re hanging at home or on vacation. Its modular monitoring units become your personal team dedicated to ensuring wherever you are (or aren’t) is secure. Leave one at home while you’re at work to keep a watchful eye on your property. Take one with you on a trip to check in on your accommodations. Better yet, you can see what’s happening in multiple places at once no matter where you’re at.

Regular keychains do just half the job by stopping the buck at vaguely collecting your keys, rather than recognizing and solving any problems that arise around key-carrying. They’re impossible to use in the dark, or even in the day-time if you’ve got too many similar-looking keys, and unless they’re strapped to your pants via a retractable cord, they can get stolen or lost… however, that isn’t quite the case with the Ekster Key Holder. Designed to categorically solve the aforementioned problems (and look pretty sleek too), the Ekster Key Holder proposes a more structured approach. It features a holder that arranges your keys in a defined linear pattern so you know which key is where. Got similar keys for your home door and your garage door? Arrange them so you know the home-key comes first and the garage key comes second. Moreover, the Key Holder even comes with a Chipolo-based tracker that lets you constantly keep tabs on the location of your keys. The tracker lets you precisely pinpoint your key-holder on a map, letting you see where you left it last… or better still, letting you track its movement in real-time if it gets stolen. You can even “ring” your keys via your phone, and they’ll immediately begin buzzing wherever they are.

Russian, Chinese hackers may have stolen European vaccine data

State-backed hackers' attempts to steal COVID-19 vaccine data might be farther-reaching than you think. According to Reuters, sources for Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant claim (subscription required) that Russia and China both launched cyberattacks...