HoloBike training bike with breathtaking holographic visuals for lifelike rides

leverages Imagine transforming your indoor cycling routine into an exhilarating adventure through breathtaking trails, all without leaving your home. With the HoloBike, you can do just that. This innovative holographic training bike is designed to simulate realistic trail rides in stunning 3D, offering an immersive fitness experience that doesn’t require VR headsets or AR eyewear. […]

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New Sharp P-series 4K UHD projectors designed for maintenance-free operation

4K UHD projectors 2024

Sharp has announced the launch of its new P Series projectors, the XP-P601Q and XP-P721Q, marking a significant milestone in the company’s projector lineup. Leveraging over 35 years of projector experience from NEC, these new models are designed to deliver stunning 4K ultra high-definition (UHD) images suitable for a variety of commercial applications. From corporate […]

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iOS 18 Messages via Satellite (Video)

iOS 18 Messages

Apple’s iOS 18 update brings a groundbreaking new feature to the Messages app: the ability to send and receive iMessages via satellite. This innovative capability expands on previous satellite features introduced by Apple, such as roadside assistance, Find My, and emergency services. With satellite-based iMessaging, you can now stay connected with friends and family even […]

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How Does watchOS 11 Compare to watchOS 10

watchOS 11

Apple’s watchOS 11, is the latest operating system for Apple Watch, it will be released later in the year and it will bring a host of changes and improvements compared to its predecessor, watchOS 10. While some older devices are no longer supported, the update offers a range of enhancements that make it a compelling […]

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New Microsoft Surface Laptop Gets Unboxed

Microsoft Surface Laptop

Microsoft has unveiled its latest addition to the Surface Laptop lineup, now available in two sizes: 13.8 inches and 15 inches. With prices ranging from $999 to $2,399, depending on the configuration, the Surface Laptop offers a range of options to suit various needs and budgets. The 13.8-inch model, equipped with a Snapdragon X Elite […]

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Every Single iOS 18 Feature Revealed

iOS 18

iOS 18 is set to transform the way you use your iPhone, offering a wealth of new features and improvements. With over 150 additions, this update focuses on enhancing customization options, improving accessibility, and updating native apps to provide a more seamless and enjoyable user experience. Compatible with iPhone XS and newer models, including the […]

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Another Look at Apple Intelligence

Apple Intelligence

Apple’s recent WWDC keynote unveiled “Apple Intelligence,” a suite of AI advancements designed to enhance user experience through on-device processing. This approach promises faster, more secure interactions, with key improvements in Siri, handwriting recognition, and generative AI features. The rollout will begin with the latest Apple devices and expand over time, ensuring that users can […]

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Compact and Versatile: MetMo’s Multi Drive Pen Replaces Your Entire Toolkit

The Pen might be mightier than the Sword… but the MetMo Multi Drive is mightier than pens, pencils, swords, scalpels, screwdrivers, and even drills. The sleekest multitool from MetMo’s lineup, this pen-shaped device lets you swap out graphite leads for a whole variety of other instruments, from scalpel tips to hex-bits or even drill bits. It gives you every conceivable tool in the format of an easy-to-use, comfortable-to-hold pen, replacing your entire toolkit with something so sleek yet so versatile, that you’ll want to carry it everywhere. After all, that’s what EDCs are all about, no?

Designers: Sean Sykes & James Whitfield

Click Here to Buy Now: $108 $120 (10% off). Hurry, only 2/525 left! Raised over $425,000.

With the attitude of a fancy metal stylus, the MetMo Multi Drive puts a toolshed in your palms. It looks like a pen, feels like a pen, and is designed to be held like a pen too… but features a machine collet system on the inside that lets you add modules to your EDC’s body. The Multi Drive comes with an endless list of instruments that lock into its sleek body – from 3mm graphite leads (the kind you’d use in mechanical pencils) to hex bits, metal scribes, scalpel blades, needle files, grease leads (for writing on a variety of surfaces), and even a tungsten-carbide mini drill bit.

Knife, Pencil, Scribe, Drill, File and Micro Driver.

The MetMo Multi Drive takes the compact comfort of writing tools and brings EDC tools to it. A versatile gizmo, it lets you write, sketch, cut, carve, drill, file, assemble, and disassemble, all within its small format. It’s difficult to think of who the Multi Drive is specifically for, because it has a little for everyone. Whether you’re an artist, architect, designer, craftsperson, engineer, or a maverick creator, the Multi Drive has something for you. It’s easy to use, is ridiculously compact, and in signature MetMo fashion, is made entirely out of metal because plastic feels cheap, breaks easily, and is bad for the environment. In fact, MetMo itself stands for “Metal in Motion,” underlying the company’s unwavering pursuit of engineering excellence in industrial, aesthetic and functional design.

The metal collet system, or the mechanism that loads and holds all the instruments, is a refinement of an original design from 150 years ago. With newer technologies, MetMo’s managed to scale things down massively, creating a chuck-like gripping mechanism that allows the Multi Drive to hold onto the instruments you plug into it. A two-part outer design lets you twist to tighten or release instruments, ensuring that when they’re loaded, they’re secured well… and when you’re done, you can easily swap them out for new ones. In fact, the collet is strong enough to hold weights of up to 8.1lb or 3.7 kilograms, so you know that the instruments inside are as tightly secure as they can possibly be.

While it’s easy to think of its small size as being a disadvantage, the Multi Drive’s compactness is, in fact, what makes it so great. The all-metal construction is incredibly durable, and MetMo offers aluminum and stainless steel versions of the Multi Drive, depending on what activities you’re likely to use it for. The Multi Drive also comes in distinct kits that prioritize different professions and activities. The basic 20-piece kit comes with the aluminum Multi Drive, along with graphite leads, a grease lead (that can write on cloth, glass, and even metal), scalpel blades, a flat file, two hex bits, and a metal scribe for engraving on soft metals, glasses, etc. All these activities require regular use that doesn’t put too much stress on the Multi Drive’s body. For more heavy-duty tasks, upgrade to the stainless steel Multi Drive and you can now perform more torque and pressure-intensive tasks like working with all sorts of hex bits (made from hardened steel), or even using MetMo’s tungsten carbide drills that load right onto the Multi Drive, letting you manually drill into wood and plastic with ease.

Upgrading to the steel Multi Drive gives you the option of getting its companion instruments in either a metal case or a leather craftsman pouch. The Metal Case, which is just marginally larger than a big smartphone, fits 24 hex bits, a metal scribe, a scalpel blade, and the Multi Drive itself along with a graphite lead included. The Metal Case also has an integrated graphite sharpener, and has magnets on the back, letting you mount the case on metal surfaces. The Leather Case/Pouch on the other hand has a more rustic appeal, with space for the Multi Drive, scalpel blades, metal scribe, 10 hex bits or drill bits, extra graphite nibs, 6 needle files, and some more. The aluminum MetMo Multi Drive starts at £84 (approx. $108 USD), while the black steel variant has a £109 price tag ($139 USD), and the top-end stainless steel variant will set you back £120 ($153 USD). Each MetMo Multi Drive comes with the basic set of tools, and you can upgrade your pledge to include extra tools and the metal or leather case. Do this at your own risk, you may end up abandoning all your other EDC work tools altogether!

Click Here to Buy Now: $108 $120 (10% off). Hurry, only 2/525 left! Raised over $425,000.

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Aman’s Latest Pop-Up Store In Thailand Is An Eco-Friendly, Modular Alternative To Heavy Construction

The hospitality brand Aman commissioned an architectural firm called Luxury Frontiers to design an eco-friendly and sophisticated mobile retail concept to celebrate its 35th anniversary. Designed as a part of the anniversary celebrations, the Aman cabana pop-up shop will be opening up at Amanpuri, in Phuket, Thailand.  The resultant design is classic, elegant, and a subtle structure that can be assembled and disassembled at will.

Designer: Luxury Frontiers

The mobile pop-up shop is designed to be moved around in various Aman properties while capturing and representing the brand’s lovely and distinguished identity. Designed to look luxe, the cabana is pre-manufactured and can be easily and efficiently assembled and disassembled without 12 hours. No specialized equipment or niche skills are required to set up the store. This allows the store to be an easy project that can be shifted amongst different locations. As a trial, the store is first being set up in Amanpuri, and will then be moved to Amangiri in spring 2024, and Amanzoe in 2025. The roof design is interchangeable and will be swapped according to the varied geographical settings.

This exciting project enables Aman to display its product from a particular region in the same space, giving a unique experience that feels true to the brand. It will include items from Aman Essentials – luxurious skincare products, accessories, fragrances, and Italian leather bags. The cabana will offer the guests a one-of-a-kind experience that is special to the location they are visiting. It will give guests an opportunity to shop in the sun next to the water.

Besides being sophisticated and a true testament to Aman’s identity, the pop-up store is a modular project that is eco-friendly and non-invasive. It does not employ heavy construction, and in fact, minimizes the effects on its surroundings. This is a revolutionary and transformative solution targeted especially for accommodations such as resorts, camps, and lodges. The impact on the environment is reduced, while also paying attention to flexibility and modularity. Once the cabana is done being utilized as a store, it will be converted into a children’s play area or a dining pavilion.

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