Nissan Skyline Moist Tissue Box Looks Fast & Furious

Styled after the late-90’s R-34 Nissan Skyline GT-R, this moist tissue holder is hands down the fastest-looking tissue box I’ve ever seen. Hopefully, it’s not so fast I can’t grab a tissue, though, or I will have to wipe my hands on my shirt.

An officially Nissan licensed product, the mini Skyline is available with Sonic Silver, Bayside Blue, and Black Pearl exterior paint and costs ¥6,600 (~$47) from before shipping from Japan. So, it’s not exactly the cheapest tissue box. But can you really put a price on a tissue box that looks ready to speed off your coffee table and crash onto the floor?

The car measures a respectable 29cm x 11cm x 8cm (11.5″ x 4.5″ x 3″) and fits most standard-size boxes of moist tissues. The only thing that would make it better is if it produced engine revving or tire squealing noises whenever you pulled a tissue from it. They really should have made that a factory option.

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1,499 Drones Recreate Gigantic Nutcracker Ballet, Set World Records

Orchestrated by drone show performance company Sky Elements, a recent recreation of characters from The Nutcracker ballet successfully set two new Guinness World Records. The show used 1,499 choreographed drones flying above the Birdville Fine Arts and Athletic Complex in North Richland Hills, Texas, to achieve the feat, and it must have been a sight to behold in real life. At least there’s a video for those of us who live behind computer screens.

The first record was for the largest aerial display of a fictional character using drones, awarded for a giant Nutcracker stretching 700 feet into the night sky. The second was for the largest aerial image formed by drones, for an absolutely massive picture of a Christmas tree in front of a window with snow falling behind it. Maybe it’s true what they say after all: everything IS bigger in Texas.

Will the records get beaten in the coming year? Almost certainly. As a matter of fact, if I had an army of drones, I would beat them myself. But I don’t even have a single drone, so their records are probably safe from me, provided 2,000 drones don’t fall off the back of a truck in front of my house.

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Crysher Ripple 30+ MPH Electric Snowboard Can Shred Uphill

The Crusher Ripple is a newly released all-electric snowboard that can hit speeds up to 31 MPH and has a 9 to 12-mile range. The $2,199 board uses a large treaded tire in the rear to grip the snow, allowing a rider to travel both in the flats and up to 20% graded hills. That’s fantastic news because going uphill is the worst. My calves burn just thinking about trudging up a mountain. Or even a slight hill.

The Ripple is powered by a 3,000-watt motor and features an independent suspension, allowing riders to customize the board to current snow conditions. Me? I like my shocks stiff, so every rock I run over in my car feels like I just jumped a curb.

I never even considered the possibility of flat-ground snowboarding like cross-country skiing, yet here we are. Plus, it looks like it requires far less physical effort than cross-country skiing, which is definitely a plus in my book. I mean, there’s a reason the NordicTrack in the corner of my bedroom is basically a dusty clothes rack now.

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Cactus Plunger and Toilet Bowl Brush: Howdy Do, Partner?

Because a wild west themed bathroom is only as good as its plunger and toilet brush set, ALLOBUB is selling this cactus duo on Amazon (affiliate link) to really tie your desert-inspired baño together. I love it. Now I just need a toilet paper holder that looks like a revolver and a sign above it for the OK Corral, and my guest bathroom will be complete.

The cactus plunger and toilet bowl brush are the same size as the commonly used non-cactus version, the plunger features an extendable flange for tough plunging jobs, and the brush’s head can be screwed off and replaced with a new one if the need arises. That’s a nice feature because I do plan on keeping these for life.

I’ve always been more of a seashore-themed bathroom kind of guy, but I must admit the Wild West is a tempting theme. Cowboys, horses, saloons – the possibilities are practically limitless. As far as I can see, the only problem with a Wild West-themed bathroom is convincing my wife it’s a good idea. That sounds like an uphill battle, and possibly straight up.

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Pac-Man Ghosts Of Christmas Past Ugly Christmas Sweater

An officially licensed piece of Bandai Namco merchandise, the Ghosts Of Christmas Past Ugly Christmas Sweater, available from Merchoid, features everybody’s favorite dot-munching giant yellow mouth Pac-Man, as well as ghosts Blinky (red), Pinky (pink), Inky (cyan), and Clyde (orange). They call it an ugly Christmas sweater, but that’s really doing it a disservice because there’s nothing ugly about it. It’s absolute beauty in its purest form.

Available in sizes XS – XXXXL, the woven sweater is 100% acrylic and includes a level in the shape of a Christmas tree, as well as some snowflakes (including Pac-Man eating some on the sleeves), and WAKA WAKA WAKA around the shoulders and elbows. I still can’t get over somebody actually calling this ugly. Do they even have eyes?

Just to be clear, if you wear this to a Christmas party and win the ugly sweater contest it was strictly due to the nostalgia the sweater evokes and not because it’s ugly. Because it’s not. It belongs in a museum right next to the Cross of Coronado that Indiana Jones is always after.

Tiny Snow Globe Inspired Christmas Keycaps: For Typing Your Gift List

The Dwarf Factory Artisanta 2023 Christmas Artisan Keycaps are a set of three keycaps inspired by classic Christmas archetypes. Available in gingerbread man, gingerbread house, and nutcracker varieties, each $49 keycap has a chimney base with a solid resin “snow globe” on top and is sure to bring some holiday cheer to your otherwise cheerless keyboard.

The festive keys are compatible with Cherry MX switches and clones but are not compatible with my laptop keyboard. A shame, although they probably would shatter the screen whenever I closed the computer, so it’s probably for the best. The last thing I want is to have to ask Santa for a new computer because he’s been stingy lately on account of all my bad behavior.

Did I mention the snow accents in each globe are glow-in-the-dark? Because they are! That’s fun, glowing in the dark is always value-add as far as I’m concerned. Especially when it comes to being able to find the toilet in the middle of the night. Note to self: if you see keycaps glowing, you’re in the wrong room, do NOT pee in there.

A Working Gingerbread Instant Camera with a Candy Glass Lens

The brainchild of Polish photographer Dmitri Tcherbadji, this is a Fujifilm instax SQUARE SQ1 camera that he covered with gingerbread and added a lens made out of candy glass. Could he have actually constructed an entire functional camera out of gingerbread? Don’t be ridiculous. Only Santa’s elves have the skill and dexterity to do that.

According to Dmitri, “the images are very soft, lack contrast, and show lots of other distortions. Still, cranking them out of a piece of bread and sugar never ceases to feel exciting (and a little hilarious). There’s certainly room for improvement. I’ve learned a lot building this, and I will be learning more as I attempt to expose a few more packs of film before breaking it into pieces later with friends.”

He’s going to break and eat the camera when he’s done with it! I mean I was hoping he would, but you never know – some people are wasteful. Me? I eat things. The five-second rule? It’s never been a rule to me!

[via PetaPixel via TechEBlog]

Microsoft Released a Windows XP Bliss Wallpaper Christmas Sweater

Inspired by Bliss (originally titled Bucolic Green Hills), the default wallpaper for Windows XP operating systems, Microsoft is selling this Windows Ugly Sweater: Bliss Edition for just $70. The knit soft-wear is constructed of 55% cotton, 45% acrylic, and is 100% eye candy. I can’t believe they’re even calling it ugly; it’s absolutely beautiful.

Am I going to show up for an ugly Christmas sweater party in one? Unfortunately not, because they’ve already sold out of most sizes. They say the early bird gets the worm, and I am by no means an early bird. I am an owl. Just without the wisdom. I do bite Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pops though.

‘Bliss’, captured by photographer Charles O’Rear in the wine country of California in 1996 and purchased by Microsoft in 2000, is thought to be the most viewed photograph in the world, being viewed by billions of people. And now you can own it on a sweater a lot of young people won’t even recognize! They’re missing out though, XP was probably my favorite operating system of all time.

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Artist Crafts Entire McDonald’s Out Of Felt: McPlushies

Felt artist Lucy Sparrow went and constructed an entire McDonald’s restaurant out of felt, complete with a menu board, food items, a drink machine, seating, and wall art. Wow. Would I try to eat the fries? Of course, I’d try to eat the fries; I am a terrible decision-maker, aren’t I?

The McHappiness store was recently on display at the SCOPE Art Show in Miami Beach, Florida, and undoubtedly brought much McHappiness to everyone who got to see it. I only wonder if Lucy’s ice cream machine was out-of-order or not. The last time the ice cream machine at my local McDonald’s wasn’t out-of-order? Late 2018, and I go regularly.

I wonder just how many hours Lucy worked on crafting the store because I imagine it was quite a few. I mean Rome wasn’t built in a day, and this is way crazier than Rome. I mean, at least in my opinion. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a petition to start to make the McRib a permanent menu item.

A hat tip to Rusty of Rusty’s Electric Dreams for the heads up.

Mark Rober Builds World’s Longest Hot Wheels Track

Because records were made to be broken, Mark Rober recently constructed the world’s longest Hot Wheels track in his new CrunchLabs warehouse. The track measures over a half-mile long and utilizes a series of switchbacks and boosters to achieve the record-setting length in a warehouse that isn’t anywhere close to a half-mile long. Me? I would have gone with a long straight track down a steep hill.

How much does a half-mile of Hot Wheels track cost? No clue, but I’d definitely buy the off-brand stuff to save on construction costs. Kind of like when my wife and I had our house built, and I opted for no windows. Is it day or night right now? Beats me, but I’m tired regardless.

Mark filmed the Hot Wheels action with some cool drone flying, which really adds an element of excitement that the otherwise boring track was missing. I mean, not even a single jump or loop-the-loop?! For shame, Mark. For shame.

[via The Awesomer]