Cork Rocket Desk Organizer: This Is Ground Control to Major Tom

Because who doesn’t already spend the majority of their workday daydreaming about outer space, SUCK UK has just made the visualization even easier thanks to this Cork Rocket Desk Organizer. The sustainably sourced rocket is perfect for storing pens and pencils, plus you can pin notes or photos of your loved ones back on earth to the outside.

The rocket stands about 11″ tall and, just like all my desk drawers, I’m going to fill it with candy instead of office supplies. I’m sort of known as the candy guy around the office, and I’m fairly certain my seemingly endless supply of sweets is the only reason I still haven’t been fired. I can’t even remember the last time I actually did some work around here.

Am I slowly going to replace everything in my cubicle with the space memorabilia I’ve collected over the years until the whole thing is entirely space-themed? Absolutely. I mean how many other people do you know who can say they have a rejection letter from Space Camp hanging above their desk?

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Jaws x TUBBZ Rubber Duckies: For A Bloody Good Bathtime

Because bigger boats aren’t just going to need themselves, Numbskull Design is adding four Jaws characters to their TUBBZ line of rubber duckies. You may recall the previously posted Back to the Future rubber duckies. Or you may not, I know firsthand how hard it is to form new memories when your brain is already full of internet memes and TV jingles.

The new Jaws duckies come in four characters: chief of police Martin Brody, oceanographer Matt Hooper, shark hunter Quint, and Bruce the shark. They’re currently available for pre-order, and expected to ship around October. I particularly like how they made eyeglasses for Brody and Hooper, those were a nice touch.

Am I going to buy all four and then reenact the movie in my bathtub? Yes, plus give myself a big bubble beard and pretend I’m Poseidon, god of the sea. My wife will knock on the bathroom door and ask what all the angry splashing is about, and I’ll have no choice but to tell her a raccoon fell through the attic into the tub.

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4-Foot Inflatable Zombie Baby Yard Decoration Is a Real Product That Exists

Because what’s Halloween if not an opportunity for neighbors to question your taste and decency, this is the four-foot-long ‘Halloween Inflatable Outdoor Zombie Baby Blow Up Yard Decoration’ created by GOOSH and available on Amazon (affiliate link). I can already sense my neighborhood’s collective property value plummeting.

The inflatable baby has LEDs inside to illuminate the abomination at night and includes stakes for anchoring, or killing vampires. According to the product description, “Beside Halloween, it can be used as any other holiday decoration. Installed in the courtyard to enjoy Holiday with your family and spreading a happiness atmosphere to your neighborhoods.” Um, are they talking about the same inflatable zombie baby I’m looking at?

Obviously, this is the perfect Halloween yard decoration to encourage parents of would-be trick-or-treaters to pass your house on their way through the neighborhood. “They’re probably just handing out licorice anyways,” I imagine telling my children while hurrying them down the sidewalk.

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Gundam Narikiri RX-78 and Zaku Boxer Briefs and Socks: Roleplay You Say?

The never-ending post-apocalyptic nightmare has started to affect even the supply of gunpla. So what do you do if you can’t get your hands on a Gundam model? Be a Gundam model. Bandai Namco’s silly Narikiri (“roleplay”) line features boxer briefs and socks based on Amuro Ray’s RX-78 Gundam, Char’s MS-06S Zaku, and the mass production MS-06F Zaku from the first Mobile Suit Gundam show.

There are also matching tees for each design, but they’re not as funny as the boxer briefs or as awesome as the socks.

Head to Yoyakunow to protect your beam saber and feet. The boxer briefs cost about $43 (USD) each, while the socks go for about $25 per pair.

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Light-Headed Dinosaur Wooden Desk Lamps

You know what my desk has been missing? A wooden dinosaur lamp. And, okay, something to shim the legs so they’re even and it doesn’t wobble when I type. I suppose you get what you pay for, and I found this desk by the curb of a neighbor’s home on trash day. But enough about my thriftiness. Created by HROOME and available on Amazon (affiliate link), these Dinosaur Lamps add a little prehistoric whimsy to any desk or table. Plus light. I mean they are lamps after all.

Available in two colors (‘black walnut’ and ‘wood’), the 6-watt LED lamps have three light settings (low, medium, high), and posable legs, arms, tail, and head. Am I going to buy two and pose them like they’re locked in battle? No, in my mind my dinosaur desk lamps are friends.

Pretty cute, right? I just added one to my Christmas list, and of all the things I might actually get, I feel like this stands the best chance. I mean even I’ll admit I haven’t really been Porsche 911 Turbo good this year.

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Chibson Placebo Pedal Does Nothing: Air Guitar Essential

Give the guitar nerd in your life the gift of nothing with Chibson USA and Daredevil Pedals’ Placebo Pedal. All of its parts are legit – the knobs, the footswitch, the power indicator light, and the I/O jacks. It’s just that it doesn’t do anything besides give you something to step on.

But the legitimately cool thing about the Placebo Pedal is that you can pay extra to get a DIY PCB kit that will let you turn this useless trinket into an actual fuzz pedal.

Daredevil Pedals sells the Placebo Pedal for $99 (USD), and the pedal plus the DIY PCB kit for $125.

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Giant 12-Foot Tall Pumpkin Headed Vine Skeleton Halloween Decoration

Because what’s Halloween if not an opportunity to one-up all your neighbors with over-the-top decorations, this is the 12-ft Giant-Sized Inferno Pumpkin Skeleton with LifeEyes™ LCD Eyes available from Home Depot for $350. I can already imagine my wife asking what the $350 charge from Home Depot was and me lying and telling her it was for power tools. Matt from two doors down doesn’t stand a chance of out-Halloweening me this year!

The giant pumpkin-headed skeleton includes posable arms, a ribcage filled with a glowing flame effect, a fiery mouth, and LCD animated eyes that look around and stare at people passing by. Am I going to leave mine up year-round? For $350, you better believe I am, and I don’t care what the homeowner’s association has to say about it.

It goes without saying that if you have a 12-foot pumpkin king skeleton in your yard, you better be handing out full-size candy bars. Because I think we can all agree having a 12-foot Halloween decoration on your lawn but handing out candy corn or licorice is a recipe for getting your house toilet papered.

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Soul of Animal GX Go Kitten Super Robot Action Figure: Sweded Voltron

Taiwanese toy shop Bid Toys won toymaker of the year in my books with its Soul of Animal GX Go Kitten, a parody of the OG Voltron that replaces the Lion Force with cats and boxes. As an olive branch to competitors, the action figure can’t disassemble into separate cats and boxes. Otherwise, all other toymakers would’ve had to shut down and think about what they’re even doing with their lives.

The 7″-tall action figure has articulated arms and wings, and its head can also be twisted to reveal a henohenomoheji.

Those feet cats have to be named 2020 and 2021. You can pre-order the Soul of Animal GX GOo Kitten from BigBadToyStore for $80 (USD). Curiously, the online store mentions that this figure is “[p]art of the Soul of Animal line.” What’s next? A crocodile Mazinger Z? A fennec fox Getter Robo? The possibilities are, well, they’re not endless, but they’re fun to think about.


The EXO Giga Bike is a Custom PC in a Bicycle: BMX On

If you’re a PC enthusiast, you might have noticed that boutique manufacturers are actually making open-air chassis that are not meant to be test benches, but for showcase builds. Well, how’s this for an open-air chassis? Russian-based shop Yolenzo worked with Red Bull, Intel, and Gigabyte to create the Exo Giga Bike, a rocker bicycle that’s equipped with serious gaming horsepower.

It’s a bit sad that most of us can’t even get our hands on any current-gen GPU, yet these guys slapped one on a bike. But the project’s cool factor does soothe the sting. The Exo has an Intel Core i5 11600K CPU, an RTX 3070, 32GB of RAM, 2TB NVME SSD, and a Z590 motherboard.

Here’s the Exo in action… as a bike:

Open-air, small form factor, portable. What more could you want?

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Hobbit Hole Inspired Children’s Playhouse

Hobbit Holes: everybody wants to live in one. That, or an Ewok village treehouse. And while building your own Hobbit hole home might be out of the question right now on account of adult responsibilities, maybe you can live vicariously through your children with this $1,000 Discovery Nature Play Hideaway from Plum. I can already imagine myself trying to contort my body into it when I think the neighbors aren’t looking.

Not to be confused with these previously seen Hobbit Holes, the playhouse measures 78″ long, 51″ wide, and x 49″ tall when assembled, and has it all: a fabric door covering, wooden letterbox, a curved roof with artificial turf (and liner for adding real turf), screen window that can be painted, a functional bamboo gutter system and planter, exterior arts & crafts/prep table, and bamboo wind chime, making the whole thing significantly nicer than my apartment.

Pretty cool, right? Unfortunately, like so many things designed for children, it’s a shame they don’t make an adult-size version as well. I mean this thing is legitimately Hobbit-sized. Because Hobbits are small. Smurfs too, but they’re even smaller. This would be like a mansion to Smurfs, but a lot of lower back pain and a trip to the chiropractor for me.

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