Razer Kraken Kitty Headphones are Cool for Cats

Razer is best known for its bold and highly stylized computers and computer accessories. The vast majority of them are done up in black, with accents of neon green, and maybe some color-changing LEDs. But Razer also makes one product that stands out from the rest, and they’re pink headphones that look like cat ears.

Razer Kraken Kitty headphones let gamers show off their love for cats while blasting their opponents with laser cannons. Like other Razer products, these ones do offer the latest and greatest in technology, rocking THX 7.1 spatial surround sound, a chat microphone with active noise cancelling, and Chroma RGB lighting, which can be synced up with other peripherals. They just make you look like a kitty cat. And if pink isn’t quite your style, they make them in classic Razer black.

So if you’re a crazy cat lady (or crazy cat guy), you can get either colors of the Razer Kraken Kitty headphones from Amazon for $149.99.

Building Brick Waffle Maker: LEGGO My LEGO

Of the many things I’ve enjoyed in my life, LEGO bricks and belgian waffles are pretty high on the list. So I was pretty stoked when I saw this waffle maker that lets you combine these two passions of mine into one.

The Building Brick Waffle Maker works just like any other waffle iron, except this one cranks out stackable blocks that you can build things with. It makes three different sizes of building bricks: 1×1, 1×2, and 1×4, and they have cutouts on their bottoms so they interlock just like LEGO.

You can make all kinds of edible sculptures with your waffle bricks, from small waffle houses, to giant waffle mansions. Your only constraint is your imagination – and your bowl of batter. Of course, I prefer to eat my waffles while they’re piping hot, so I don’t know if I’d get very far before I started to dig into my constructions.

The guys behind the project are making matching plates which serve as a base for stacking waffle bricks, and also have a couple of little side trays for dipping syrup or butter. While they’re not essential for building, they make a nice accessory.

You can pre-order the Building Brick Waffle Maker over on Kickstarter now. They’ve already met their funding goal, so that’s great news. Prices start at just $50 for the waffle iron itself, and start at $75 for a bundle with two baseplates for building. They hope to start shipping as soon as August 2020.

Serve Your Spaghetti with Some Pasta Monsters

A few years back, we came across a pasta strainer inspired by the famed Flying Spaghetti Monster. Now you can turn any bowl of noodles into a pasta monster with this pair of serving utensils that look like a couple of googly alien eyeballs.

Made by Animi Causa, these Pasta Monster serving spoons actually will turn any food you serve into a monster, but they look best sitting in a big bowl of spaghetti or linguine. The pair includes one noodle-draining spoon, and one regular spoon, so I suppose you could use them individually to make some kind of serving cyclops.

They’re made of BPA-free, dishwasher safe plastic, and are guaranteed to give your guests a laugh when you put your serving bowl down on the dining table. You can grab the Pasta Monsters set over at Animi Causa for just $19.99.

Japan Has a Coronavirus Quarantine Mascot, and He’s as Adorable as You’d Think

Despite some early worries, Japan has so far managed to keep the COVID-19 outbreak relatively well contained in their country. It certainly could spike, but I’m hopeful that their efforts to reduce social interaction, and to quarantine people with the virus have paid off. To help reinforce their message, the country now has a quarantine mascot, and his name is Quaran.

FORTH, Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare created the mascot to help remind people that they need to follow quarantine rules, and to promote awareness of their Quarantine Information Office. The adorable yellow egg with wings and a cat tail wears protective goggles and carries a triangular shield as symbols of his protective work. Naturally, he wears a “Q” on his head as a reminder of his name.

The mascot was actually created before the novel coronavirus outbreak took the world by storm, but now Quaran is working overtime to get the message out to people as a reminder to avoid crowds and practice social distancing whenever possible.

[via TimeOut Tokyo] (Thanks Francesco!)

Godzilla Humidifier Improves Your Air with Monster Breath

Whether you have the heat cranked up during cold weather, or live in the desert or mountains, extremely dry air can be quite hard on your system. The best thing you can do besides gulping down buckets of water is to get yourself a good humidifier. And if you’re going to have to put a humidifier on your shelf or tabletop, it might as well look like Godzilla.

The King of the Humidifiers offers up a delightful mist to help improve moisture, and does it with style. Turn Godzilla on, and his theme music plays. His mouth also lights up to create a heat ray effect, which I assumed to be a cold ray since it’s blue. The desktop Kaiju will also alert you when his water tank is empty by making footstep sounds. Check him out in action in the video below:

All this Godzilla humidifying goodness can be yours for about $78 over on Amazon. I was able to find the same thing over on Ehobby Taiwan for just $1,899 Taiwan dollars, or about 62 bucks, though you’ll have to learn to speak Chinese if you want to buy one there.

[via Geekologie]

Zombie Toilet Paper Holder Wants Butts Not Brains

With all the craziness about COVID-19 going on, there’s been a major run on toilet paper. Now why everyone has made wiping their bottoms one of their top priorities during the virus pandemic, who knows? I’d think maybe food and water might take priority, but that’s just me. Now that you’re fully stocked with TP for your bunghole, you need a proper place to put it. I’m thinking this zombie toilet paper holder should do great.

Whether what we are experiencing is the beginning of the zombie apocalypse, or just a nasty flu-like bug, your guests will enjoy this creepy roll holder while they sit on your toilet contemplating the world. It’s nice and creepy, and looks especially gory if you don’t mind splashing some red food coloring on your bathroom walls.

The Zombie Bathroom Break toilet paper holder is available from Design Toscano for $39.95, who reminds us that bath tissue is not included, so you’ll have to dig into your survivalist cache to fill this thing.

This 10-Foot-High Metal Hulk Is Ready to Smash Somebody’s Bank Account

One of the best parts of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Avengers has got to be Mark Ruffalo as Hulk. He’s my favorite actor in the role, and does a great job doing the whole Jekyll and Hyde routine as the bounces between mild-mannered doctor and angry green monster. I also love how the CGI artists have managed to capture Ruffalo’s face and expressions in Hulk form. While this sculpture of The Hulk isn’t exactly screen accurate, it’s still pretty amazing.

The guys at Thailand’s Kreatworks assembled this enormous sculpture of our favorite good guy with a temper from recycled car parts all kinds of other junk metal bits. I see some shock absorbers there in his biceps, and some brake drums in his legs. What parts do you spy? Could we rebuild him into a car? Metal Hulk measures in at an impressive 3.3 meters tall – or just over 10 feet for those of us still using those antiquated Imperial measurements.

This not-so-jolly green giant is priced at $17,000, which is roughly the same as the base price of a brand new Kia Soul. So it’s up to you: Hulk or Hamstermobile? Tough decision. Sadly, it looks like Kreatworks won’t ship something this big to the US, so you might just have to go with the compact crossover. Or maybe wait for it to turn back into Bruce Banner, and then have him shipped.

This Minecraft Creeper Lamp Shouldn’t Explode When You Turn It On

If there’s one thing Minecraft fans can rely on, it’s those green and block Creepers, and their ability to blow up at the most inopportune moments. Well, now you can keep a Creeper right on your desktop to keep an eye on it, and I’m pretty sure it won’t blow up the place. I think.

You know how they say to keep your friends close and your enemies closer? This is one of those times. This little LED accent lamp runs on a couple of AAA batteries, and switches on and off with a tap on its head. It also makes that sSSSsss BOOM! sound when you switch it on. It’s made from bio-degradable plastic, which is eco-friendly, but won’t produce gunpowder no matter how hard you try.

You can grab the Minecraft Creeper Lamp over at Firebox for just $19.99. Buy a few, and you can create a whole mob of them.

Termitat is an Ant Farm for Termites

If you live in a house constructed with a wood frame or wooden siding, this is the last thing you ever want to buy. But if your dwelling is made from brick, concrete, stone, metal, or glass, read on…

Do you want to see what termites can do to a piece of wood? With the Termitat, you can grow your very own termite community, and observe the destructive little buggers as they chew through a slice of wood. They’re like Sea Monkeys, but with wood instead of water!

This see-through container comes pre-loaded with a hunk of wood, and an already-installed Pacific Dampwood termite community. Simply give them a weekly dribble of water, and the wood-eaters will gradually bore their way for all to enjoy. The makers of the Termitat claim the acrylic desktop habitat is “escape-proof,” so theoretically wood structures will be safe from a termite invasion, but I’d rather not take the risk.

Still, the Termitat is a cool desktop novelty for those interested in insect behavior, or science in general. If you’re ready to raise your very own termite community, prices range from $125 to $150. Once your community runs out of wood – in about 2 to 3 years, you can send it back to Termitat, and they’ll rejuvenate the environment for another $75.

[via r/shutupandtakemymoney]

KFC Teams up with Crocs to Make the Weirdest Shoes Ever

KFC’s marketing folks have some really strange ideas. Over the years, they’ve made chicken-scented fireplace logs, gravy-scented candles, and a Colonel Sanders bearskin rug. They’re either insane or just mad geniuses, because they’ve got me talking about their brand yet again.

Now, the home of fried chicken is collaborating with casual footwear maker Crocs to produce a pair of KFC-themed shoes.

The KFC Crocs are dressed up to look like the fast food chain’s iconic red-and-white-striped buckets and boxes, with their uppers printed with photorealistic fried chicken. To top it all off, they come with with a pair of charms which look like tiny drumsticks, and actually smell the part. I guess that’s one way to cover up foot odor – with fried chicken. If you don’t want your feet to smell like the Colonel’s original recipe, you can always remove the charms.

To top things off, the company released this totally bonkers promotional video, in which Korean fashion artist MLMA cooked up a pair of one-off chicken shoes with raised platform soles.

If you want a pair of KFC Crocs for some strange reason, you can sign up on the Crocs website to be notified when they’re available. They’re expected this Spring for about $60.

[via Business Insider]