Artist Crafts Entire McDonald’s Out Of Felt: McPlushies

Felt artist Lucy Sparrow went and constructed an entire McDonald’s restaurant out of felt, complete with a menu board, food items, a drink machine, seating, and wall art. Wow. Would I try to eat the fries? Of course, I’d try to eat the fries; I am a terrible decision-maker, aren’t I?

The McHappiness store was recently on display at the SCOPE Art Show in Miami Beach, Florida, and undoubtedly brought much McHappiness to everyone who got to see it. I only wonder if Lucy’s ice cream machine was out-of-order or not. The last time the ice cream machine at my local McDonald’s wasn’t out-of-order? Late 2018, and I go regularly.

I wonder just how many hours Lucy worked on crafting the store because I imagine it was quite a few. I mean Rome wasn’t built in a day, and this is way crazier than Rome. I mean, at least in my opinion. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a petition to start to make the McRib a permanent menu item.

A hat tip to Rusty of Rusty’s Electric Dreams for the heads up.

Mark Rober Builds World’s Longest Hot Wheels Track

Because records were made to be broken, Mark Rober recently constructed the world’s longest Hot Wheels track in his new CrunchLabs warehouse. The track measures over a half-mile long and utilizes a series of switchbacks and boosters to achieve the record-setting length in a warehouse that isn’t anywhere close to a half-mile long. Me? I would have gone with a long straight track down a steep hill.

How much does a half-mile of Hot Wheels track cost? No clue, but I’d definitely buy the off-brand stuff to save on construction costs. Kind of like when my wife and I had our house built, and I opted for no windows. Is it day or night right now? Beats me, but I’m tired regardless.

Mark filmed the Hot Wheels action with some cool drone flying, which really adds an element of excitement that the otherwise boring track was missing. I mean, not even a single jump or loop-the-loop?! For shame, Mark. For shame.

[via The Awesomer]

Human Thumb Thumbtacks

Continuing on the realistic human body parts theme from yesterday’s toenail eyeballs come these realistic thumb thumbtacks, made and sold by Etsy store ThisisMichiesshop. A set of four tacks will set you back $17 and are going to make the perfect addition to my corkboard. Now, if I could just rehang my corkboard with some toe-nails, the theme would be complete.

Obviously, these are the perfect thumbtacks for two bumbling detectives in some television dramedy to use as they try to track down a serial killer. The show practically writes itself. Especially if you use AI, then it really does write itself. As a matter of fact, AI is writing this article right now and may have just become self-aware.

Thankfully, the thumbtacks are sculpted from polymer clay and not actual thumbs. Although it probably wouldn’t hurt to tail Michie and make sure she isn’t making any late-night trips to the graveyard just to be sure. They look awfully real to me.

[via DudeIWantThat]

Realistic Eyeball Toenail Art: Toeballs

Because this is the internet and the internet is full of unholy abominations, nail artist Tahvya of Nailedbytav created this realistic eyeball toenail art. I don’t know about you, but that’s probably the last thing I’d want to see when taking my wife’s socks off. Although, knowing her, she’ll probably get them anyways just to scare me. And that will be the last time I ever take off her socks when she asks.

Tav painted each nail by hand and says the whole ten-toeball pedicure took about three hours. I only hope a telemarketer called during that time, and Tav told them she can’t talk now; she’s painting eyeballs on toenails. Because in my mind, that happened, and it was glorious.

So was this part of an elaborate Halloween costume or what? I hope so, but it looks like Tav posted the toe eyeballs in May, so I don’t think that’s the case. And I don’t know about you, but the thought of somebody walking around in sandals with toeballs in May instead of October gives me the heebie-jeebies.

Enso Silicone Space Rings: Celestial Digits

Enso makes a line of celestial themed rings printed with cool space patterns like the phases of the moon, a solar eclipse, and what I assume are some sort of alien glyphs. Maybe if we can decipher them, we’ll discover the secrets of interstellar travel! They’re made from comfortable silicone, so you don’t feel like the ring is suffocating your finger like a traditional wedding band (maybe I’m just projecting),

The rings are available in whole sizes 3 to 14 and, just like all Enso silicone products, come with a lifetime guarantee. So if you somehow do manage to destroy your ring, they’ll replace it. And, God willing, you’ll learn not to do whatever it was you were doing when you destroyed it in the first place because it’s probably dangerous. I just hope you still have your finger.

I actually bought a silicone wedding band to wear whenever I’m exercising or working in the garage, which is still in the package it came in because I haven’t been to the gym, and I don’t have a garage. I’m prepared, though; that’s the important thing.

[via The Awesomer]

Santa Frozen in Carbonite Christmas Tree Ornament: Brought to You by Jabba the Humbug

Because no holiday decorating is complete without a casual Star Wars theme, Tree Buddees has created this Santa Frozen in Carbonite Christmas tree ornament (affiliate link). The ornament features everyone’s favorite jolly gift-bringer frozen and on display, presumably to be admired by Jabba the Humbug in his palace.

The ornament measures 3.5″ x 2″, making it “the perfect size for any Christmas Tree.” So if you were wondering what Charlie Brown’s tree was missing, it was this ornament. I wonder how many people out there have trees decorated with ONLY Star Wars ornaments? My guess is more than you’d think.

Is Mrs. Claus going to stage a rescue operation to free Santa and ensure Christmas isn’t ruined for all the kids this year? I sure hope so, and not just because I have a Porsche 911 GT3 on the top of my list, and I was actually good this year. Okay, I was fair. Fair to poor. I was awful, as usual.

[via DudeIWantThat]

The Krapp Strapp: Pooping in the Woods Made Easy

Because nature calls, the Krapp Strapp is a device that attaches to a tree (or tow hitch) so you can lean back and poop in the woods with ease. No more hugging trees or falling over trying to squat. The strap features a padded backrest for leaning against, as well as side pocket storage for toilet paper or some casual reading material to peruse while taking care of your business.

Personally, I’ve never had any trouble going to the bathroom in the woods because I’m the outdoorsy type. Sure, I’ve accidentally wiped with poison ivy on more than one occasion, but that’s what our ancestors did, too, provided our ancestors spent the rest of their camping trip lying face-down in a tent wishing the world would just end already.

Hey, whatever makes pooping easier. Just look at how many people bought that Squatty Potty footstool. Now I’m not sure who needs to read this, but the Krapp Strapp is for outdoor use only and should NOT be attached to a towel bar so you can poop in the shower. Don’t do it.

[via SadAndUseless]

TinyTV Miniature Video Displays

TinyTV 2 and TinyTV Mini are miniature video displays in the form of old CRT televisions. Currently, an already heavily funded Kickstarter project, prices start at $49 and go up from there depending on the style and color of the television case and the inclusion of an equally tiny remote control. Obviously, I might just be receiving that World’s Best Uncle award sooner than I thought if I get one of these for my niece’s dollhouse.

The TinyTV 2 (the larger of the two tiny models) features a 216×135 pixel display, functional rotary knobs on the front for adjusting volume and changing the channel (next video file), a forward-facing speaker, 8GB storage (~10 hours of video) and a Li-polymer battery with about 2 hours of power. The TinyTV Mini features a 64×64 pixel OLED display, volume and channel buttons on top, an internal speaker, 8GB storage (~40 hours of video at this resolution), and a Li-polymer battery with about 1 hour of power. Both can easily have video footage uploaded, and their batteries recharged via USB-C cable, as well as be operated using an IR remote.

Most people want as large a TV as they can fit in front of the sofa, so it’s refreshing to see ultra-miniature televisions for a change. Plus, they’re much more budget-friendly. Sure I’ll likely miss a lot of the finer details watching House of the Dragon, but those dragons would probably scare me on the big screen anyways.

Man Installs ‘Eject Passenger’ Button Garage Door Opener in Car

Because who hasn’t dreamed of having a James Bond-style ejector seat in their vehicle to quickly remove a passenger during an uncomfortable conversation, YouTuber Scott Prints installed a passenger ejector seat button in his vehicle. Of course, it’s not actually an ejector seat button; it’s a garage door opener. Despite that, I still want one.

The button fits in the loose change compartment of the car’s center console and features the guts of a garage door opener inside a 3D-printed case, with a milled aluminum top plate and red button. He should make an upgrade, so the button lights up and flashes when you reach a certain speed. Sorry, but it’s time for you to go!

Sure, it’s just a novelty garage door opener, but is that going to stop me from laughing maniacally and telling my passenger I’ve got them right where I want them before pointing at the red button? It is not. “Say hello to the sun for me!” I imagine joking before accidentally running over a parking curb because I thought the car was in reverse.

[via Hackaday]

NASA Astronaut Space Suit Can Koozie

Because there are few things more enjoyable in life than sipping a cold one and playing space rangers, maker of outerwear-inspired koozies Puffin Drinkwear is selling this insulated Space Suit koozie. The can cover fits standard 12- and 16-ounce cans and includes a tiny closable backpack for storing other goodies like… actually, I’m not sure what. Glitterstim? Freeze-dried ice cream?

This is easily one of the top five koozies I’ve ever seen, and I will be buying one. Or rather, I’ll be putting it on my Christmas list and purchasing one myself after everybody lets me down like they have every other year. My family always asks what I want, I show them my list, and I still get a yearly membership to the Jelly of the Month Club instead.

Do you think this is what the real astronauts aboard the International Space Station drink out of? Of course not. They drink out of pouches, just like kangaroos would if they were smarter. There’s a good reason kangaroos haven’t been to the moon, you know. Granted, I don’t know what it is, but there definitely is one.

[via The Awesomer]