Walking aid for the elderly comes with a box for carrying their furry friends

Humans seem to be wired to be social animals, and that is sometimes a difficult problem for certain people. Loneliness affects everyone, but the pain can become more acute for people who are more advanced in age and who find it hard to develop new relationships because of limits to their mobility. Pets have become a solution for some of the elderly folk, but that, too, comes with its own puzzles to solve. People advanced in age are often advised to still go outside as long as they are able to, but they are hesitant to leave their furry friends at home as well. Solving multiple related problems can be a daunting task, but this walker concept pulls it off in a way that is both simple and effective.

Designer: Feng Chang

There are definitely plenty of walking aid designs, some even serving multiple functions. Some are just a step above crutches that you have to lift to move forward, while others come with wheels that increase mobility at the expense of some stability. Some come with small seats for the user, and others have baskets to hold their things. This particular walker concept combines some of these to present a more agile yet safe aid that has room for your pet when you go out.

The most conspicuous part of this walker is the large box that serves as your pet’s mobile home. You can simply slide the door on top to let the little furry friend in or out, or you can keep it close so that they don’t jump out suddenly. Of course, there are vents that allow the pet to breathe easily while comfortably confined in there.

The walking aid itself has a few aspects that help it rise about common designs. The handle, for example, travels in almost all directions, giving the user the freedom to grip it any way they prefer. There’s a brake button underneath the handlebar that will prevent the user from falling over or sliding. The front wheels also have LED lights above them that can be recharged via a USB-C slot on the opposite side, offering additional safety, especially in darker areas.

This walking aid concept hits two birds with one well-designed stone to help make elderly lives a bit more enjoyable and meaningful. It offers a convenient way for them to bring their beloved pets with them for a walk while also providing mobility and safety for themselves. And while the walker is primarily designed for very old people, anyone with limited mobility and a small pet can still benefit from this idea, at least if it ever becomes a real product.

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This self-driving wheelchair has detachable walker to empower the user to walk with ease

Age is only a number until your body begins to show signs of aging. When knees begin to wear down, the simplest of tasks – you took for granted – steadily develop into an everyday challenge and then age suddenly becomes a significant number.

Life at this point leans toward dependence which none of us have wanted to experience. To facilitate individuals in considering mobility lesser of a challenge, we have seen tech-enabled walkers, canes, and electric wheelchairs in our time; however, combining the ability of all in a cohesive device, Cobi makes a sublime appearance.

Designer: Hyeon Park, Haeun Jung, Hyuntae Kim, Sookyoung Ahn

Cobi, a means of personal mobility for seniors, is designed one, to positively impact an aged person’s attitude toward life, two, to change the society’s outlook toward aged population which is considered a liability especially when free mobility becomes a task for them.

With something like the matte finished Cobi, the aged generation will lead a better, less dependent, mobile life; it’s a given! To earn such credibility, the accessory is meticulously created in two individual parts: a walker and a mobility device, that combine to form one state-of-the-art wheelchair. Even more exciting; Cobi runs without human intervention.

With its autonomous mobility and onboard button for instant breaking, Cobi is one convenient way for mobility challenged to get from point A to B without external assistance. To ensure a glitch-free ride, Cobi uses laser projection to navigate around obstacles. Provided with a cushioned seat and low backrest, the mobility device has a hide-away footrest that sticks out allowing the rider to rest their feet through transit. For additional convenience, the mobility detaches from the walker at the destination, facilitating the user to head to the areas where the ride cannot go, simply by using the walker as the assistant.

The height adjustable walker has a rubber handle that’s convenient to grip and it has a built-in flashlight to guide the user through dark environments. While the senior person is using the walker, the self-driving Cobi returns to its charging station so the person can avail the ride once it’s back in power and ready to go.

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A giant blue slide sits in the middle of this modern family home!

Who said slides were only for kids? Reflect Architecture answered the calls of all us adults who still love the thrill of going down a slide and no longer have to be embarrassed about it. The team renovated a house for a young family living in Toronto, Canada, by brightening its otherwise minimal interiors with a pale blue slide that runs in the center of the structure. It is a skill to have a slide in a family home without taking away from the grown-up aesthetic. This is the only way I would like to leave the home for work or come down for breakfast!

The renovated house is named Walker and the updated layout aimed to create lighter, open spaces that better serve the family’s lifestyle while pro more bonding and playtime. At the heart of the house is the children’s twisting blue slide which connects the basement level to the ground floor. It was included to liven-up the lower-level, bring in natural light to the space, and make it “not basement like”. The parents are entrepreneurs in the health and wellness space so it was important to have a feature in the house that encouraged better mental and physical health, therefore elements were picked to integrate play in their lives. “When I got the initial design brief, they noted wanting to keep the second floor as a separate unit to rent out and hence we combined the basement level with the lower level to create a single-dwelling for the family,” said the team.

The now brightened-up basement is where three children’s bedrooms are located with three bathrooms and a guest bedroom. The ground floor is where the couple gets their space with the master bedroom and ensuite. Common areas like the study kitchen, dining, and entertainment zone are also on the ground floor. The two floors are also connected via a folding wooden staircase next to the slide. This staircase is lined with a perforated-metal balustrade and lit by night lights integrated into the ceiling so nobody has to crawl up a slide – something we have all learned is basically a kid’s version of mission impossible. Windows were expanded and sliding doors were added to open up the house some more. The street-facing side of the lower level features metal panels, wooden louvers, and dark wood cladding that has been treated using the Japanese technique of ‘shou sugi ban’. Walker’s interiors showcase a simple and minimal material palette of light wooden textures, marble countertops, white walls with pops of color in cabinets, and of course the slide. The client wanted a “calming canvas to live their life on” and Reflect Architecture delivered!

Designer: Reflect Architecture

Transforming toys that grow with your children!

Designed to guide your child through their formative years of physical development and acquiring of motor skills, the Luma Rock & Roller is a fun, innovative toy that transforms from a rocker, to a walker, and then to a roller. At its base lies its ingenious wheel-flipping mechanism that, with a simple flip-and-fasten, allows the Rock & Roller from being a rocking-horse to a toy with wheels.

As children grow, they require new toys to match their level of learning and playing. The Rock & Roller, rather than being a toy that gets discarded after a year, grows right with the children, adapting to their needs. Designed to be played with from ages 9 months to 4 years, the Luma Rock & Roller serves first as a rocking-toy, entertaining children with its rocking motion but also developing them with balancing skills and an understanding of center-of-gravity. Once the child nears the age where they begin walking, the Rock & Roller’s rocking base flips 180° and the toy turns into a walker, allowing them to sit on the Rock & Roller and walk around aided by the wheels at the base. As the child grows in height, the Rock & Roller goes from being a walker, to being a roller-cart, allowing them to push their toys or siblings around, via a handle at the back.

Designer Dzuy Linh created the Luma Rock & Roller specifically to be the long-lasting tech-free toy that acts as a child’s foundation for learning and growing. The Rock & Roller is, for that reason, designed to be durable, and last long, but at the same time also be eco-friendly, and as its designer Dzuy Linh points out, it has the minimum use of plastic in its construction. The Rock & Roller is built meticulously in Los Angeles, California. Fashioned from all-natural Baltic Birchwood, the individual pieces are CNC machined and then sanded, finished, and assembled by hand. The wheels are adjustable to roll faster or slower, depending on the child’s (and parent’s) needs, and have a durometer rating of 89a, much like the wheels you’d find on most good skateboards. The Rock & Roller was specifically designed to be a playful toy that is, at its heart, durable and natural. Not using any plastic in the construction of the Rock & Roller’s body, Linh’s focus is on building a toy that will last a child for as long as it wants, and even skip into the next generation (like good furniture), but should you choose to discard it, the Rock & Roller will have no negative impact on the environment.

Designed to go from a toy the child plays on, to the toy a child plays with, the Luma Rock & Roller rocks, rolls, and transports. Aside from the seat on the top, the Rock & Roller even comes with a lower shelf that stores toys, functioning as both a pushcart when in motion, or a shelf when stationary!

Designer: Dzuy Linh of Luma

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The Rock & Roller is the most brilliant 3-in-1 rocker for kids! The eco-friendly rocker, walker, and roller converts between rocker and roller in seconds.

Designed for 9 months to 4 year olds, it first starts out as a rocker to help develop gross motor and balancing skills. As the child starts walking, it becomes a push walker to help with steady, evenly paced steps. After walking has been mastered, it becomes a ride-on roller car to sit on and push – either by someone else or with their own legs.

The Rock & Roller is designed to quickly and easily switch back and forth between roller and rocker mode. Unscrew the locks, flip it over, and lock it back into place. It uses a locking screw on both sides for additional safety and avoids any accidental unlocking. The design is patent-pending.

Their all-natural hardwood baltic birch is as good as it gets. It provides incredible strength and durability and critically important to them, it’s not plastic. The wheels are adjustable to roll faster or slower, depending on the child’s needs. They feature ball bearing hubs with a wheel durometer rating of 89a for a long-lasting, sturdy ride.

Has a built-in shelf to store and transport their favorite toys as well!

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Ubtech’s Walker Robot Butler Gets Arms

Ubtech is once again trotting out its Walker bipedal robot. Pun intended. But this time out, the previously limbless robot has a pair of arms so that it can grab and pass objects to you, like a proper robot servant. The robot stands at 4.75 feet tall, so you can hug it if you want too.

This updated Walker also has improved self-balancing which is a good thing because it got a weight bump from 82 pounds up to 170 pounds. You don’t want this guy falling on you and breaking your frail human body. It uses 36 actuators to handle complex terrain and external impacts and has sensors to help stabilize itself as it walks smoothly. Walker uses Ubtech’s Simultaneous Localization and Mapping technology to plan paths as it avoids obstacles. The robot also has facial recognition tech on board. It sounds like this is a big step up from the previous version.

There’s info yet on how much this robot will cost or a date when we can expect it, but we also hear that the company’s Cruzr service robot also got an upgrade, with better performance, connectivity, and maneuverability. The new and updated Cruzr will be available worldwide for the first time this year. You can check out both robots at CES if you are attending.

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