Despicable Bricks: Teen Builds 24,000 Brick LEGO Minion

You might remember Evan Bacon from such LEGO masterpieces as his Superman, Batman and Iron Man. Now he has set his sights on the Minions from the Despicable Me movies.
lego minion 3 Evan made this awesome model all by himself. No help from Minions here. All together it has about 24,000 bricks and weighs about 120 pounds. It was built live at the Rooster Teeth convention in Austin, TX and is a tribute to Despicable Me 2.

lego minion 5

lego minion 6

I’ll tell you what’s not despicable. This guy’s talent. Now that he has a Minion, who knows what he can accomplish. OneMminion always leads to another. And another. And another. Soon Evan will be building armies of cool LEGO creations with their help.

lego minion 4

Kid Builds Life-Size LEGO Captain Kirk, Should Be Called “Captain Brick”

If you’ve been following Technabob for a while, you might recall Evan Bacon, the teenager who’s built a number of epic LEGO models of superheroes. The 15-year-old has recently expanded his collection of life-size characters, adding Captain James Tiberius Kirk to the mix.

kirk lego 1

Evan modeled LEGO Kirk after William Shatner’s original character, using over 18,000 individual bricks (glued together to make sure it doesn’t come apart.) While it measures nearly six-feet tall, it weighs just 90 pounds, which dare I say is much less than Shatner ever did as an adult, even when he was in good enough shape to fight the Gorn.

kirk lego 2

Evan showed off Kirk at this year’s Comicpalooza in Houston, TX. So what’s next for young Evan? He’s currently working on a life-size Wonder Woman, which he plans on bringing to the RTX Convention this July in Austin. If you happen to be in the area, you should check it out.

You’ve got to wonder what Evan’s room looks like at home. Is it filled with these creations? Do they sit at the dinner table? Is he building his own LEGO army?