This Skull-Shaped Toilet Wants You to Sit on Its Head

When is a toilet not just a toilet? When it’s the best toilet ever! An eagle-eyed shopper spotted this skull-shaped toilet at a hardware store somewhere in Europe, and now I must have one for my bathroom. Only I need it in time for Halloween, so I’m not sure that’s going to happen. But where can one buy a skull toilet? Well, upon further investigation, it looks like this is sold by a French company called WaterThrone, and it’s not just a skull toilet, but it’s also a Bluetooth speaker and has light-up eyes! SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

The WaterThrone is available in other colors, like gold, black, and grey, along with custom colors, but I think the original off-white is the best since, um, our bones are that color. At least I think mine are, but I haven’t been able to check. The product listing doesn’t say how much it costs to sit on this head, but it does let us know that it can support up to 400 kilograms or 881.85 pounds, so that’s good news.

Beauty Is in the Eye(s) of this Beholder Cake

There are some pretty creepy monsters in the world of Dungeons & Dragons, but I think the Beholder is the one that gets me the most. Between its lumpy body, big cyclops eye, pointy teeth, and eyeball tentacles, it’s definitely nightmare fuel. You wanna know one way to defeat a Beholder? Slice it up and stuff it in your belly! That’s finally an option now that the Beholder is in cake form.

Natalie of Sideserf Cake Studio makes some pretty amazing pastries, and this one is no exception. This edible sphere of many eyes is filled with all kinds of magic, including a moist yellow cake spell and a sugary green buttercream spell. She wrapped the cake in colored modeling chocolate and then sculpted all of the details from the pliable and edible material. She made the eyestalks out of food-safe wire and covered them with modeling chocolate too. After that, she got to work painting the blobby, hovering monster with food coloring. To finish the look, she added wet and shiny bits using clear piping gel.

Natalie made the cake for one of her Patreon supporters who loves to play D&D with her husband. You can check out how she created this creepy and sweet treat in the video below:

That part when sculpted and painted the insides of the creature’s mouth before putting in its teeth was particularly gnarly. Also, I would want to eat those teeth one at a time as a snack because I’m the kind of guy who bites the head off the chocolate bunny candies at easter.

[via Born in Space]

Artist Gives Us a Real Woody (from Toy Story)

With reboots of The Lion King, Aladdin, and Mulan, Disney seems to be on quite the live-action remake kick of late. While some of these movies have been okay, I prefer to leave these Disney classics in the animated world where they belong. Now that I’ve seen this realistic looking figure of Woody from Toy Story, I’m afraid that Disney/Pixar might get some crazy idea of a live-action Toy Story reboot too. I’m begging them to just say no.

This incredibly detailed sculpt was created by the talented figure maker @jeno_figure. He did a fantastic job turning Tom Hanks’ iconic CGI character into a realistic looking person, retaining Woody’s upbeat expression, and reinterpreting his cowboy outfit onto a body with more human proportions. From the cowhide vest to the yellow and red shirt, to the cow skull belt buckle, Jeno truly nailed the design. It also looks like he created another alternative head with a more serious expression, as you can see in his original tweet:

Incredible work, Jeno! Now can we please have realistic versions of Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, and those three-eyed aliens?

[via Reddit via Mike Shouts]

smART Pixelator Turns Your Images Into Pixel Art Templates

I have a very soft spot in my heart for pixel art, having grown up in the 1980s with rudimentary 8-bit and 16-bit video games dominating my formative years. So I really love anything that encourages the creation of pixel-based designs. The smART Pixelator does just that – letting you easily turn any image into a real life pixel art creation.

Working in concert with a mobile app, this battery-powered toy takes photos from your smartphone, and converts them into color images on its built in RGB LED matrix. This serves as a template onto which you can place colored pegs, sequins, or beads. Once your design is complete, you can remove the tray and frame your artwork. It’s basically like a modern day Lite Brite, except you can actually keep your completed designs.

If you use pixel beads, you can extract your images from the Pixelator and gently iron them through a special sheet to melt them into a permanent pixel art creation. As is shown in the video below, you can even create larger images which take up more than one screen on the device.

The smART Pixelator is available now over on Amazon. Prices start around $40, and they also sell add-on bead, peg, and sequin sets for about $15 to $20 each. I would have so loved to have one of these when I was a kid.

These Food Keycaps Look Good Enough to Eat

Are you the kind of person who eats at their desk and gets food all over their computer keyboard? Well, now you can have food on your keys 100% of the time, and without the pesky Cheetos’ dust and constant need for cleaning.

Created by artisan keycap maker Dwarf Factory, and exclusive to Drop, Foodie Keycaps look just like real food, only miniature, and in the shape of a key. They’ve got tiny versions of cake, cheese, hot dogs, sandwiches, and waffles, each of which looks delicious, and is compatible with standard Cherry MX switches.

They’re handmade from resin, and can be had in either an uncovered version, or one with a smooth cover. I prefer the look of the uncovered ones, but I suppose they might be a little funky feeling beneath your fingertips. On the plus side, their textures might help you with your touch typing.

Unfortunately, the Foodie Keycaps are sold out at the moment, but hopefully they’ll make some more of these delectable looking computer accessories soon.

A Snow Globe, Except It Doesn’t Snow on Mars

In the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, “Get your ass to Mars!” Now you can, each and every day with this awesome desk toy inspired by the dust storms on the red planet.

Created by toy designer Dan Abramson, the Mars Dust Globe offers a truly unique take on the classic snow globe. Instead of white fluffy stuff, when you shake this 4″ orb, you get a storm of red dust. And when the dust settles, you’ll see a pair of astronauts, one old and one young, holding hands against the rocky red landscape.

This looks like an awesome gift for anyone with an interest in space exploration, or a unique addition to a snow globe collection. It’s available over at UncommonGoods for $35.

Astronaut and Lunar Lander Kids’ Costumes Win Halloween

Between the endless candy, the artful pumpkin carving, the creepy music, the decorations, and the costumes, Halloween is the best of the holidays. There’s just so much more creativity in Halloween than most other holidays, especially when it comes to the costumes.

For Halloween 2019, one family created an awesome pair of costumes for their two young daughters – an astronaut, along with lunar lander module.

Little Charlie and Ellie’s parents did a fantastic job here, with the older of the two girls portraying the Apollo Lunar Module, and the younger of them dressed as an Apollo astronaut. The only thing they’re missing is a rug that looks like the moon’s surface for them to roll out in front of each house as they ask for candy.

Check out more of this amazingly cute duo in the video clip below, and then the entire costume and build gallery up on Imgur.

This isn’t the first time these kids have had awesome Halloween costumes. In 2017, there was the squid, and in 2018, they had the horseshoe crab and an adorable traffic cone.

[via Boing Boing via Geekologie]

Shark Tea Bags: We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Cup!

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the kitchen and pour yourself a soothing cup of tea… dammit, sharks. Yes, Daisho Suisan’s awesome tea bag looks like an angry shark floating in your tea cup.

Not only does this shark look like he’s ready to take a bite out of your pinky while you daintily hold your tea cup, there’s blood in the water. Well, actually, there’s a blend of rosehips and hibiscus which create a deliciously red-colored tea, but it might as well be blood, because I’m not going anywhere near this tea cup with that monster shark sticking its head out.

If you dare to swim with the sharks the next time you fix a cup of tea, head on over to OMG Japan, where you can grab a set of three shark teabags for $20, or if you live in Japan, Ocean Teabag has them for just 1200 yen, or about $11 a set.

This Rack-Mount Server Is Built from LEGO Bricks

If you’ve ever been to a data center, you know they’re ice cold rooms filled with racks upon racks of computer and networking equipment, and neatly bolted into 19″ wide server racks. Most of those servers are made from steel and/or aluminum components. Despite having spent way more than my share of time amongst said server racks, I can say with 100% certainty that I’ve never seen a server made from LEGO, until now.

This awesome 2U rack-mount server was created by custom computer builder and LEGO expert Mike Schropp of Total Geekdom. Not only does it look exactly like the Silicon Mechanics server that it’s based on, but it contains a fully-functional server inside, using the hardware from the actual server that inspired the design.

It took Mike over 2000 LEGO and Technic parts to replicate the server enclosure, which has a number of overlapping plates in its base in order to support the weight of all of its components. He also used holes in some of the Technic pieces to provide mounting points for screws and mounting hardware to pass through and secure the electronics inside.

It also took some real creativity to replicate the look of the curved faces on the removable hard drive units up front, but the end result is spot on. In fact, I think it looks better than the real server.

For more pictures and info about this amazing build, head on over to Total Geekdom for all the details! While you’re there, be sure to check out his other sweet LEGO computer builds.

[via HackADay]

This Godzilla Guitar Is a True Monster of Rock

Godzilla is one of the most iconic movie monsters of all time. We’ve seen the creature take all kinds of forms over the years, but I can say with a high degree of certainty that this is the first time I’ve seen Godzilla as an electric guitar.

The handmade instrument was inspired by Japanese musician Takamizawa Toshihiko of the rock band The Alfee. This crazy guitar, known as the The Alfee Godzilla Guitar Awakening Version, features a body in the shape of Gojira himself, made from alder wood, along with a maple neck, with an ebony fingerboard. It also has sweet purple LED lighting along its body and embedded in its fret board, and a head that looks like Godzilla’s tail tip.

Of course something this epic doesn’t come cheap. It sells for 5,550,000 yen – or about $52,486 US dollars based on today’s exchange rates. Only a limited number will be made, and can be pre-ordered over at the Godzilla Store.

[via Toy People]