Astronaut and Lunar Lander Kids’ Costumes Win Halloween

Between the endless candy, the artful pumpkin carving, the creepy music, the decorations, and the costumes, Halloween is the best of the holidays. There’s just so much more creativity in Halloween than most other holidays, especially when it comes to the costumes.

For Halloween 2019, one family created an awesome pair of costumes for their two young daughters – an astronaut, along with lunar lander module.

Little Charlie and Ellie’s parents did a fantastic job here, with the older of the two girls portraying the Apollo Lunar Module, and the younger of them dressed as an Apollo astronaut. The only thing they’re missing is a rug that looks like the moon’s surface for them to roll out in front of each house as they ask for candy.

Check out more of this amazingly cute duo in the video clip below, and then the entire costume and build gallery up on Imgur.

This isn’t the first time these kids have had awesome Halloween costumes. In 2017, there was the squid, and in 2018, they had the horseshoe crab and an adorable traffic cone.

[via Boing Boing via Geekologie]

These Eyeglass Frames Glow in the Dark

With Halloween just a couple of days away, I wish I had come across these a little earlier. But should a rave be in your future, you still might want to pick up a pair of these glow-in-the-dark eyeglasses from Zenni Optical.

The glowing glasses are perfect for those times when you want to stand out from the crowd in a dark room, and can easily be charged back up to their brightest if you keep a UV flashlight in your pocket. They come in four different frame styles, including one for kids. They glow a bright blue color in the dark, and then turn a smoky white in the daylight.

They’re actually designed to be able to hold prescription lenses if you want, so if you’re like me, you can actually see out of them too. They’re just $15.95 a pair, though at the moment, a couple of the styles are currently out of stock.

Recycle Bin Bag Reminds You to Empty Your Purse

Ladies, do you have a ton of junk you carry around in your purse? Well, why not just admit it, and buy a bag that suits its contents? This Recycle Bin Bag should do the trick.

Studio Cult makes all kinds of accessories inspired by the skeuomorphic objects found on our computer desktops, so this fits into the line just perfectly.

The inside of the bag features a drawstring section that overflows its top, so it looks full of trash all of the time. It is kind of small though, measuring in at just 7″ x 4″ x 7″, so you’ll need to empty the trash more often than you might on your PC. The bottom is embroidered with the rather self-deprecating message “A garbage bag, for a garbage person.”

The Recycle Bin Bag is available for pre-order from Studio Cult now for $65, and is expected to start shipping by December 1.

These Creepy Purses Have Got Their Eye on You

There are monsters all around us, and they’re hiding in plain sight. It looks like some of them even like hanging out in the women’s accessories department now.

These awesomely creative and creepy clutch purses come from the mind of Breanne of Creature Clutches and The Geekstress. Each one is handmade, and features a single eyeball peering out from beneath its fabric shell. While I dig the big dragon’s eye, the monster ones with the teeth sticking out are my favorites.

We’ve been assured no actual monsters were harmed in the making of these bags. The eyeballs are made from hand-painted glass, while the teeth are made from shells.

You can currently find a few of these clutches over on Breanne’s Etsy shop, with prices ranging from $35 to $75. She also makes some nifty monster dice bags for tabletop RPG fans. Thanks to Technabob friend Mike for the heads up on these amazing creations.

Extravagant RJ Joker Watch Is No Laughing Matter

Why did Batman sit on his watch? He wanted to be on time. (Ba-dum-bum.) Like most of the Joker’s jokes, there’s nothing funny about the seriously intricate Swiss-made timepieces from RJ: two DC Comics watches featuring Batman foes The Joker and Two-Face. Each is in a limited edition of 100 priced at (gulp) $15,700 apiece.

The RJ Arraw Joker watch is a self-winding chronograph in a satin-brushed 45mm titanium case with rubber bumpers and ace-of-hearts-shaped hands. The reverse is laser-engraved with a Joker portrait. The dial is hand-painted assuring that no two watches will be exactly alike.

The Joker watch comes with an exclusive deck of Joker playing cards and three interchangeable straps: green and purple alligator skin, and black rubber. The whole package can be yours for the price of a 2019 Hyundai Accent when it drops on 11/28/2019.

Woman Transforms Herself into a Gremlin with Body Paints

Artist Mirjana Kika Milosevic is known for her amazing body painting illusions. For her latest transformation, she managed to make herself look like one of the gremlins from the classic 1980s movie of the same name.

Did someone feed her after midnight? Nope. Kika’s just got mad makeup and body painting skills. She blacked out parts of her torso and arms to make herself skinnier – a trick she’s used numerous times before – but it’s the face painting of the creepy gremlin mouth, along with the monstrous orange contact lenses, strip of white hair, and big ears that really bring it all together. Be sure to check out the time-lapse video of Kika working her makeup magic below:

Honestly, the only thing that broke the illusion for me at all is that she sounded more like a monkey than a gremlin when she started making those noises at the end. Maybe Kika can transform herself back into a Mogwai for her next trick.

Wear the Solar System on Your Wrist

In Men in Black, it turned out that Orion the cat held the entire universe on his collar. While it’s not quite as impressive as carrying the universe, you can carry the solar system on your wrist. You’ll just need to pretend that your arm is the Sun, so the planets have something to orbit around.

This solar system bracelet is made up of polished gemstones that have been selected for their similarity in color and pattern to our neighboring planets. It’s supposed to help with your Chakras or something too, but I prefer to stick to the scientific interpretation of things.

Despite the diagram above, the bracelet includes all nine planets (including Pluto) and the moon. Of course, they’re not to scale, as that would be one uncomfortable bracelet if you had to lug around Jupiter all day long. The remaining stones are black with star-like speckles, representing the vastness of space.

You can grab this spacely bracelet over on Amazon for just $10.

Interrogator Cyberpunk Cosplay Helmet Is Seriously Badass

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you’re looking to win every costume party in town, you should head over to Two Horns United’s Etsy shop, and check out their incredible collection of custom-built helmets, costumes, and cosplay accessories.

One of my favorites is this amazing piece of headgear, dubbed “The Interrogator.”

I also might call it “The Intimidator,” because if you saw someone coming at you with this thing on, you’d assume that we’d been invaded by aliens, and they’re coming for us all. Seriously, this thing looks like it just walked over from the set of a Neill Blomkamp movie.

The helmet was handcrafted from EVA foam, but the artist did a great job painting all the pieces to make them look like weathered metal. The foam construction means it’s lightweight and comfortable to wear. I also love the LED lighting effects – those really help to bring the character to life.

If you’ve got $1150 to spend on the ultimate costume, head on over to Etsy now. While you’re there, be sure to check out the rest of Two Horns United’s other amazing designs.


DIY Light-up Neon (LED) Mickey Mouse Ears

If you’re a fan of Disney and Mickey Mouse, your mouse house isn’t complete without a pair of ears. Of course, you could go for the standard-issue black ears, but if you’re a little more of a tech geek, then you should consider making a pair like these.

The guys at Adafruit shared this cool idea for a set of Mickey ears made using their super bright NeoPixel LED strips, controlled by a GEMMA M0 board.

By setting the lights inside of a thick silicone coating, they diffuse into smooth, neon-like tubes. They also offer up an alternative LED strip without the silicone that provides more of a classic marquee look. Since both LED strips are designed to emit light only in one direction, the light will only be visible from the front, which I think is a slicker and more put together look than conventional LED strips. The lights can also change colors, and they included motion sensors in the build, so it can change light patterns with a shake of their wearer’s head.

Check out the video below for the full explanation of the build:

You can grab everything you need to make your own light-up Mickey Mouse ears over at Adafruit – other than the hat itself. You can grab one of those from Amazon.

Pac-Man Toiletry Bag: Doppa Doppa Doppa

When you travel, you need a place to keep all your grooming and toiletry products organized so they don’t just fall out all over your clothing and spill everywhere. A toiletry bag, aka “dopp kit” is a must have, and I think I must have this one.

This shiny black PVC bag from Balvi is embellished with the maze from the classic arcade game Pac-Man. Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde are all there, along with lots of dots to gobble, and power pills for taking down the ghosts roaming around your suitcase.

The Pac-Man dopp kit is available from Madrid, Spain retailer Curiosite for €14.99 (~$17 USD) but if you don’t want to try and deal with international shipping, you can find a similar (but not as good looking) bag on Amazon.