Taito Egret II Mini Arcade Cabinet Can Switch from Landscape to Portrait: Old Bird, Old Trick

Many popular arcade games are side scrollers, but there are just as many classic ones that play from top to bottom, like shmups. Well, mostly shmups. The important thing is that someone at Taito had a stroke of genius and revived a forward-looking feature from one of its old arcade cabinets. The Egret II Mini is a mini arcade cabinet with a 5:4 display that can be physically switched between landscape and portrait mode, just like the original Egret II.

You simply push in the display and rotate it to your desired layout. Taking advantage of that display are the 40 built-in games, which include Space Invaders, Bubble Bobble, and Elevator Action.

But that’s not the only modern convenience of the Egret II Mini. It has an HDMI out if you want to play on your non-rotatable but larger TV or monitor, and it has two USB ports for the optional wired controllers. There’s a controller version of the built-in arcade-style layout, there’s one with a classic gamepad layout, and there’s a paddle-style controller. The latter is even more special because it has an SD card slot, and it comes with 10 games that are meant to be played with paddle controls.

You can pre-order the Egret II Mini and its controllers now from Rakuten, but there’s no need to hurry because they won’t ship until March 2022 at the earliest. The mini arcade cabinet costs around $170 (USD), the paddle controller is around $110, the arcade controller is around $80, and the gamepad goes for about $30. That’s a lot of money. The Switch Pro or whatever it will be called might be cheaper than the Egret II Mini’s whole bundle.

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Pop Up Parade Journey The Traveler Figure: All Heroes in One

Love collecting figures of superheroes? Well, this one’s practically all of ’em for the price – and space – of one. From Good Smile Company’s Pop Up Parade line comes The Traveler, the main character of one of my favorite video games of all time, Journey.

The figure measures about 7″ tall and has very clean sculpts and colors, including the details on our silent hero’s scarf. You can order the figure from Good Smile Company for $38 (USD). I gotta play this again on PC.

Fender Final Fantasy XIV Stratocaster Electric Guitar: Axe of the Rock Emperor

The trailer for Final Fantasy XIV’s upcoming expansion Endwalker has a refreshing rock soundtrack. It turns out the theme doesn’t end there. Square Enix teamed up with guitar experts Fender to create limited-edition Stratocasters with visual touches inspired by the hit MMORPG. It will also come with a hard case that has the game’s logo. The guitar will be available in Japan this October, and in Europe and North America in early 2022. The catch? You’ll have to have one heck of a real-life job to afford it.

This or a 3080? Fortunately for Eorza’s virtual citizens, a digital version of the guitar will also be added to the game in a couple of ways. Patch 5.55 will add the axe to the Bard’s Performance mode arsenal, as well as a wall-mounted furnishing for homes. The patch should be up by 5/25/21.

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GMK Dualshot 2 PlayStation-themed Keycap Set: 108-bit

Keyboard accessory maker Omnitype’s latest keycap set features the dull gray base color of the original PlayStation, along with the colors of the OG PS logo. You can almost hear the startup sound when you look at it. If you’re wondering why it’s called the Dualshot 2, that’s because this is the second run of the set. It’s easy to see why it’s back. The base set is all gray, with only the lettering on the modifier keys bearing the PlayStation logo colors. There are however specialty keys sold separately that are entirely coated in bright red, yellow, teal, and blue. There’s also a variant of the base set with katakana characters, and a novelty set that features PlayStation button names and terms.

I wonder why they don’t have a blue X and a red O. You can pre-order the GMK Dualshot 2 from Omnitype only until June 4, 2021. The base set, which should have enough keys for most keyboards, will set you back $120 (USD). Omnitype also has other Dualshot 2 merch: a macro pad, a chrome or Rama key, and a desk mat.

Craft Your Own 3D Pixelated Papercraft Mario Figure: It’s-a Me, Mario!

Mario: he could never commit a crime and get away with it because absolutely everybody would be able to pick him out of a police lineup. I mean unless he took his hat off and shaved his mustache, then nobody would have any clue who he was. Created by user DAZMAKER, this is an Instructable detailing how to construct your own 3D pixelated Mario papercraft sculpture. I can already feel the stinging paper cuts on my fingers.

Crafting your own pixelated Mario papercraft sculpture basically involves using a razor blade to cut out a ton of paper pieces, then folding those and carefully taping those pieces together. No glue is required for the project, which is a good thing because my wife is probably getting tired of driving me to the hospital with one body part glued to another.

Am I going to make one? Maybe, but I might just start with only crafting Mario’s head first and going from there. I’m very noncommittal. Like when I said “I’ll give it the old college try” instead of “I do” during my wedding vows. My wife still holds that over my head during an argument.

Basic Cotton Armor Tee: Probably Made with Drow Labor

Satire site The Hard Times and its sister site Hard Drive have a merchant who tirelessly hawks their wares to everyone, anywhere, and anytime using its arcane web powers. One of the vendor’s latest offerings is the Basic Cotton Armor tee. It helpfully displays its stats, description, and even a drawing of itself all the time, no need to mouse over or right-click. You don’t need to farm cute level 1 creatures to craft or scrounge up some strange currency for it. Thirty of the dollars from your usual grind will do.

Nike x Sony Playstation 5 PG5 Sneakers: Play Has No Limits

Because who plays video games without sneakers to match their console, Sony has teamed up with Nike and basketball player/lifelong Playstation fan Paul George to create a Playstation 5 inspired colorway for George’s PG5 basketball shoes. I can already sense my skills improving at NBA 2K21.

Set for release on May 27th at 10:00AM, the $120 shoes will almost certainly all be instantly snatched up by resellers, who will then put them on eBay for $300+, making them inaccessible to anybody who doesn’t have a fast bicycle and lucrative paper route. And I wonder why I still can’t get my hands on a PS5.

You make recall the previously posted PG2, another Playstation inspired sneaker from Nike and Paul George that had a light-up logo and vibrated like a DualShock controller. Well, these don’t do that.

My wife doesn’t actually let me buy nice sneakers anymore because whenever I run out of socks I start wearing them barefoot, then they start to stink. It’s an endless cycle. One that could probably be broken if I did laundry more often, but that would interfere with my time to play video games and with my allergies, I can’t smell all that well anyway.

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This Pac-Man “Neon” Light Is Pretty A-Maze-ing

We know that Pac-Man has a thing for dots and ghosts. And while the yellow dot-gobbler and his ghostly enemies look pretty great as pixel art, I think they’re even better all lit up in neon. This awesomely geeky Pac-Man light comes from Neon World Custom, which makes all kinds of amazing and vibrant lights using silicone tubing filled with LEDs, resulting in an impressively accurate neon effect, and without any of the downsides like broken glass tubes, slowly-leaking gas, or high voltage electrocution.

Each one is handmade and would look amazing in any game room. For that matter, you could put it in your dining room or master bedroom if your significant other is into retro gaming too. The Pac-Man LED Neon Light is available on Etsy. It comes in sizes ranging from 23″ x 6″ to a massive 55″ x 14″, with prices from $225 to $400. Neon World Custom has lots of other cool lights in their shop, like this LED neon cheeseburger and light-up astronaut. They can also make custom designs to your specs, so be sure to check them out.

Now can I have a neon maze to go with my neon Pac-Man?

This Miniature Xbox Series X Says “Hold My Drink.”

miniature Xbox Series X 1

Do you not like having your drink can sitting out on your desk? You could get toss your can in your desk drawer, or you could hide it inside of a miniature Xbox Series X. This tiny video game console looks just like the real deal, though it’s designed to hold a drink can instead of playing games. I suppose you could put a Raspberry Pi game system inside of it and use it to play games if you really wanted to.

miniature Xbox Series X 2

Etsy seller QTechV makes this 3D-printed mini-game system, complete with green LED lighting. It’s the right size for one of those 16 oz. energy drink cans, each of which provides enough caffeine to keep a gamer going for 18 minutes. So you’re gonna need to buy a bunch of these miniature Xboxes if you want to store a day’s worth of energy drinks.

Sonic the Hedgehog Head Plush: Sonic the Headshog?

I don’t know about you, but I’m used to seeing Sonic the Hedgehog with his head attached to his body. But if you don’t mind having a decapitated blue hedgehog head sitting on your couch, then you might want to grab this colorful plush toy from Tomy and Club Mocchi- Mocchi.

The 15″ plush collectible is a Target exclusive and sells for $29.99. The soft and squishy hedgehog head looks incredibly huggable and would look great in your game room alongside all of those other video game characters who have had their heads separated from their bodies. What? You don’t have any other plush heads lying around? Well, you’d better get your scissors out and start cutting up your stuffed animal collection now.

I think that Sonic’s Spin Dash move would be much more efficient if he was only a head.

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