Art Meets Functionality: This 3D Printed Parisian Building Bookend is Perfect for the Literary Traveler

Humans go on holiday to unwind, designers go on holiday to get inspired! While on a trip to Paris, designer Ezra Feldman found himself looking at the Hausmann-style buildings around the city… and as he admired the tapered roofs on the buildings, an idea struck him! The tapered roof detail would serve as a great resting point for books! Feldman immediately rushed to his computer to mock up a model and make a 3D print, and voila! The Paris Bookend was born!

Designed to add a French charm to your bookshelf, the Paris Bookend is a miniature 3-storey building modeled in the classic Hausmann style. With a Mansard roof (that tilts in two places), the bookend lets your books naturally lean over against the side of the mini building, making it look as if the architecture is supporting your library. It comes with detailed out chimneys, windows, and an adorable red door too, adding a gorgeous Parisian charm to your home that feels a lot more authentic than those run-of-the-mill Eiffel Tower memorabilia.

Designer: Ezra Feldman

The building, modeled in pretty vivid detail, sits on a plastic plinth or platform that also holds one book, prompting it to rest at an angle. The part of the roof where the book rests has no window, allowing the roof to be absolutely flat so the books can rest on it without getting damaged. The front and side, however, feature windows with or without curtains, to add a little visual drama, and a red door that almost feels like an iconic entrance to a quaint cafe or bookshop.

While you can’t directly buy the bookend, Feldman does sell the 3D file online for as little as $1.6 USD, where you can download the CAD file in all its various parts and print it on your own 3D printer. Feldman recommends printing the base platform with a high infill so it doesn’t collapse in on itself, and the building itself can be either left untouched with the supports inside it, or can be hollowed out and turned into an illuminating lamp with hollow windows that let light seep outwards! It’s all up to you!

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This unique bookshelf disappears from sight once you fill its thin shelves with books

One problem that never seems to leave us, especially if you’re living in a major city – is the lack of space! If you’re an independent millennial who recently moved out of their family home and into their own, then a major issue that you may be dealing with almost every day…is space constraints in your own home. Our modern millennial homes have many virtues, but one thing they lack is space! Space constraint is something most of us end up dealing with every day. Smart storage solutions can be lifesavers in such tricky and compact situations. And one such well-designed storage solution is the Ptolomeo Bookshelf.

Designer: Bruno Rainaldi for Opinion Ciatti

Bruno Rainaldi designed the Ptolomeo Bookshelf as a tribute to books, and the people who love to read them! Designed, especially for bibliophiles, the Ptolomeo Bookshelf is a revamped and rejuvenated version of a traditional bookshelf. It transforms an ordinary bookshelf into an intriguing design object. Ptolomeo is a freestanding bookcase with a clean and minimal structure that becomes ‘invisible’ once you fill it up with books!

Ptolomeo features rather thin and narrow shelves that disappear from sight once you line them with books. It literally creates an illusion of a stack of books floating in the air! The shelf was designed by Rainaldi as an ode to homes where books are collected, cherished and prized, and stacked together so high that “they seem to mock the law of gravity”. Not only does Ptolomeo provide a stable structure, but it also allows users to enjoy the aesthetics of such a unique and innovative bookcase.

The Ptolomeo Bookshelf has been crafted using stainless steel and can be finished off in options of black or white lacquer, or the Corten effect. The bookcase is available in three sizes, and you can even add an extra shelf accessory to hold your magazines or large-format books and novels. Quite interestingly, the bookshelf is named after Ptolemy I Soter – the Greek general who founded the library of Alexandria. If you’re a bibliophile whose looking for the ultimate bookshelf to display and showcase your prized books, then the Ptolomeo Bookshelf is the furniture piece for you!

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Tetris-inspired bookshelf comes with individual modules that you can creatively assemble!

What next, a Fruit Ninja chopping board?!

Meet the Tetris Bookcase, a piece of furniture that really needs no further elaboration! Designed to combine furniture and fun (or what I like calling fun-iture), the Tetris Bookcase comes with multiple brick-inspired modules that stack into a larger empty cabinet. Inspired by the iconic brick-stacking game, the bookcase’s individual modules fit snugly into a larger cabinet based on any orientation you want, or can even be used as independent shelves placed anywhere in your interior space. Who knew decorating your space could literally be a game?!

Designer: Fujun Wang

The Tetris Bookcase has an unusual approach to DIY that seems less instructional and more fun. You literally build the shelf out as if you’re playing a massive game of tetris, and if you mess up? Well, that’s just an excuse to play some more!

The bookcase is made of aluminum alloy, offering strength while being lightweight. Each individual module is powder-coated to give it its vibrant color, while making it resistant to damage and corrosion.

The Tetris Bookcase is a winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2022.

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Bookgroove is a unique bookshelf and side table in one

I’m a huge fan of unique-looking furniture that is also very functional. I also like those that can serve more than one purpose as they are space savers. Those that are cleverly designed also get plus points. And if they involve books of any kind, then, of course, I would be interested since I’m always in need of stuff to put books in. We’re seeing a lot of product concepts for tables, shelves, and sideboards that can house books so designers need to create something that will stand out.

Designer: Deniz Aktay

The Bookgroove is a bookrack and table in one that has a pretty unique shape. The table itself is circular at first glance but there’s an almost J-shaped carving on one side that can fit several books. It’s not the most usual way to store books as they have to follow the shape of the built-in shelf on the side table. The top part is where you can place other items like a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, although I’m not always that comfortable with having any liquids near my books.

This concept is definitely eye-catching and maybe something that book lovers will want to have to display their favorite titles. Well, at first probably. But the books that will be at the bottom of the curve may get damaged over time because of its positioning. It’s also probably difficult to get some of the books when you want to read them. If your purpose is to just display them though then that should be fine. But having to take them out and put them back in regularly may not be that easy.

I would personally like to have this minimalist piece of furniture around in my living room but more as a side table and not really for my books. However if not books, I wonder what else would fit in that shape.

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Zipper Bookshelf lets you display favorite books in an experimental design

What you normally look for in a bookshelf is functionality over form. You need something where you can store your books and decorations. But sometimes, you also need something that looks good and will show off just some of your selected titles. For that, you can choose some kind of unique design that will make it not just a piece of furniture but a decorative showcase for your favorite books. The Zipper Bookshelf is one such creative execution for a metal bookshelf.

Designer: Deniz Aktay

The Germany-based designer thought of creating a bookshelf that can represent the analogy of opening a book “where the pages diverge”. For this, he got inspiration from an unlikely source: the zipper. The bottom of the structure starts out simply enough with some regular-looking shelves that will fit some thin books or at least one thick coffee table book. It then breaks apart as you go to the top and open up, just like you would a zipper.

The top can display your books like they were on tree branches, positioning it in a “special” way, not just in a box-like regular shelf. This “dissolving wall” type of design actually makes the shelf lighter as it gets to the top. This actually gives you a little more space for more books at the “branches” as compared to the thin shelves at the bottom. Even though the shelves are bending, it still seems pretty stable as well, most likely because of the heavy core which prevents it from falling over.

The Zipper Bookshelf has a minimalistic metal aesthetic and also gives a pop of color. The concept renders show an orange metal finish but there will probably be other colors available as well. I will not mind having a bookshelf like this if it eventually becomes an actual product and show off some of my best books.

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Wave bookshelf is a decorative and functional piece of furniture for books of all sizes

For someone who has a lot (and I mean a lot) of books, displaying them isn’t really a priority. What’s more important for me is actually finding a space for them. But occasionally, you’d want to show off some of them for your visitors or for a video call. So you’d want something like a display bookshelf and of course, that shelf in itself would have to be something decorative as well as functional. This design seems to fit the bill and adds a few design tweaks that would make it more appealing.

Usually, our idea of bookshelves is just square or rectangular boxes or shapes where you can just store your books. But every once in a while we get some that are designed not just to display our well-loved books but also to add a bit of style to your living room or bedroom. The Wave bookshelf is one such item as it is pretty eye-catching and can serve several purposes aside from just being a piece of furniture where you can place your books.


Designer: Deniz Aktay

The bookshelf has a traditional rectangular frame and at first glance seems like something that would be at home in your bathroom because of the grid-shaped pattern. But the geometric intershapes built within the structure and the metal wireframe construction give it a different look and allow you to place books in different positions within the entire shelf. You can place books at a 45-degree angle and you can place the thin ones or the magazines in the small spaces in between.

The top of the interspaces can also be used as a sort of “bookmark” for your books. Well, if you’re the kind that doesn’t mind breaking the spine or opening up your books like that (I’m not that kind so no thank you). There are wooden spacers for the shapes and elements to give it a more stable construction and provide a break from the metal grids. Whether it’s just for decorative purposes or if you really need a shelf for your books, the Wave bookshelf can serve both.

It is a very interesting-looking bookshelf, one that I wouldn’t mind having in my room. As I said, I need all the storage and displays that I can get for my tons of books. The renders only show green colors but it would be nice to have other color options as well when this concept becomes an actual product.

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The PLOT TWIST Bookshelf carries the intrigue of your favourite mystery books

PLOT TWIST Bookshelves

Bookshelves are no longer just found in libraries. They can be anywhere as long as books are an essential part of a person’s life. You can actually see them in most homes and offices as they have become an important fixture in a room.

Bookshelves have become a place for showcasing the titles you read. They can also work to display your many knick-knacks and collectibles. Bookshelves have become decorative, too, so no wonder brands and designers are coming up with their offerings.

Designer: Deniz Aktay

PLOT TWIST Bookshelf Concept

PLOT TWIST Bookshelf Details

Prolific German furniture designer Deniz Aktay has recently introduced the Plot Twist Bookshelf. It’s a piece of furniture that features four separate twisted wooden elements. They are connected to each other, shaping and creating a stable form.

The bookshelf’s design allows it to be accessed from every side. As with most of Deniz Aktay’s product designs, this bookshelf is oddly satisfying. The curves are present as with the designer’s other projects. In addition, most of Aktay’s works have undergone some bending or twisting, as with the Wavelet, the Tie Stool, and The Pet Table.

PLOT TWIST Bookshelf Design

The primary material is wooden as it is easy to form and shape. The twisted parts are where the books are placed. The shelves can accommodate similarly sized books for a clutter-free look. Every side has an open frame that curves for a smooth and sexy look.

The bookshelf is stable and stands on its own. It doesn’t have to lean against the wall or anything. The weight of the books will be helpful as it can support the furniture piece.

PLOT TWIST Bookshelves

Shelves at home or the office serve many different purposes. This particular bookshelf is really just for the books, but no one stops you from putting on other stuff. We think the Plot Twist filled with books will look nice. This shelf could hold hundreds of CDs if CDs are still popular, but it’s really meant for readers.

The designer is known for his several unique works. He regularly uses wood because it’s easy to form. We recently saw his Nick Wooden Desk Organizer and the GRAB Side Table. We can expect more quirky and fun products with one-of-a-kind designs from the designer.

As for bookshelves, we have seen and featured several exciting designs. Those Book Pills let you have a good time. The Slim Shelf’s minimal design appears like an open book. The Fold Shelf also makes an impression with its innovative wooden hinge. There are more unique bookshelf designs that we think will do justice to every book you own.

PLOT TWIST Bookshelf Deniz Aktay

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Low Wall turns a simple side table into a bookshelf

For a book lover, and let’s face it, hoarder like me, almost every space in my house is filled with books. I have a main bookshelf, shelves on my work table, bedside tables, movable storage, and yes, even the floor is littered with books. I don’t live in a big space and so I have to make the most out of my existing furniture and the floor. So if I see concept designs that will give me more ideas on where to place more of my books, it immediately catches my eye.

Designer: Leemok Studio

Low Wall is a concept for a side table that can also function as a small bookshelf for those that only have a few books to display or those like me who need all the help I can get. The table’s legs are actually pillars that go through the top and so instead of just having furniture on the side of your sofa to put trinkets, drinks, and other small stuff on, this becomes a tiny bookshelf to house magazines, books, and other stuff you need to place on the side.

The design for the side table/bookshelf is pretty simple but durable. The renders show that it can fit into a flat box, with the pillars separate from the circular tabletop. You will then assemble it by putting the “legs” through the top with the slats to fit them and create “low hills” or shelves not just on top but also at the bottom with the legs. The lower part has taller shelves so you can place your bigger coffee table-type books there while the top is shorter but can still fit the books you want at easy rich.

The designer didn’t specify what kind of wood is used for the concept design but there seems to be different shades and types of wooden finishes for the renders. It would be nice if there are options since you would want your side table to fit in with the aesthetics of your living room or bedroom. My books that are currently “unhoused” and lying on my floor and sofa would definitely welcome this kind of storage eventually.

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This multifunctional WFH unit combines a library with integrated desks to feed our curiosity while we work

Curiosity-Go-Round is a cylindrical, miniature library that also functions as a workspace with integrated desks and tables.

As we adjust our routines to fit our work-from-home lifestyles, the furniture that gets us through the workday adjusts alongside us. Since WFH orders were first put in place, designers have found versatility in making integrative and modular home furniture.

Designer: Creative Project Base x Keigo Kobayashi

Taking the multifunctional and immersive spirit of WFH furniture to its maximalist end, architect Keigo Kobayashi was called on by the Creative Project Base team to create a bookcase that combines elements of a traditional workspace with integrated storage units to form a bookworm’s private working oasis called Curiosity-Go-Round. Before Curiosity-Go-Round reached completion, Japan-based company Creative Project Base told Kobayashi, “I want you to make a bookshelf that can hold all the books you have now…I want to make it a place where you can come up with ideas by yourself.”

The unconventional, miniature library stands alone as its own unit with embedded desks that engross workers in the shelves of books, as well as a central cavity that functions as a private retreat from the demands of the workday. Working amidst shelves of books can bring some calm so workers can focus and lose track of time for a moment. On different ends of Curiosity-Go-Round, the convex shelves curve to provide spacious tables for collaborative or solo work. The overall unit rises like a wonky cylinder with an open internal center that leaves room to explore the unit’s bookshelves.

By transforming the traditional office space into a zany bookworm’s retreat, work begins to feel more creative, collaborative, and manageable. Once Curiosity-Go-Round was completed, Creative Project Base describes, “After completion, many people visited, picked up books, read, talked, came up with ideas, and many creative [undertakings] became more [dynamic]. Everyone goes around, goes inside, [and] tickles their curiosity to the fullest…”

Primarily functioning as a standalone library, the internal volume is left open for people to enter and explore the bookshelves. 

Curiosity-Go-Round is designed to flow freely between the floor and ceiling. 

Integrated desks jut from the central volume to provide table space for working. 

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Stormtrooper Bookends: Hopefully Better at Holding Books Than Aiming

Because if they can’t hit the broad side of a barn with their blasters, they should at least be good at something; these are the Stormtrooper Bookends made by Nemesis Now and available on Amazon (affiliate link). Congratulations, you two; based on your inability to hit even a single rebel on Endor, you’re on book detail from now on. Try not to screw this up too, or it’s the garbage compactor for you.

The officially licensed bookends are cast in resin, hand-painted, and stand approximately 7.5″ tall. They feature the likeness of two stormtroopers trying their hardest to keep your books upright and avoid the inevitable Force choke from Vader if they fail. That’s a lot of pressure.

I think these stormtroopers will compliment your existing AT-AT bookends nicely. And you do already own a set of those, right? Who doesn’t? Granted, I don’t own any books and use them as napkin holders, but I’ve always been more of an eater than a reader.

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