This brand is making minimalist flat-packed furniture that’s eco-friendly and easier to assemble than IKEA furniture

Although their motto is “No tools, no hassle”, the most defining characteristic of staxxiom’s furniture is that it’s so visually simple, you don’t even need a manual. With laser-cut pieces of wood that simply interlock to create your design, staxxiom is building on IKEA’s DIY culture by making their furniture more efficient, more eco-friendly, and as simplified as possible. That last part works in staxxiom’s favor too, because the simplified design gives their furniture a unified, wonderfully minimal aesthetic, along with the added benefit of being ridiculously easy to build too.

Designers: Richard Langone & Leilei Peng

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Try, for a second, to describe the parts of a table in the simplest way possible. You’ve got 4 legs and a tabletop surface, right? In reality, though, furniture is often much more complex than that. There are many more aspects, like glue, screws, bolts, threaded inserts, rubber feet, etc. that go into making a great table that you often forget to describe. staxxiom’s designs outright do away with these minor complexities by keeping their furniture designs as visually and physically simple as possible.

The table’s design is just a 3-part assembly, featuring two wide interlocking leg panels and a surface on top… along with tiny coupling blocks that plug into the gaps to hold the design together. staxxiom’s shelves and stools work the same way too – with parts that just interlock together, and coupling blocks that fill in the gaps. More often than not, you don’t even NEED a manual because even a child could assemble it, and the assembly process is about as time-consuming as making a paper plane.

This unique approach to designing furniture benefits all the stakeholders in the product’s cycle. For staxxiom, furniture’s extremely easy to produce as pieces of wood just need to be CNC-cut, flat-packed, and shipped. For the user, assembly becomes a breeze, but at the same time, you can disassemble and reassemble your products too if you plan on shifting houses (the press-fit coupling blocks are equally easy to remove, allowing you to pull apart your furniture when you want).

The third (often unnoticed) stakeholder is the environment, which stands to benefit because the furniture has a lower carbon footprint because it flat-packs while shipping, is durable enough to last long, and can easily be pulled apart and recycled when discarded. All of staxxiom’s furniture comes made from HDF or High-Density Fiber, a robust composite made from compressed sawdust, further reducing its environmental impact while increasing its lifespan – HDF is much more durable than particle board and has a lifespan of over 20 years.

staxxiom’s current collection includes a variety of stools, side tables, coffee tables, and cabinets. The number of parts for each design range between 3 and 5, which makes them incredibly simple to assemble while giving them a minimal aesthetic that comes to life with the furniture’s vibrant palette of colors. The wooden panels are CNC-cut, giving them incredibly precise tolerances while reducing waste. The HDF boards are designed to be incredibly good at load-bearing too, allowing even the smallest stools to support up to 500lbs. staxxiom’s even won the highly coveted Good Design Award for their intuitively simple, minimal, tool-free, and eco-friendly furniture!

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An introvert-friendly semi-enclosed chaise lounge chair that doubles as a private resting area for public spaces!

‘Esc.’ is a semi-enclosed chaise lounge chair designed to double as a resting space in public to get away from overpowering outdoor stimuli.

Nowadays, the world is at our fingertips–it can be hard to get away from it all, even for only a minute. Distractions come in the form of digital timelines, midday traffic, lunch rushes, and our own smartphones. Our minds and mental health could benefit from a moment’s rest. Realizing the need for a piece of furniture that could double as a place of respite in public spaces, student designer Toine Baert of Two One Design created ‘Esc.,’ a semi-enclosed chaise lounge chair.

Designed to provide people with a secluded resting area, ‘Esc.’ is essentially a chaise lounge chair that’s partly wrapped in an overhead umbrella-like awning. Baert felt inspired to create a private nook for the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) to look forward to when the stimuli of everyday life become too much. The overhead awning buffers any noise coming from outside to offer an acoustically, visually, and emotionally quiet hideaway inside. The awning can even be adjusted to varying positions to tread the spectrum between enclosed and semi-enclosed, offering anything between an open bench to a dark zone for sleeping. Made from 100% recycled PET felt and durable wood, ‘Esc.’ was made responsibly and built to last.

With upcoming generations giving more credence to the needs and stressors of mental health, design-focused industries are following suit. ‘Esc.’ was developed in part to showcase the ways that furniture can work as a conduit for change within the field of design, creating solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s obstacles.

Designer: Toine Baert x Two One Design

Desk Designs to help you achieve your daily productivity goals + improve work life!

I spend a substantial amount of my day on my desk, typing away to glory. Most of the time I also end up eating my meals on it! And binge-watching on some Netflix as well. And I’m sure that’s the case with most of us, since work from home became the new norm, and our home offices became our new hang-out spots. But having a great desk is really important! Simply a ‘good’ desk won’t do either. A great desk helps us work comfortably and effectively. It puts us in the right mindset, helping us achieve our daily productivity goals and checkmark all the tasks on our to-do list! Not only should our desks be clean, but they should also sport an ergonomic and functional design! And good looks are an added bonus. And finding a desk that does all of the above can be a Herculean task. But worry not! We’ve curated a collection of innovative, highly functional, and aesthetically pleasing desk designs, that will end your hunt for a great desk once and for all! From a multifunctional desk that features entertainment and work modules to a desk with a roof garden – there’s a perfect desk in here for everyone.

The Piano desk gives that traditional design a nod by incorporating it into your familiar wooden desk with some additional inspiration from the Standard chair by Jean Prouvé that elevates the minimal piece. The Piano desk was created so the designer could experiment with a hybrid material selection and play with interesting visual contrasts. On the one hand, we have metal which is a cold material that is beautifully balanced by the warmer wood. On the other hand, the same metal which allows for a slimmer silhouette is given the sturdiness with the addition of wood. The key factor in the briefing was to design a product with a democratic approach. That is how the minimal desk without any complex production processes was born while still featuring a small design element that other minimal desks didn’t have – the dipped shelf!

Meet Blis, a minimalistic office desk centered on the friendly, warm, and homely element – keeping in mind that it’s going to adorn your living space. The cool desk design keeps the wire clutter to a minimum for a clean look, hiding them from plain sight in the funneled legs. While it gives the impression of a very simple desk, there are inclusions that enhance the tidiness aspect further. There’s a sleek groove on the back section to store anything from files, papers, or pens to folders or charging cables. This section has an embedded board on top to pin all your important tasks, reminders or calendar events, or photos of loved ones to be always in a blissful frame of mind.

The Layout desk is a multifunctional workspace that comes with various entertainment and work modules to blur the line between WFH and play. Inspired by the blurring of work and play in WFH spaces, Juwon Kim, Jiwon Song, and Eunsang Lee framed Layout with a translucent, corrugated exterior finish that immediately catches the eye. Wrapped in sea green, the Layout desk is modular by design to incorporate a plethora of different work and entertainment features. The Layout desk is topped off with an upper cover that’s designed to conceal the workspace after the workday’s done.

Grown on Me is a collection of tables and desks with integrated cylindrical planters for greenery to sprout out of and grow. Outfitting our office and living spaces with lots of plant life gives each room a whole new personality. Plants help remove toxins from the air we breathe, brighten rooms that are already filled with sunlight, and bring life to our living areas even when no one’s in them. By integrating planters into its legs, design and research studio After Architecture constructed Grow on Me, a collection of tables with built-in, cylindrical planters to bring the garden to any room and office space.

Area Flip is a refreshing mobile office desk PC with a multi-screen setup that is designed to emphasize seamless workflow, interaction, and flexible private working zones. In a typical office setup with desktops as workstations, your portability is limited by the partitions and the wires that clutter but keep you connected. This also leads to a standardized working environment which can get monotonous with time. This problem demands a solution like the Area Flip which maximizes the mobility of the work environment. The Area Flip does this by transforming into a portable desktop, a presentation screen (vertical), or a flat (horizontal) screen for a lying board/screen that allows the people to collaborate better.

Merging the outdoors with the indoors, the Bridge is a work-desk accessory that adds greenery to your workplace. Quite literally a breath of fresh air when it comes to furniture design, the accessory sits on top of any open desk design, occupying the ‘no man’s land’ in between opposing workstations, and comes with a channel on top that’s designed to house an entire row of indoor plants. The Bridge builds on the increasingly popular idea of an open office and a collaborative workspace (as opposed to compartmentalized cabin spaces). It’s entirely made from plywood and can be flat-packed to a location and assembled on spot. It uses wooden joineries instead of metal/glue fixtures and can be assembled and propped onto any open desk, uplifting your current workspace with a neat touch of greenery.

The OnPlayOff is a conference table that lets you brainstorm/ work during the day and becomes your playground for some post office hours fun. Meet the feature that allows it all – a height-adjustable net that rotates into the table using a crank on one side. The table showcases a very Japandi-inspired, aesthetically pleasing wooden table for the work ambiance. Around four people can work on the table with their laptops without any issues at any given time.

Taking us back into the 19th-century households, a designer has conceived a contemporary version of the pre-modern day desk, called the Floor Desk, that by the mere look instantly reminds us of the era it belongs to. The desk constructed with a combination of high-end wooden material is distinguished by its appearance and exquisite details that celebrate the urbaneness of the ancient-style desk. The young Korean designer behind the rendition, informs that a desk in the 19th century catered as a tool for reading and writing. Since the rooms at home were usually small, the desks were made low and small to not look overwhelming in the room. The desks back then were more like chests with storage under the tabletop.

Named the “Program” this modular desk is ideal for creative individuals who love the freedom of organizing their desk as per their needs. Depending on the task at hand or the kind of tools required, the desk comes equipped with various cubbyholes and hanging spaces for you to get creative, literally! The different storage modules can be suitable for storing files, documents, or even your favorite magazines or sketches. In addition, the desk has a large storage box and a two-part table to further extend the modularity aspect. I find the design an eclectic mix of structure yet chaos – it has enough options to create an organized workspace or to embrace the chaos – it gives you the freedom to make your desk setup work for you.

Simply put, the Remotable is an adjustable, lightweight piece of furniture that’s as portable as your laptop. Designed to be set up and used anywhere, it gives you the flexibility and freedom to work from practically anywhere with the discipline and infrastructure you need to stay productive… and if you want to shift positions, just carry the table with your laptop to another location! The Remotable’s portable design is championed by its relatively simple construction, consisting of a telescopic pole that allows you to adjust the table’s height (shifting from a sitting to a standing desk) and even acts as a grip for you to carry it around.

The fact that a sofa’s design could be inspired by corrugated paper shows that inspiration can be found anywhere

Corrugated Sofa by Johan Kim

There’s a sense of familiarity when you look at the Corrugated Sofa’s design and its familiar brown color. You’re instantly reminded of corrugated paper, and while the sofa isn’t really made out of paper, it’s easy to draw the parallels instantly by looking at it.

The work of Johan Kim, the Corrugated Sofa actually started off as a tiny model made from a sheet of corrugated paper, which he then decided to translate into scale. The final sofa, conversely, is clad in brown tanned leather, with a foam interior to give it its bulbous volume.

Corrugated Sofa by Johan Kim

Corrugated Sofa by Johan Kim

Corrugated Sofa by Johan Kim

Corrugated Sofa by Johan Kim

The sofa’s design makes it an ideal accent piece for any room, and can be used individually or paired along with another Corrugated Sofa. It seats one, and comes with a wide backrest that travels all the way to the sides, turning into armrests. The pleated design gives it its brown corrugated paper-like appearance, and the pleats carry all the way to the back, giving the chair an interesting visual detail.

You can scroll down to the bottom of the article to see Johan’s corrugated paper experiments.

Designer: Johan Kim

Corrugated Sofa by Johan Kim

Corrugated Sofa by Johan Kim

Corrugated Sofa by Johan Kim

Corrugated Sofa by Johan Kim

Inspired by the chairs of our childhood, this modern lounge chair is a rattan-based derivation of the iconic Eames chair!

Inspired by the chairs of their childhood, Cuong Nguyen designed RU, a rattan cushioned lounge chair that weaves together nostalgic and modern elements to bring us back to the simple times of our own childhood all in the comfort of our living rooms today.

Remember the chair from childhood that everyone called dibs on? Whether it was the honey walnut wood rocking chair or the unmatched leather power recliner, the chairs from our childhood will forever bring on a feeling of comfort. What I’d give to sink back into my childhood family room’s chenille tweed corner sofa with a can of soda in one hand and the TV remote in the other. Industrial designer Cuong Nguyen took to the interior design of their own childhood for inspiration in visualizing RU, a rattan cushioned lounge chair that finds modern comfort in its nostalgic design.

Described by Nguyen as, “A bit of embracing crib, a bit of the curve of dragonfly wings, interpreted by rattan,” the arms and lower back of RU feature webbed rattan weaving to support the cushion’s taut upholstery fabric. Muted in freckled amber orange, RU is paired with an ottoman that can either tuck beneath the chair’s cushion, work as a footrest, or become an additional seat.

Both the lounge chair and ottoman are propped atop a cushioned base to embrace the comfort that RU was designed to provide. Named after the Vietnamese word for ‘lullaby,’ Nguyen conceptualized RU to be made up of materials from their childhood, namely rattan and what appears to be a tightly woven linen fabric.

While the wide size and the gradual slope of RU’s backrest hearken back to the 1990s when lounge chairs were all the rage and designed to swaddle you whole, Nguyen incorporated modern elements like slim, yet plush cushions and uniform upholstery to bring RU into the 21st century. All of these design features enhance RU’s comfort, but the rattan touches are the sure showstopper.

Noting his inspiration behind choosing rattan as a building material, Nguyen describes, “To me, lines and materials should be the storytellers in product design. Therefore, when you lie down on this chair, I hope that sweet childhood memories will come back to you and lull your mind to peace.”

Designer: Cuong Nguyen

Rattan armrests and backing support RU’s slim upholstered cushion.

The gradual slope of RU’s backrest provides plenty of space for lounging, a nice ’90s touch. 

While the rattan armrest and expansive backrest are design elements rooted in the ’90s, the slim cushion and uniform upholstery bring the RU lounge chair into the modern era. 

This modular furniture system can be reconfigured endlessly to keep your kids entertained while you work from home!

Loop is a modular furniture system that aims to keep your kid entertained while you’re working from home, incorporating a mixed array of play modules and work modules that can be reconfigured endlessly to create the ideal WFH space.

Working from home has tested each of our house’s office efficiency and versatility. Few of us have come out on top–sinking into the couch is great for Netflix, but not Zoom, and mid-meeting snacks end up as a layer of cracker and chips on the carpet. Add kids to the mix and a home renovation project couldn’t come soon enough. But before you completely transform your living room, look to Loop, a modular furniture system with integrated kid-friendly features designed by industrial designer Buse Kaya for parents who need to keep an eye on their kids while working from home.

It always feels like the doctor’s office waiting room has everything to keep your kid entertained, from wooden toy blocks to sheets and sheets of stickers, whereas the magazine rack is there for you to peruse while you sip on your coffee and fill out the paperwork. Loop (stylized as Loop.) is a little bit like that.

From a chalkboard to a bead maze and tactile puzzles, each module that makes up Loop is designed for your child to play with while you work. Considering its modular formation, Loop can be configured in countless different ways. In one space, users can stack each module on top of one another to create a partition and standing desk space, allowing you to work freely while your kid remains entertained and within eyesight.

Alternatively, users can position Loop so that the storage modules bunch together while the play and work modules attach to one another to form a hybrid WFH space. Or, true to its name, Loop can form a circle similar to horseshoe desk formations in grade school so while you work at one module, your kid can play away right in front of you.

Since WFH has sprung into high gear, those of us with kids are reconsidering our home spaces to make sure we’re filling out the correct paperwork while watching our kids and keeping them entertained. Comprised of attachable modules, Loop is a furniture system that can adapt to any living space. Each module comes with its own function and personality, offering an array of different play spaces for your child or children to stay entertained.

Designer: Buse Kaya

Each module that comes with Loop can be broken down to create detached play areas for your kid to bring anywhere they like.

The modules can even function as seats that imitate a rocking horse.

Built with kid-friendly materials, Loop is as playful as it is safe. 

Loop comes with an assembly booklet that guides users through the building process. 

Loop’s final form was ultimately decided following multiple ideations and an involved research period.

This sleek home office desk organizes cluttered workspace, retaining a warm yet minimal aesthetic

Meet Blis, a minimalistic office desk centered on the friendly, warm, and homely element – keeping in mind that it’s going to adorn your living space.

These days work from home regime is a common affair and hitting the sweet spot for a productive work routine is hard to strive at times. There’re so many distractions around (audio and visual) it gets super hard to concentrate. How the home office desk is set up has a huge bearing on the focus – reason enough for so much fuzz around such desks. The Blis Home Office Desk designed by Rodrigo Torres for MUMA is a testament to the fact that work from home setup doesn’t necessarily be brimmed with geeky stuff.

The cool desk design keeps the wire clutter to a minimum for a clean look, hiding them from plain sight in the funneled legs. While it gives the impression of a very simple desk, there are inclusions that enhance the tidiness aspect further. There’s a sleek groove on the back section to store anything from files, papers, or pens to folders or charging cables. This section has an embedded board on top to pin all your important tasks, reminders or calendar events, or photos of loved ones to be always in a blissful frame of mind.

The desk has an elevated section on the other side for planters, pen stands or other props to keep things organized without much effort. On the bottom, there is a storage box that can move independently in the vertical direction too. The designer has incorporated the wooden inserts with the highest quality surface laminates by Wilsonart for years of durability. The Blis Home Office Desk comes in cool white silver, black and dusted grey finish that will go with any home interior without a semblance of doubt.

The furniture piece is the ideal setup for any work from home regime – especially for people who value a very sleek aesthetic for anything they sport in their home interiors. I would definitely like to have this desk as a part of my WFH schedule for peak focus sessions!

Designer:  Rodrigo Torres

This minimal and multifunctional furniture design serves as a coffee table, high stool, and bench!

Furniture pieces can make or break a home, but something about a furniture design that is multifunctional makes it 10x alluring to me! Shin Chen’s ‘& Chair’ is a prime example of a multifunctional piece of furniture that provides unparalleled functionality, while perfectly integrating with your home. Chen describes the & Chair as not simply a chair, but “a partner which lives together” with you. It’s a simple and minimal piece crafted from natural materials like ash wood and felt. Much like its name, the chair actually mimics the ‘&’ sign, which also represents its multifunctional nature.

Based on how it’s placed, and its position – the furniture piece can function as a coffee table, high stool, and a low stool or bench. Pretty ingenious, no? When placed upright and vertically, the & Chair functions as a high stool, that could make an interesting bar stool! When placed horizontally – it can function either as a coffee table or low stool, depending on which side it is placed upon. When used as a coffee table, the & Chair provides ample storage space to place your magazines, books, and other personal belongings.

The unique curved wooden detail in the chair is probably its most important feature, and also the most interesting one. The curved form supports the multifunctionality of the design, and also adds an also poetic form to it. At first glance, the & Chair may look like a simple wooden furniture design, which it is, but it’s also much more. It manages to packs a punch of functionality with its homely and minimal form, while also harmoniously merging with the rest of your living space.

Designer: Shin Chen

This side table console is a simple + elegant + functional furniture for studio apartments

A side table that doubles as a stool or space to store your books and other props – giving a whole new dimension to multi-functional, compact and lightweight furniture just perfect for your minimalist home.

How often have you come across a piece of multifunctional furniture that is either too bulky or the intended functions turn out to be not so useful in day-to-day usage? Minimalism is the name of the game these days in modern homes which are so much space constricted. On top of that, a compact piece of furniture catering to a plethora of needs is most wanted for studio apartments where every inch of available space matters. A perfect scenario for O Side Table to make a statement in the home furnishing space where the options are virtually limitless.

The table and console combo thought of by Mudu Design is designed with the vision of interaction with home furniture in more than one way. This multifunctional side table seems like any ordinary piece of a furniture item – but that’s where the similarity ends. Not only is it a side table, but a sturdy stool, storage unit for magazines and much more depending on your creativity. Plus, the easy-to-carry aesthetics make this side table highly maneuverable depending on the needs in a jiffy.

The designer Rostyk Sorokovyi’s obsession with round shapes is evident in the side table crafted out of natural wood. This choice is not just random but based on the fact that the circle is the most harmonious shape nature has bestowed us with. The furniture piece comes in classy black and natural wood color options – expanding the choice for picky users.

Designer: Rostyk Sorokovyi of Mudu Design

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This Bed Lets Kids Sleep Under an Imperial Walker

Can you imagine waking up every morning and looking up to see an Imperial Walker towering over your head? Well, if you’ve got $8500 lying around, your kid could experience that thanks to the guys at Tiny Town Studios. These guys create all kinds of amazing custom builds, from pirate ships to giant alligators you can walk through.

This awesome handmade bed lets kids sleep between the legs of an AT-AT while imagining they’re flying along the snowy surface of Hoth in a T-47 Rebel Airspeeder. Of course, you wouldn’t your kid to be lying beneath this thing when it came crashing down, so it’s best not to try wrapping its legs with a tow cable.

The bed appears to be twin-size, but I’m sure with deep enough pockets, you could convince Tiny Town to build you a version with a bigger bed underneath. I want a California King with enough room for me to roll around on it my AT-AT pilot costume. Or better yet, can I get a version with a ladder, and the bed is inside the AT-AT? And rig it up so the legs move and I can stomp around my neighborhood this winter when there’s snow on the ground.