This minimal and multifunctional furniture design serves as a coffee table, high stool, and bench!

Furniture pieces can make or break a home, but something about a furniture design that is multifunctional makes it 10x alluring to me! Shin Chen’s ‘& Chair’ is a prime example of a multifunctional piece of furniture that provides unparalleled functionality, while perfectly integrating with your home. Chen describes the & Chair as not simply a chair, but “a partner which lives together” with you. It’s a simple and minimal piece crafted from natural materials like ash wood and felt. Much like its name, the chair actually mimics the ‘&’ sign, which also represents its multifunctional nature.

Based on how it’s placed, and its position – the furniture piece can function as a coffee table, high stool, and a low stool or bench. Pretty ingenious, no? When placed upright and vertically, the & Chair functions as a high stool, that could make an interesting bar stool! When placed horizontally – it can function either as a coffee table or low stool, depending on which side it is placed upon. When used as a coffee table, the & Chair provides ample storage space to place your magazines, books, and other personal belongings.

The unique curved wooden detail in the chair is probably its most important feature, and also the most interesting one. The curved form supports the multifunctionality of the design, and also adds an also poetic form to it. At first glance, the & Chair may look like a simple wooden furniture design, which it is, but it’s also much more. It manages to packs a punch of functionality with its homely and minimal form, while also harmoniously merging with the rest of your living space.

Designer: Shin Chen

James Dyson Award-winning chair was designed to hug people with autism to help relieve their stress

James Dyson Award-Winner OTO Chair for Autistic People

Created to help people on the autistic spectrum overcome stress, the Dyson Award-winning OTO chair uses a set of inflatable cushions to hug the person sitting in the chair. The cushions expand from the sides, emulating the feeling of being body-hugged and helping people with special needs overcome sensory overload.

The OTO chair was designed by Alexia Audrain, who learned more about the special needs of people on the autistic spectrum while she studied cabinetmaking and designing. “Noise, light, or physical contact can be a real challenge in everyday life [for people with autism]”, says Audrain. “To compensate for this sensory disorder, autistic people regularly feel the need to be held very tightly or to be hugged.” This form of deep pressure therapy can have a calming effect and reduce anxiety while improving the person’s sense of body awareness.

James Dyson Award-Winner OTO Chair for Autistic People

James Dyson Award-Winner OTO Chair for Autistic People

Sensory overloads are caused when the brain is overwhelmed by the amount of input it receives in a given time (if you’ve ever felt fatigued or stressed after a few hours of doomscrolling, that’s what it is). This neurological ‘traffic jam’ causes people to suffer bouts of stress or panic attacks – something that can be a common occurrence for people on the spectrum. The OTO Chair’s isolating design gives them a ‘cocoon’ to sink into, while the contracting walls on the side help their brain to forget everything and focus on just their body being gently compressed by the soft cushions. Once the overwhelming feeling passes, the cushions can be deflated back to their original shape.

James Dyson Award-Winner OTO Chair for Autistic People

James Dyson Award-Winner OTO Chair for Autistic People

The OTO Chair comes with a footrest (that also serves as an Ottoman stool), a textured panel on the side to help people through tactile therapy, and a simple remote with pictograms that helps the person seated to control the chair’s inflating walls. The cushions on the side are designed to expand when unzipped, and will sit flat against the chair when zipped back.

James Dyson Award-Winner OTO Chair for Autistic People

James Dyson Award-Winner OTO Chair for Autistic People

James Dyson Award-Winner OTO Chair for Autistic People

Thanks to its cocoon shape, OTO offers privacy and gives a reassuring effect and a feeling of safety for the user, while the upholstery of the chair helps dampen audio, creating a quiet safe space.

James Dyson Award-Winner OTO Chair for Autistic People

James Dyson Award-Winner OTO Chair for Autistic People

A National Winner of the James Dyson Award, OTO now progresses to the international leg of the award program, with the results being announced on October 13th.

Designer: Alexia Audrain

James Dyson Award-Winner OTO Chair for Autistic People

James Dyson Award-Winner OTO Chair for Autistic People

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Nendo’s reinterpretation of Dior’s Medallion Chair is a masterclass in form and minimalism

The Medallion Chair has remained an iconic part of Dior’s visual imagery all the way back since 1947 when Christian Dior first got Victor Grandpierre to decorate his salon. It cemented its place in Dior’s design language in the 1955 Diorama and the 1958 Miss Dior perfume campaigns, becoming a signature element in the brand’s visual imagery, like the ‘Bar’ jacket or Cannage pattern. This year, Dior asked 18 renowned designers and studios to put their personal spin on the Medallion Chair for Salone del Mobile 2021… among them was Nendo, who’s reinterpretation managed to catch our eye for exactly the opposite reason – the fact that it was so minimal you’d probably never spot it!

Nendo’s Chaise Medallion 3.0 plays around with forms, surfaces, gestalt, and minimalism on a level that’s beyond compare. It’s every bit as visually iconic and memorable as the original Medallion Chair, but flips the entire chair’s design inside out… literally. Challenging every notion of what a chair should look like, Nendo’s redesigned chair is worthy of being a modernist prop in Dior’s studios. It comes fabricated from curved sheets of 3mm thick glass that can support the weight of a person (even though it doesn’t look like it could). The chemically hardened glass is incredibly transparent (to the extent that you’d probably walk right past it) while being scratch-resistant and having higher flexural strength. Its fragile, all-transparent design makes it almost look precious, transcending it beyond simple furniture.

The minimalist reinterpretation immediately makes sense when you see that medallion-shaped cutout in the chair’s backrest. Playing on the positive and negative aspects of the chair’s form, Nendo’s redesign inverts the classic and simplifies it to its bare minimum. It’s a medallion chair without essentially being a medallion chair. Just the way a silhouette of a logo is still the logo, while essentially being a stencil or a silhouette. It’s a common graphic design trick that not many people use in 3d forms and products, but Nendo does it exceptionally well, almost giving us a masterclass in gestalt and minimalism.

Having made appearances as an icon or a prop in multiple of Dior’s perfume advertisements, the chair’s redesign in glass feels like the most natural progression, making it look quite like a perfume bottle itself. It comes in similar color-ways too, including an all transparent design, a frosted design, an opaque black variant, and a pink ombré that’s highly evocative of the Dior brand and its perfume lineup. Nendo’s Chaise Medallion 3.0 will be displayed at this year’s Salone del Mobile alongside as many as 30 other redesigned Medallion chairs. Be sure to spot it!

Designer: Nendo for Dior

Iconic architectural monuments become furniture design details with the CITYNG chair series

A play on the words CITY and SEATING, Savio Firmino and Cosimo de Vita’s CITYNG series of chairs take you on a tour around the world. The backrests on each of the chairs pay tribute to 16 different iconic monuments across cities like Rome, Paris, Barcelona, Moscow, Petra, New York, Agra, etc. By immortalizing these architectural marvels in his furniture series, designer Cosimo de Vita hopes that each chair becomes a symbolic representation of its monument and location’s cultures and traditions. Lined together the chairs capture the multicultural beauty of history and architecture in one single photo, presenting an incredibly diverse skyline of the world’s architectural wonders.

The chairs wonderfully do justice to their architectural inspirations with the way they’re made. The seats come with a stepped design, mimicking the steps leading to a building, while the backrest explores the monument’s architectural styles and details with meticulous engraving. The chair below, for instance, represents the Duomo di Milano, while you’ve got the Florence Cathedral right below that. Other iconic architectural marvels include the Notre Dame in Paris, the Taj Mahal in Agra, the Chrysler Building in New York, the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, the Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, and the Yellow Crane Tower in Wuhan.

About the CITYNG series, designer Cosimo de Vita says “CITYNG is a journey between West and East, between tradition and modernity; the chairs are handcrafted in solid wood, but also decorated with a numerical control pantograph”. The chairs are crafted using a combination of techniques, including handiwork as well as CNC-machining. Florence-based company Savio Firmino, which partnered with Cosimo de Vita over the CITYNG series, will be displaying the entire collection of furniture at Supersalone during the Milan Design Week 2021.

This multifunctional chair goes from a high chair to a rocker in the blink of an eye!

A simple yet highly functional chair designed to bring home multifunctional furniture to modern living while being easy to use!

The multifunctional nature of any furnishing unit comes down to the design of the individual modules. The individual modules can be easy or challenging to put together – and even though we buy the design with great plans, we end up not using the multiple diversities it offers (I’m talking about that fold-out couch that always stayed tucked in). Unlike most multifunctional furniture, which is bulky or too complicated, this vibrant chair is a pretty unique solution.

Designed by Xue Song, the multifunctional chair christened Dysta looks simple yet has a multitude of uses – ideal for any city apartment, your bedroom, or the backyard. By simply turning it around in a specific orientation, the function of Dysta changes dramatically. It goes from a high stool to a normal chair and then into a low seating in the blink of an eye.

The chair transforms – it can turn into a swing lounger when you need to relax and don’t have a rocking chair on your porch. Such is the design simplicity of the chair; it will fit into any section of your home, lifestyle, or interior.

The designer’s motivation to create the multifunctional chair is to create interactive spaces for happy and relaxed moments when desired. The use of colors also adds a pop – have just the right fun while balancing your vibe.

Xue created Dysta by welding four steel pipes together and then laser cutting the multiplex boards. This cool chair is the perfect example of achieving a functional design that will become an integral part of the user’s daily regime.

Designer: Xue Song

Finally, The Heated Outdoor Folding Chair You’ve Been Waiting For

Because the great outdoors are best enjoyed while warm and seated, this is the Heated Outdoor Folding Chair available exclusively from Hammacher Schlemmer. I can already feel my butt sweating around a campfire.

The $180 chair has a heating element woven into its seat and has three different temperature settings: 113ºF, 122ºF, and 131ºF. Am I going to hack mine to go up to 300ºF so I can use it for cooking hot dogs? Warranties were made to voided. Its AC rechargeable battery pack provides about six hours of heat on a full charge or about a half-hour of grilling time for me.

Alternatively, just sit on one of those hand warmer packs in a regular folding chair. Sure it might not be as elegant as a heated folding chair, but it’s also not as expensive. If I’m going to spend $180 on a chair, you better believe it’s going to be one of those fancy Japanese toilets with all the bells and whistles.

Minimalist hanging leather chair is the hammock-alternative that’s perfect for lounging indoor spaces

Perfect for that break between attending Zoom meetings and responding to work emails, Studio Stirling’s Sling Hanging Chair gives you that stress-melting effect you get from a hammock, but indoors. The hanging chair comprises a metal hoop suspended from the ceiling, on which lies draped a piece of thick leather that you sit on. Quite like how a hammock adjusts to your shape and posture when you sit on it, Studio Stirling’s Sling adjusts to your frame too, letting you hang out for a bit… quite literally!

The Sling hanging chair is an exercise in form, function, and minimalism. Stripped away from anything excess, it reduces the chair to its most abstract form, even ditching the legs in the process! The circular frame and leather sheet do two jobs – the more obvious one of allowing a human to sit comfortably, as well as creating an iconic silhouette that makes the Sling chair instantly recognizable and incredibly inviting. Tell me you DON’T want to sit on that beauty!

Each Sling is handmade with care by craftsmen, with a powder-coated mild-steel circular frame upon which sits the thick oil-tanned leather sheet that comes in a variety of colors including the traditional brown and black, or the more unusual bronze, silver or gold upholstery leather, lined with South African shwe-shwe fabric, and capped off with a comfortable head-bolster that can be removed, unrolled, and used as a blanket!

Designers: Joanina Pastoll & David Pastoll (Studio Stirling)

This stackable + portable fiberglass table-chair combo takes convenience of home office to the garden

Working from home has helped abate long commutes and undue office distraction from our schedule, but it has eventually made us less social (if you know what I mean). Working alone at home, sitting by the same wall – no matter the congenial work environment you have tried to create – you’re still devoid of what’s going on beyond the zoom meetings and co-working software. Folding furniture has been the first choice for many professionals considering its space-saving functionality but stackable furniture with all-weather durability is going to outpace the former. Presenting a likable option in that space, industrial designer Gökçe Nafak has conceived the uuma portable table and chair combo, which is delivered in one stackable unit you can use in multiple setting both indoors and outdoors.

During the work from home regime, there may be times when you want to move to the balcony/garden and work while soaking in some sun. It seems easy with the choice of outdoor furniture, but if you have tried – you know – meeting the comfort of the workstation outside is not possible, and you end up cutting the adventure short, only to return to the more efficient work environment. With the umma the scenario is alterable. You can have a comfortable seat that can raise or lower on demand and can be clipped open to reveal a height-adjustable table. This table and chair can then be equally comfortable whether you choose to place it outside or inside in your home-office nook. This means, with uuma you can work wherever and whenever you can find the right motivation and creativity you need for your work.

This portable table and chair combo is made from fiberglass, which offers the unit its much-needed portability and durability. Fiberglass by virtue is a sustainable and pretty affordable material, it is also lightweight and robust in nature. The customizable furniture unit comprises four parts primarily that can be removed or put together with minimum know-how. The modular parts of the uuma include a height-adjustable metal leg – forming the central frame – and the lower and upper table layers.

Made in three bright colors to match the modern interiors, uuma comes strapped up in a nylon band, which can be clipped open to unveil the magic. With a subtle move, you can have a chair with a storage compartment, which when needed can be disassembled to deliver a table from within – a table and a chair combo was never so conveniently available!

Designer: Gökçe Nafak

Inflated Mylar Balloon Stools Won’t Pop When You Sit on Them

Designed by Oskar Zieta and available from the Gessato design store, the Plopp metal stool has the appearance of an inflated mylar balloon. It’s nobody’s birthday though, the stools are actually constructed of welded steel sheets that have been industrially inflated using a process developed by Zieta known as “free inner pressure deformation”. The Big Bad Wolf is impressed!

The 19.5″ stools are available in a variety of colors (red, green, yellow, black, white, grey, and raw steel) for $525 – or polished steel for $725. So while they’re certainly not the least expensive stool option, they do look the most like inflated balloons. Is that worth over $500? My wife is shaking her head no, but she’s also a notorious Jeff Koons critic.

What a surprise it’s going to be when we have guests over to the house and I pretend to inflate stools for everyone! Maybe not as surprised as my wife is going to be when she realizes I spent $2,100 on novelty stools, but the garage isn’t going to sleep in itself, you know.

This multifunctional coffee table transforms into a sitting bench and more furniture to save you space!

Saving space in tiny homes should be considered a sport. Finding the right furniture and storage organizers can take a while, but the wait is always worth it once the right pieces come along. One way to save space is by choosing multifunctional furniture like the & Chair from Taiwan-based designer Shin Chen, a piece of furniture that blends storage into a coffee table that doubles as a high stool and bench.

Inspired by the shape of the ampersand, & Chair flows into a natural shape, handmade from a collection of sustainable materials like felt and ash wood. & Chair can be positioned in different placements to change its use‒from upright to horizontal, the & Chair changes function as it changes position. When placed upright, the & Chair morphs into a standing coat rack with ample drawer storage, where smaller items like magazines and umbrellas can be stored. Then, users can bring the & Chair down, allowing it to work as a coffee table with storage space made available through a slot-and-rack system, where magazines and coffee table books can be kept. The & Chair can also always work as a bench when placed horizontally, making for an inviting entryway sitting bench where you can tie your shoes or a more discreet seating area for overflow in the living room.

Modeled after the ampersand, the & Chair’s name is symbolic for its multifunctionality, bringing out its chameleonic personality. Designed from warm, natural wood, the & Chair enhances each living space with a hint of abstract Scandinavian design marked by its wooden structure and unique shape that changes with each of its different uses.

Designer: Shin Chen

The & Chair functions as a coffee table, storage organizer, and sitting bench, making it an ideal piece of multifunctional furniture for small living spaces.

Using a slot-and-rack storage method, magazines and coffee table books can be stored in the & Chair when its placed horizontally on the floor.

When positioned upright, the & Chair can work as standing coat rack.

Moving from upright to horizontal, the position of the & Chair defines its use.

The & Chair is hand constructed from sustainable building material is felt and ash wood.