Star Wars Hoth + Kamino inspired desk – ‘may the work force be with you’

Geeky work desk setups hit those right notes when it comes to getting in the groove. Add to the mix a Star Wars theme, and there’ll not be a living soul that fails to admire it. Glen Vivaris has crafted miniature Millennium Falcon in the past, and it sure was impressive. Now, the YouTuber has created another work of art that’s tailor-made for an avid fan.

Now he’s got down to putting together a very intrinsic Hoth and Kamino-inspired workbench that’ll keep anyone glued to the seat for hours at end. Made out of a salvaged IKEA table, the workbench carries over the weathered look of the dystopian world pictured in the epic intergalactic saga. While the ocean dominated Kamino, and became an important contributor to the shift in political power during the final days of the Republic, the Hoth was witness to the battle between Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance who had set up the Echo Base on the freezing planet. Both these worlds have dotted the memories of Star Wars fans, and this desk is a testament to the mystical worlds.

Designer: Glen Makes

Glen has put a lot of effort into this DIY project – right from the greeblies on the front edge, droid power port and the floating Mandalorian ship to the structuring of the table legs, accompanying chair and the overall weathered look. The power strip concealed in a vertical position can be brought up by turning the mechanism and pushing a button. This is what I find the most intriguing in the cool design worthy of a geeky den.

Going in with the Star Wars theme, there’s a lamp and exhaust hose draped in the white hues. To make the DIY more impactful, the wall has also been redone in a matching paint job. Overall, this DIY is well worth trying as a weekend project if you desperately want a desk setup up like this one.

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TWINS-MDF is a chair set that fit into each other like a Matryoshka puzzle

Whenever we build something physical, there will almost always be some resulting waste. For example, there are trimmings and cutoffs that are left on the production floor, and these are often thrown out because they can no longer be used. There has been some pushback recently in the attempt to reduce material waste, often by recycling or reusing these materials for other unrelated or orthogonal products. Pieces of fabric can be used for other textile-related designs, and even plastics can be recycled for some other plastic parts of other products. Of course, it would probably be better if there were no wasted materials at all and that every solid piece could become part of the product or a set of products. That’s the kind of resource efficiency that this chair set tries to aim for, resulting in a quirky design that looks like it was made from puzzle mats.

Designer: Yuji Tanabe Architects

Unless you’re designing something with very basic shapes or something that can be folded like origami, chances are you’ll always need to cut off pieces of a whole. In most cases, these pieces get left unused, especially if they’re made from non-recyclable materials, but there are also times when they can serve a different purpose. With some creative design thinking, however, it might be possible to use every last inch of a single piece of material. In fact, it might even be possible to create several products from it.

The TWINS-MDF is a modern twist on the first TWINS chair set by the designer launched 18 years ago. The original was a pair of metal and wooden chairs that fit into each other like a glove. This new version uses Medium Density Fiberboard instead (hence “MDF”) and expands the family into a set of four chairs. Technically, only two are really usable by humans, but the other two chairs are perfect for a kid’s imaginary tea party for plushies.

The idea is to cut MDF boards into square pieces with interlocking edges similar to those that you’d see on puzzle mats. The process yields two chairs in one, the “Frame” and the “Surface.”. The Surface chair is created using the “solid” central part of the puzzle pieces, while the Frame is made from the resulting “outline.” In addition to the alternating colors, the two chairs create complementing forms of mass and void as well.

The same design is applied to a smaller scale, creating a pair of chairs that are more decorative than functional. In addition to being able to fit into each other, the puzzle-like design also has another advantage. It is possible to connect two or more Surfaces together to form a bench, same with the Frames. That even scales down to the smaller version, thanks to the uneven tops of the chairs’ back plates.

You’re unlike to fit the Surface and the Frame into each other, though, because of the work it would take to take them apart and put them back together again. From a materials perspective, however, this kind of design is critical in helping reduce not just material waste but also the overall energy footprint during production. It’s definitely a bonus that the chairs look distinctive, with an almost playful flair to an industrial motif.

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Burnt Cork highlights resiliency in eclectic furniture collection

When you think of cork, you probably automatically think of wine or champagne. It has also been associated with accessories like bags, wallets, coasters, etc. But you don’t really think of furniture made from this material. That doesn’t mean it can’t be done right? A new furniture collection is showing off how this material, specifically Portuguese cork, is not just aesthetically beautiful but can also be a symbol of resilience.

Designer: Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance

The material used for the Burnt Cork furniture collection was created in the designer’s Portugal-based studio. While driving through the country and seeing the forest fires last 2017, the experience stuck with him and when thinking about using cork, he also wanted it to become a tribute to the resilience not just of the material but of the process and the people of Portugal as well. The “sombeiro” or cork oak tree is pretty resilient and so that goes perfectly well with what he was planning. What we get are pieces of furniture that have unique textures and curving forms.

What he did was use the blackened bark tissue from burnt forest trees and then transforms them into blocks with gradient colors and textures. They are then carved into minimalist chairs and tables that aren’t just functional as for usual furniture but they also look like pieces of sculpture that you’d love to display in your living room and dining room. The bottom part of these pieces have charcoal-laden cork materials while you get finer tan granules as you go up the furniture.

The Burnt Cork collection is made up of three tables, two chairs, a stool, and the very first piece, a chaise lounge. The base starts off rigid and strong and they gradually morph into curved shapes that turn them, specifically the chairs, into comfortable pieces of furniture. The stool for one, looks like a museum piece with its three legs and eclectic shape, although I’m not sure if I can actually sit on it for a long time. I wouldn’t mind displaying them at home though.

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Your AirPods Max are the inspiration behind these minimalist, futuristic chairs

Whether or not you are an Apple fan, you have to admit that the Cupertino company has cemented itself as a design giant. We’ve seen other brands and designers try to imitate or at least be inspired by the various smartphones, tablets, and other devices that the company has brought out over the years. And it’s not just the tech industry that admires Apple’s designs but also designers from other industries have come up with their own concepts based on Apple products.

Designer: Girelli Studio

Will we see the tech giant come up with furniture designs someday? Well for now it’s highly unlikely but if they get into it eventually, we have some samples of what they may look like, at least based on their current devices. Well in particular, we can imagine what an Apple chair would look like as a multidisciplinary design studio has come up with what they think that would look like. They were inspired by the Apple Airpods Max and came up with a pretty well-designed and futuristic-looking piece of furniture.

David Girelli said that he likes experimenting with designs for companies that aren’t yet into furniture and the Airpods Max is a good device to experiment with. What he came up with is a minimalist-looking chair that is heavily inspired by the headbands of the Apple device. The backrest is the one that looks like the headband and it does give off a comfortable vibe. The seat cushion is also inspired by the large ear-cups of the Airpods Max, adding to the softness and comfort that the chair gives off, despite the stainless steel parts.

The product renders also show off some more colors that also match the existing colors of the Airpods Max. It would be nice to see something like this in the market even though it will be highly unlikely that Apple would ever go into the furniture business.

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Eco-friendly and ergonomic kids’ chair concept is sustainable and functional

Children’s furniture is almost always functional, ergonomic, well-designed, and with an element of fun added. But it can also be something that can add a bit of social and environmental awareness to young minds. In the past few years we’ve seen products that use sustainable materials mostly for grown-ups but we also need to start teaching sustainability to kids who will eventually grow up and be the ones to take care of the world, or what’s left of it.

Designers: Violeta López, Rubén Ortega Díaz, Carla Fdez

The P-LOGIC chair is a product concept that wants to combine “functionality, aesthetics, ergonomics, and sustainability”, four aspects that when put together can be the perfect kind of furniture. The chair is actually also a desk and is shaped uniquely with waves and curves that are not just for design purposes but can also be functional. The back of the chair, the space underneath, and the slits in between can be used to store toys, books, and other stuff that the child may need to be near them as they study, play, or rest.

This piece of furniture is created specifically for children 5-8 years old and is made from sustainable materials and sports an eco-friendly design. The entire chair is made from wood from sustainable forests and the table part is actually made from recycled PET thermoplastic polymer. Basically, it’s actually from bottle caps that have been recycled, chopped, melted, and sanded down. So what you get for the table is something that looks like multi-colored stained glass except that it’s made from recycled plastic.

While the chair is meant to be used by kids, the parents, teachers, and other adults are the ones that would need to be convinced to use something like this for their houses, schools, libraries, or public places. But it’s also a good way to teach eco-friendly and sustainable design to the kids who will be using them (or the adults who can actually fit into this chair).

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A sustainable modular seating designed for the privacy-stricken post-pandemic workforce

The pandemic has given birth to a seclusion workforce that is now more concerned about safe distancing and privacy. Privacy is more than a buzzword; it is perhaps a necessity these days, especially on open office floors. The workforce is used to private, secluded work life at home; transitioning to the social lifestyle in an open office theme is going to take a while.

For this mindset of post-pandemic office goers, designer Dymitr Malcew has designed what is a flexible, private seating solution. Dymitr is a Singapore-based designer and architect reckoned in the crowd for his human-centric furniture and structures. There have been many future-forward designs of desks and private residences that the designer has idealized over time. But what really stands out in his portfolio – and aligns with the furniture collection in discussion – is the cubicles finished with interactive screens and modular furniture to function as meeting rooms in cramped office spaces.

Designer: Dymitr Malcew

Just personalizing the concept further, Dymitr has arrived at soft upholstered, comfy seating collection to create a private but friendly atmosphere. Dubbed Futo, the furniture collection is designed for DYD. It’s a flexible option that touches the tangent of lounge furniture and blurs the line between hospitality-ready and office furniture. This is reminiscent of its appearance, which first up reminds of the high-back, overpowering furniture common in hotel lobbies. The curvy and preferably organic Futo collection offers users psychological safety (by providing seclusion in space) in addition to snugly comfort.

By offering the workforce flexible office furniture, Futo collection can be used in various configurations. The modularity is backed by sustainable construction and ensures private working zones and common meeting spaces without much fuss of rebuilds. So, it’s a given, that with the Futo – available in vibrant color options – offices will be able to optimize performance and workforce well-being with this one particular furniture collection.

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Folding chair concept uses nylon strap to lift and fold

As someone who admittedly spends a lot of time sitting on various kinds of chairs, folding chairs aren’t my favorite kind. Most of what I’ve seen and used aren’t that sturdy or comfortable. Even storing them is often a hassle and sometimes can cause minor accidents. Of course they’re still pretty useful especially when you need something portable and easy to store but needless to say, there are a lot of improvements that you can still make to this kind of product.

Designer: ( acasso ) Inc.

The Tekron concept for a folding chair tried to use “an unconventional structure” when coming up with a product design. It comes from a desire to improve not just the chair itself but also the user experience particularly when it comes to folding and storing it. They improved on the style and the mechanism involved while still maintaining the minimalist and industrial look of the usual folding chairs. Metal is still the ideal material overall so they experimented on the other things.

They used nylon straps and military-grade metal buckle for the folding and storing contraption. The “belt” actually looks like the airplane seatbelts or even the fashion accessory ones but this time around, the purpose is for the folding chairs. You have to tighten the strap from behind in order to fully fold the chair and make it as flat as possible if you don’t need to use it. It will not unfold unless you release the buckle so there will be no accidental unfolding like with normal folding chairs.

The Tekron chair itself is made from aluminum and can be folded and unfolded numerous times as it is lightweight and durable. The body is industrial in color and style but you get a pop of color from the lifting straps. The product renders show red and green colored straps and it provides a nice little design accent in what is otherwise a metallic, industrial design.

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Ergonomic chair support design will help correct your posture

As you get older, you wake up with all kinds of aches and pains even if you’re not that active. Actually, if you live a mostly sedentary lifestyle, that’s when you feel a lot of joint and back pains, mostly because you’re sitting in front of a computer most of the time. As someone that lives like that and has bad posture, I know it’s time to find an ergonomic chair or solution to help my poor back and neck. There are a lot of products out there although the comfort and convenience (not to mention the price tag) can sometimes be a hindrance.

Designers: Wonjun Wo, 임 호, Geun Hyuk Yoo

The Curble Chair concept is a legless chair that can help users with bad posture be able to sit properly and therefore probably help lessen their back pain by correcting pelvic torsion. It’s actually something that you can place on top of your existing chair so it can help correct the posture of your lumbar and lower back while you’re working at a desk or sitting on a chair for a long time. It’s a high elastic support chair with an ergonomic design that looks pretty comfortable.

Their initial design wasn’t as perfect as they wanted it to be so after testing it out with customers, they were able to adjust things like the size, the comfort level, and added some other special features. They used 3D printed prototypes to actually test the legless chair. They made it a bit bigger probably to make it more comfortable whatever chair you’re putting it on top of. They also added a wave rib to support the weight of those using it.

The chair support also has two high elastic support to make it more flexible and more comfortable even as the product supports your back. The cushion itself can be removed for cleaning especially since you’ll probably be using it a lot and there might be some sweat, snack crumbs, and dust trapped in it after a time. I’m still not sure about the comfort level of this contraption but the priority is of course your posture so it may not always be that comfortable. That may be a small price to pay if I will get lesser back pain every morning or right before I sleep.

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Desk chair lets you swivel around to take a break

For people who practically live in front of their desk or workstation, having something that’s comfortable and flexible is pretty important. I for one can sometimes spend almost six hours straight sitting in front of a screen in both my office desk and home desk. I’d like to take a break and read a book or write in my journal, but sometimes I won’t be able to stand up for hours. What if I had furniture that would let me relax just a bit while not leaving my space?

Designers: Yael Mer & Shay Alkalay (Raw Edge)

The Sui Desk Chair is an interesting piece of chair that can turn from a working desk into a casual chair where you can read a book or drink a cup of coffee with just a little swivel. It’s built to be a hybrid and multi-purpose structure. Even when it’s a desk, you still get some freedom of movement (at least in the physical sense) as the design brings you wide and generous angles, letting you have both private and semi-public spaces, depending on which way you want to swivel.

The swivel seat is attached to the desk itself which is a semi-circle-shaped surface. So when you’re facing the desk, you can put not just your computer or laptop but also your planner, snacks, coffee, books, and other stuff you would need to work or study around you. When you want to take a break from whatever it is you’re doing, just swivel around and pick up a book or meditate or just close your eyes for a few minutes and you can use the desk behind you as a backrest and the part nearer you as an armrest. You still have your other stuff within reach so no need to stand up (although you should get up every once in a while ideally).

The Sui Desk Chair also has an integrated power plug solution although this is an optional feature. And just like other +Halle products, they use wood that is “grown with respect for the land” and the metal parts are actually made from 99% recylable steel. I would definitely want to have something like this in my office although it would probably make my already sedentary lifestyle even more sedentary.

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Inflatable chair is a portable version of a popular laidback chair

I am a huge fan of the beach. I love going to it during the summer, looking at it and the sunset, walking around and feeling the sand slip on my toes, and sometimes, even swimming in the sea. What is challenging though is finding a convenient spot to sit so you can read a book or chat with friends or just stare off into the sunrise. Well of course you can just sit on the shore and on the sand but it’s not the most comfortable thing and sand gets in, uhm, places.

Designer: BoteBoard

The Adirondack chair is one of the most popular and laidback chairs created and is a constant feature in backyards, porches, and swimming pools. Now if only you could bring it to the beach as well but of course, it’s not built to be portable and is a bit heavy and bulky. Outdoor gear manufacturer BoteBoard came up with a lighter, portable, and inflatable version of this ergonomic chair called the AeroRondak Chair. You can bring it anywhere, not just the beach, but it seems perfect for that.

The chair is made up of foam-covered armrests, an inflatable backrest and base, and two MAGNEPOD for the armrests. You are able to control the rigidity of the different parts of the chair as the armrests and backrest are inflated separately. The MAGNEPODS are embedded in the armests so you can place your water bottle or metal tumbler and sip your iced coffee or piñacolada while enjoying the beach. It may be weird to see a chair in the sand or even in the water, but hey, if it makes people happy, why not?

Something like this doesn’t come cheap though. The AeroRondak Chair costs $549 for a single and $998 for a two pack in case you need another one for your loved one. It includes a hand pump, a mesh carry bag, a repair kit, and webbing strap, aside from the inflatable chair of course.

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