Innovative tableware designs that turn eating into an experience

Spoons, forks, dishes… these are some classic designs that have remained standard ever since their invention. Or so we thought until we came across these innovative tableware designs! Beautifully muted wooden plates with textures that bring them to life, floating cutlery that is visually unique as well as excels in functionality by keeping your cutlery clean and germ-free, these are just some of the designs that when used, are sure to set your table apart to an extent where your cutlery ends up being the focus over the food!

Flyde floating cutlery by Felix Marx

Strawtini Martini glass by Udarely 

Stackable Totem bowls by Isabella Lovero & Enrico Bossa

‘Lifetime Partner’ mug by Johnson Tsang

Blues, handmade ceramic plates by Hana Karim 

This Minimal, skeletal cutlery design by Nendo for Valerie Objects comes with an eye-catching scoop detail that helps rest/dock your spoons, forks, and knives easily on a rack, or even against other cutlery

The Moment series wherein the inner shape gives a sense of movement, inviting you to pour and savor the sound and smell in this activity by Jenkins & Uhnger

Wooden Serving Tableware by Luke Hope of Hope in the woods

Touché Tray by Martina Bartoli for Mason Editions 

The One-Piece Knife by Johanna Gauder

The Four Seasons Shakers by Qualy Design

Swivel 5 tableware by Yamazaki Tableware 

The Porthole Infuser by Martin Kastner of Crucial Detail 

JOIN, a mind-bending cutlery that will leave your guests confused and frustrated, as they witness you ‘magically’ free their cutlery before their very eyes, by Rudolph Schelling Webermann 

We should have been using this bamboo-based cutlery all along

As someone who does his fair share of takeout, perhaps the one thing I hate with a vengeance is the flimsy, horribly designed plastic cutlery I get with my food. The spoons sometimes come with these plastic flares that get left behind from the cheap injection molding process, the knives are more flexible than the food I’m cutting, and the forks don’t possess enough structural integrity to pierce my food. All that’s aside from the fact that this cutlery eventually reaches either a landfill or the ocean by the tonne, not having served any purpose whatsoever. The sad reality is that we’re far from democratizing a solution that actually works… but with projects like the Knork Eco, we’re getting a few steps closer to conscientiously designing single-use (or even multiple-use) plastic cutlery that has little to no impact on the environment.

The Knork Eco has a pretty transparent objective. To A. remove non-biodegradable single-use plastics from our life-cycle, and to B. replace them with cutlery that’s eco-friendly, biodegradable, and more importantly, much more robust and comfortable to use than those horrible disposable forks and spoons. The Knorks are made from a specialized material called Astrik, which combines sugarcane starch along with bamboo fibers. The result is a moldable polymer that’s sturdy, looks and feels like glossy plastic, is food-safe, dishwasher safe, and can biodegrade in 2 years. Most importantly, sugarcane and bamboo are two of the fastest growing plants in the world, allowing Astrik as a material to cater to the incredibly high demand of disposable cutlery without any hassle.

The Knork Eco is a spoon+fork set made from Astrik. It looks and feels exactly like plastic, and can do everything plastic can. The Knork cutlery comes in its own chic case made from the bamboo-polymer too, allowing you to easily carry it around with you wherever you go, because the Knorks are much more reliable and robust than most plastic spoons and forks. They come with a larger cross-section, making them thicker and stiffer, and even integrate a broader handle with a finger-rest, allowing you to use them with the dexterity of metal cutlery.

The Knorks can cleaned either manually or in a dishwasher, and can be infinitely reused until you dispose them. When introduced to the soil, the Astrik material biodegrades completely in just 2 years, turning into compost that can then be used to grow more plants, making it perhaps the best example of nature-conscious cradle-to-grave designing with zero negative impact. Yes I said it, we should have been using this bamboo-based cutlery all along!

Designer: KNORK Flatware

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The KNORK Eco is a plant-based bamboo utensils that are dishwasher safe, compost in 2 years, and sustainably made. Genius design meets epic functionality.

KNORK Eco uses Astrik: Made from PLA (poly lactic acid – sugar cane starch 90%) and bamboo fiber (10%), this eco-friendly and responsibly sourced material provides a workable, multi-functional + sustainable alternative to harmful one-use plastic utensils.

The designers have thinned and improved the tines, and added a platform right where your index finger typically rests when doing the aforementioned side-tipping action. These help the user to rock through and cut most foods without reaching for a knife, and the contoured handle fits comfortably in most hands and creates an ergonomic balance.

Eco pieces will fit many specific niche market opportunities where the functionality encourages creative freedom for chefs in environments where use of a knife isn’t feasible.

The combination of clever design and a dishwasher-safe, durable, and 2 year compost-able material was exactly what we had been looking for, and the Eco line was born.

If you love food and eating as much as we do, you’ll totally get that the one constant of American style eating is the natural born habit of people to tip forks on their sides to cut through foods that it’s not necessarily normal to reach for a knife to eat. Think waffles, pancakes, chicken, burritos, coney dogs, etc.

KNORK is perfect for multi-tasking, on the go eating-think desk lunches or cocktail parties where the ultimate challenge is to hold your drink in one hand while trying to eat with the other.

The stainless steel fork and spoon that fit into the new carrying case will feature a limited edition “Eco” stamp, so you know just which pieces to reach for when packing your lunch!

Click Here to Buy Now: $15 $30 (50% off). Hurry, only 3 Days left!

Eastern Western Cutlery!

A great product experience is usually a result of two things. A great concept, and great execution. That’s what Lekue’s Twin One cutlery set is. The very idea that two pieces of cutlery can naturally lock into one another and become a third entirely different piece of cutlery is an ambitious one, but Lekue executes it brilliantly, creating a winner set of eating instruments.

Designed for two different cuisines, the Twin One can be used individually as a fork and knife. The plastic construction makes it easy to carry and maintain while being able to work its way through any food, including meat. However, when you make the switch from occidental to oriental cuisine, the fork and knife interlock, becoming a pair of chopsticks that have their own spring mechanism, making it easier for the chopstick novice to use. The chopsticks can be gripped and operated like a pair of mini-tongs. The fork and knife interlock and snap together, so that they don’t fall apart. The choice of polymer and a clever bit of detailing+engineering on the knife allow the chopsticks to have a spring action that lets you stay true to the cuisine by eating its food the desired (traditional) way and not using a spoon… or worse, your hands!

Designer: Lekue









French Fries made Functional!

You may think that Starbucks is doing great things with food and innovation but no company is as innovative as McDonald’s when it comes to uplifting your dining experience. Remember earlier this year when they debuted a newly designed, aerospace engineered straw that would allow you to drink both upper and lower parts of a two flavor milkshake at the same time? Well, the same company hopes to keep your hands clean while you munch on their Signature Crafted™ burgers with a rather fun-yet-unnecessary-yet-incredible product.

A messy burger is a good burger. But what when your toppings begin spilling out the sides onto your plate? You get your hands dirty trying to pick them up and eat them before the 5-second rule kicks in. Not anymore, say the guys at Microsoft, as they debuted the Frork! Part-french fry, part fork, this rather hilarious attachment uses pieces of french-fries as fork prongs, allowing you to pick at salad portions, or scoop up fallen toppings and munch on them like an absolute boss. The perk? You get to eat fries with everything!

Designer: McDonald’s






McDonald’s Frork Turns French Fries into a Fork

Growing up the height of comedy was placing whatever I was eating directly over the tines of my fork so it looked like a macaroni fork. I could pull that gag with macaroni, green beans, and french fries. Pitchman Anthony Sullivan is pitching a new McDonald’s invention called the “Frork,” which seems to have come right out of my childhood imagination.

It is a plastic utensil that lets you cram three fries inside to use as a fork. Once you’re done eating with the Frork, you get to eat the tines. It may be the best thing to happen to food since fire. I really hope this is a real product, I’d rather like one.

The pitch is for it to go along with the new McDonald’s Signature Crafted Recipes sandwiches. I like that McDonald’s is trying to make itself back into a place where people like to eat. Things have become largely inedible at my local location. At least the fries are still good.

[via Laughing Squid]

Who Doesn’t Want to Eat Noodles with a Giant Sword Fork?

Look at this picture. Yes that is a giant Final Fantasy sword with a fork at the end. With it you can slay yourself some delicious noodley dinner.

Apparently, the only way you can get this 24″ long fork is by winning a contest in Japan. However, you can buy some Final Fantasy packaged Cup Noodles. These noodles are tasty and perfect for people who want to eat, but have little money. We’ve all lived off packaged ramen at some point. I just think having a giant sword fork would make the noodles taste better.

Granted, a fork this massive would take all the noodles out of the cup at once and that is just asking for a major lip burn. There appear to be 16 different special Final Fantasy Boss Collection Cup Noodle packages, and Japanese fans can pre-order them now. Pre-order noodles?

[via Kotaku]

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Dining with the electric fork that could save lives

This prototype fork can help you eat less salt and could save lives. It sends a gentle electric current to your tongue as you eat, fooling tastebuds into experiencing a salty, (sometimes sour) taste -- even when there's little to no salt in the food...

This Fork Zaps Your Tongue with Electricity to Simulate Salt

If you have ever stuck a 9-volt battery on your tongue, you know that the sensation it creates almost seems salty. That is what this fork is all about. The Electric Flavoring Fork uses the same principle to simulate the taste of salt for those who can’t have salt, but love the taste. It is a truly shocking utensil.

salt_fork_1zoom in

The handle houses a rechargeable battery and electric circuit. When it goes into your mouth with food, you press a button on the handle, and electric current is applied to the tongue. The prototype cost just ¥2,000 (~$17 USD) to make, and is being developed by Hiromi Nakamura at the Rekimoto Lab, Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies, at the University of Tokyo.

salt_fork_2zoom in

It isn’t for sale just yet. I think I’ll pass. I don’t love salt enough to shock myself repeatedly even if it is mild.

[via New Launches via OhGizmo!]

A Pal at Picnics


We don’t often imagine disposable cutlery as being the easiest on the eyes, but Uria Graiver’s Knife & Fork will bring style and convenience to your next picnic. Flat-pack-ready, the set comes attached so the user can easily snap off the desired number of utensils. This makes it super-easy to store and keep organized rather than go fishing the next time you need a fork or knife!

Designer: Uria Graiver





Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Cutlery for Hungry Time Lords

The other day, I showed all you Doctor Who geeks out there the coolest vegetable peeler ever. That peeler looked like the Sonic Screwdriver used by the 11th/12th Doctor. If you thought that was awesome, you will love this. ThinkGeek now has an entire cutlery set that has Sonic Screwdriver handles.

sonic-fork-1zoom in

The set has the requisite three pieces including a fork, spoon, and knife. Each of the handles looks just like the handle on the peeler, again modeled after the universal fix-it tool wielded by the 11th and 12th Doctors.

sonic-fork-2zoom in

The handles are plastic and the eating ends are stainless steel they are dishwasher safe as well. You can get the entire three-piece set for $29.99(USD).