No more dreary mornings with this futuristic alarm that substitutes sunlight!

Have you ever speculated about the future? How our cities, living situations, and public spaces might end up in say 10 years time? Well, product designer Huigyu Kim believes that by 2030, the majority of the future generation will be on tight budgets, living in cramped homes. And to be honest, it does seem like an upcoming reality. The probability does arise that houses in the future may have narrows windows, or buildings could be placed compactly next to each other with nothing but the walls of the adjacent building as a view. In such a situation sunlight will become a rare myth. In fact, even now, consuming a healthy amount of sunlight has become quite difficult. Studies have proven that people who wake up to the rays of the sun streaming in through their windows arise pleasantly, with a positive attitude for the day. Whereas waking up in a dull and dreary environment leaves you lethargic and tired. Hence to combat such a situation, Kim created ‘RISEME’, an alarm clock that might just be a substitute for the morning sun. He has described Riseme as a ‘lighting alarm timer’, an alarm clock that utilizes lighting to wake you up!

Designer: Huigyu Kim

Riseme looks like a wall clock, but with an advanced upgrade. Circular and matte black, Riseme features a singular hand, impressively long and boasting a startling red color. The hand has been equipped with a tubular light at it’s back.

You can sync Riseme with the alarm on your smartphone using Bluetooth. Once the time you’ve set arrives, the alarm timer on Riseme automatically activates, with the hand lighting up and illuminating your entire room!

Another perk is that you can control Riseme physically as well. Equipped with analog sensitivity which is stimulated on touch, the timer can be set by hand. Hence the alarm clock boasts digital-to-analog harmony, controllable digitally as well as tangibly! Though Riseme does seem like the alarm clock of the future, I do believe it is supremely useful even today. I don’t know about you, but my everyday smartphone alarm isn’t the best at waking me up from my deep slumber. But an alarm that rings like a siren and fills up my room with bright light is sure to wake me up in a jiffy! Waking up to rays of light that constitute as sunlight will not only give us all a fresh start to the day, but increase our daily productivity as well.

The original Volkswagen Beetle repurposed to create a fashionably old-fashioned mini bike!

Reusing old car parts to replenish other models has always been the custom, however using them to create a mini bike? Now that’s something you don’t see very often. Brent Walter, who describes himself as the “maker and builder of a variety of things”, created the VW Mini Bike, or what he fondly calls the ‘Volkspod’. Much like its name, the automotive is a little pod-shaped two-wheeler. The Volkswagen Beetle Type 1 or the ‘Bug’ has gained iconic status since it’s release. Its adorable bulbous structure had won almost everyone’s heart in the mid to late ’90s, with production lasting until 2003. Paying homage to the Bug, Walter used the fenders from each corner of the car to build the mini motorbike. The four vintage fenders merge together to form the head and tail-light system of the Volkspod. Power-packed with a 79cc engine, the Volkspod promises to be as or even more dynamic than the Beetle Type 1.

The petite scooter looks like it’s right out of the ’90s with its wide handlebar (much like the handles of a bicycle) and bulb-like head and tail lights. Resembling one-eyed cyclops, or green little Mike Wazowski from the Monsters, Inc. movie, the Volkspod has a very eccentric, other-worldly appeal. Available in the iconic shades of the original Beetle; birch green and pastel blue, Walter’s Volkspod is the right fit for anybody who wants to zip right into the retro era!

Designer: Brent Walter

Intern this spring at VanBerlo with a dedicated mentor to enhance your learning!

VanBerlo is a strategic design and innovation agency based in The Netherlands. They define the future by playing with it first. From the ‘big-boys’ of commerce to driven start-up companies, VanBerlo works with a wide variety of national and international players. They’re involved in design management, product design & development, graphic & multimedia design. They don’t follow crowds that force them to think in the same way. While others focused purely on expanding their businesses, VanBerlo was busy shaping the value of design. Do you have a talent for strategy, research, design, development or engineering? Do you enjoy working in socially-minded, multidisciplinary teams? Are you a curious person, always prepared to collaborate? Are you ready to uncover your vast potential and work hard with your teammates to bring your ideas and designs into reality? Then VanBerlo is the place for you. Apply now to be a part of this groundbreaking agency!

VanBerlo partnered with Wings For Aid to design a drone that bridges the last gap when delivering first aid supplies. It went on to win the iF Public Value Award in 2016. 

The Opportunity

VanBerlo is currently on the look-out for talented and enthusiastic Industrial/Product Design students who are looking to gain experience at one of the world’s top independent design & innovation studios. As an Industrial Design intern at VanBerlo, you’ll have the chance to work with and learn from their world-class creative team and the opportunity to hone your skills while working on a variety of real-life projects. So if you’re an ambitious design student looking to kick-off your career, they’d love to hear from you. Internship positions for Spring and Summer 2020 are now open, so get cracking on your portfolios and prepping for an intense learning experience this upcoming spring/summer!


– A positive can-do attitude with a keen enthusiasm for learning and improvement.

– The ability to quickly communicate your thoughts and ideas, whether it be through sketching, physical model making or any other medium.

– A proficient user of 2D design visualization tools (e.g. Photoshop, Illustrator).

– An understanding of 3D modeling & visualization software (e.g. Solidworks, Rhino, Keyshot).

– A user-centric mindset with the ability to envision different user scenarios and translate them into relevant ideas and concepts.

– A discerning eye for colors, materials, finishes, and forms.

– A passionate, out-of-the-box thinker who dares to share their thoughts and ideas.

– Pursuing a degree in Industrial design, Product design or similar.

– A portfolio showcasing your ability to craft beautiful, well-considered design solutions, as well the ideas, processes and creative thinking that led to them.

– Ability to communicate in English (additional languages would be a bonus).


– The opportunity to work on real-life projects for a range of international clients.

– The chance to learn from and work with VanBerlo’s multidisciplinary team of world-class creatives.

– The opportunity to be part of their vibrant & dynamic atmosphere, working from one of their two stunning studio spaces.

– A dedicated mentor to help you achieve your learning & experience goals.

How to Apply

To qualify for an internship position at VanBerlo you must either be a registered EU citizen or a non-EU citizen who is currently enrolled at a Dutch University/ HBO. This internship role is an experience traineeship, meaning this role is not suitable for students looking to work on their own project, or those seeking to work on a final thesis project. The internship is for a minimum period of 4 months, taking place over the spring/summer semester period.


Eindhoven or The Hague, The Netherlands.

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This minimal handle-free knife will take you back to the Stone Age!

With trending diets and food habits such as the Paleo diet traveling back to our Paleolithic roots, and focusing on foods similar to those eaten in the primitive era, it’s no surprise that designers are seeking inspiration for kitchen tools from there as well! Berkel’s Primitive Handle-Free knives will take you right back to the Stone Age, resembling the tools used by some of the early humans. Shaped like a teardrop, the simple tool comes without a handle. However it’s razor-sharp blade provides a super precise cut, and can be handled with complete ease, encouraging natural ergonomics. Whether it’s for cutting meats, vegetables, fruits or even filleting fish, the sleek blade can slice through them all like butter.

Created from pure stainless steel, the knife features a tapered and long ridge on top, facilitating a smooth grip. 8.6 inches in length, the minimal knife is equipped to slice the largest and smallest items. The petal-shaped knife also comes with a nifty little stand to display it in when not in use. Available in matte and glossy finishes, the Berkel Primitive Knife will take you back to the Flintstones Era, and give you a break from your everyday kitchen tools!

Designer: Berkel Design

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The charging pad of this Montblanc digital pen functions as its paper!

Digital pens are all the craze right now. The traditional pen and paper duo have been abandoned for the more convenient digital pen and tablet pairing. However, to actually use a digital pen, you need to ensure that you always have its corresponding tablet/device in hand. If not, they’re basically useless. Product designer Jean-François Bozec has come up with the concept of the ‘Note by Montblanc’. It is Montblanc’s first advanced digital pen but manages to go beyond your usual digital pen. Bozec harmoniously integrated AI with a high end ‘smart’ writing instrument, while maintaining Montblanc’s signature design DNA and philosophy. The result was the NotePen; the culmination of Montblanc’s brand expertise with an upgrade. Created from aluminum and stainless steel, it is guaranteed to fit perfectly into the user’s hand.

Designer: Jean-François Bozec

Designed to be compatible with tablets, smartphones, laptops, speakers, smartwatches and its charging pad, the NotePen can be paired with all devices, functioning as a swift, intuitive and precise writing instrument. Jot down your deepest thoughts, sketch your brightest ideas, pen down all your musings in an instant with the NotePen, with your notes easily accessible on all the connected devices.

Note by Montblanc has been paired with an innovative charging pad called the NoteCharge. Magnetized, the NotePen is immediately attracted to the pad, attaching itself to the top of it, once they are brought together.

Besides tablets and smartphones, the NotePen can be used to write on the E-ink screen of the NoteCharge. Once you’ve made your notes, tap on the pen and directly transfer your data to the cloud of your preferred device. Check your notes anytime anywhere on your cloud-based device. The battery percentage is also displayed on the screen of the charging pad.

Amped with the Invenses 9 axis chip, it allows you to express your ideas on a screen as you would on a proper sheet of paper. The chip ensures there are no delays and latencies in the transfer of ideas from your mind to the tangible screen. The touch-sensitive area which allows you to control your pen is customizable, enabling you to alter it according to your needs and the preferred tools of your choice.

Available in three impressive colors; Rose Gold, Sage Green and Abyssal Blue, Note by Montblanc is simple but sophisticated, lightweight but effectively strong, a single pen but with infinite possibilities.

A whale-inspired structure at the ocean’s edge designed to watch the majestic creatures!

185 miles north of the Arctic Circle, on the tip of the island Andøya, lies the quaint little town Andenes. Venture a little more, and you’ll find Bleiksdjupa, the deep-sea valley where migrating whales pass by, qualifying the area as one of the best locations in the world for catching a glimpse of the exquisite marine mammal. Whales are one of my favorite cetaceans; big, beautiful and always minding their own business. And to “create awareness and inspire learning and conservation of whales and their environment”, the Danish studio Dorte Mandrup will be building ‘The Whale’, a new visitor attraction in northern Norway. “Rising as a soft hill on the rocky shore– as if a giant had lifted a thin layer of the crust of the earth and created a cavity underneath”, The Whale is a perfect example of the seamless integration that can take place between architectural structures and their surrounding environment.

Designer: Dorte Mandrup

Recently The Whale AS held an international competition, wherein reputed architectural firms like BIG, Reiulf Ramstad and Snohetta took part. Beating 37 teams, and surpassing four pre-qualified ones, Dorte Mandrup was hailed as the winner. Borre Beglund, CEO of The Whale AS said, “The project from Dorte Mandrup is a clear winner and meets the competition criteria in the best way. It is poetic and low-key and at the same time a very exciting and unusual building.” Amongst the hills, mountain tops and curvaceous landscapes of Andøya, The Whale will be a perfect fit.

Resembling it’s namesake, the roof of The Whale curves like the backside of a whale hurtling through the ocean. The structure merges harmoniously with it’s surrounding rugged landscape, and emerges from it to provide breathtaking views of the ocean. The curved rooftop capped with stones rises majestically into the sky, a natural extension of the landscape, allowing visitors to walk on it with unparalleled views of passing whales, the ocean, the midnight sun, and even the iconic northern lights!

Three high points on the site characterize the roof, whereas the interiors will consist of offices, exhibition spaces, a store, and a café. Parabolic in nature, the space will be completely column-free, creating an expansive and self-supporting structure. With 50,000 visitors coming to Andenes almost every year, The Whale will only attract more tourists who want to indulge in some whale watching.

“Located this far North, Andøya is a unique place and The Whale an extraordinary project. Not only will we be creating architecture in yet another remarkable landscape, but we will also take part in increasing the understanding of whales and the preservation of marine life. Right here on the edge of the ocean, we will be making a mark in a magnificent and ancient landscape. This opportunity comes with a great responsibility, which is extremely motivating and inspiring.” says Dorte Mandrup. Tasked with the responsibility of creating an organic contemporary wonder, the firm is also excited to be doing their bit for the conservation of such a magnificent marine creature. The building might be low-key and subtle, with simplicity interwoven in it’s every brick, but only such a piece could truly commemorate the graceful whale. Opening to the public in 2022, The Whale is the result of the efforts of Dorte Mandrup in collaboration with Marianne Levinsen Landscape and consultants JAC Studio, Thornton Tomasetti, Niels Øien and Anders Kold.

Turn your dog’s dreaded bath time into treat time with this slow feeder!

If you own a dog, you know the commotion and flurry that follows when you mention the words ‘Bath time’. You only catch a glimpse of your furry friend, before they begin jolting for their lives. Something about pets in general and baths simply does not mesh. Daniel Lentz and Tom Zipprian grew up having similar struggles with their pets, and hence their creation the ‘Aquapaw Slow Treater’. The ingenious product is a slow feeder for treats, which aims to persuade your puppy/adult dog to get into the shower or bathtub, and most importantly to make sure they stay there.

Designers: Daniel Lentz & Tom Zipprian

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So how does the Slow Treater work? Simply lather the feeder with your pet’s favorite treat. Peanut butter, pate, meat mince, their preferred canned dog food, and smeared cream or cottage cheese are a few examples of the food you could coat the feeder with.

Once their treat is in place, stick the feeder onto any smooth surface and let it do it’s magic! Your pet will be instantly attracted to the curious little item filled with a yummy snack. Equipped with rubber nubs, these nubs will slow down their licking and extend how long it takes for them to slurp up the treat. Made from 100% FDA grade silicone, the feeder is totally safe for the usage of your pets. Amped with suction cups, wings and tabs, the Slow Treater can be easily placed and removed from any surface.

The treater is completely dishwasher friendly, so it can be cleaned without much effort on your part. It is also freezable, so you can fill it up with your chosen treat and pop it into the freezer. Freezing the treat ensures that it lasts longer when your doggo finally gets to it.

The innovative slow feeder isn’t limited to bath time only, it can be used when you’re brushing your canine buddy or cleaning their ears, cutting their nails, basically, any health and hygiene-related task that they may abhor. Tried and tested, the Aquapaw Slow Treater is the ultimate bath time distraction!

This self balancing clock is as silent as a mouse!

Ever had one of those nights when sleep completely evades you, and every little sound manages to get on your nerves…including the dedicated tick-tock of the clock in your room. We don’t know about the insomnia, but there’s a definite cure for the persistent ticking away of clocks, and it’s the ‘Tangent Clock’ designed by Richard Clarkson Studio. Equipped with a ‘continuous movement clock mechanism’, Tangent is transformed into a silent clock, ensuring complete omission of the audible tick or tock that resonates from everyday clocks. Not only that, this quaint cement clock can balance itself. No support needed here! Its weighted nature ensures that no matter where or how the clock is placed, it will always roll back to its original position, so you can never read the time wrong! The internal structure was designed to give it a consistent point of balance, providing an embedded equilibrium at all times, so your clock is never inverted. Although you can place the self-balancing clock vertically. Reminiscent of a sundial, it will surely add more character to any room.

Rustic, raw and available in a choice of black or white hands, Tangent is the silent teller of time we all need in our living space!

Designer: Richard Clarkson Studio

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This minimalistic ruler was inspired by explorers for the explorer within you!

Seeking inspiration in our usual confined office spaces can be quite a task. The monotony and mundaneness of it can affect even the most creative minds. Hence inspired by the explorers of ages galore, and the monoculars used by them to peek at new lands, product designer Lukas Avenas created the ‘Creative Explorer’, in an attempt to liven up your workday. Multifunctional tools are always super fun, and here’s one that’s trying to mix up work with some play. Though it appears to be your everyday ruler, with a 1cm x 1cm extruded aluminum body, the ruler is also an undercover ‘kaleidoscope’. Take a sneak peek through it, and you’ll see that it provides a narrow and focused image of everything around you, while simultaneously reflecting the image multiple times to create intriguing and unexpected patterns! Boasting a clean white matte finish, the surface has been intricately designed with slight engravings, providing a fun texture and contrast to the ruler. Whereas on the inside, the glossy glass-like surface creates a kaleidoscopic effect by reflecting and replicating images consistently, bringing a sense of playfulness while you work.

Creative Explorer is a single long tube of metal, allowing you to seek ideas and inspiration through the kaleidoscope, and turning them into a reality using the handy ruler. Brainstorming doesn’t always have to be boring, it can be filled with trippy patterns and three-dimensional objects with a secret, such as the Creative Explorer!

Designer: Lukas Avenas

Once you spot this pen drive, we guarantee you won’t lose it!

Tired of losing your precious pen drives? Tired of spending hours searching for them, only to find them tucked away in some dingy corner? Or tired of having to finally give up and go run to the nearest store for another one? It seems like product designers Claire Pondard and Léa Pereyre have gone through the same dilemma innumerable times because they’ve decided to answer all our USB-related prayers! Their key-shaped intriguing product ‘Saint Antoine’ goes beyond any ordinary USB key. Deemed as common everyday products, due to their nimble size and consistent usage, pen drives are easily misplaced. However, Saint Antoine has been equipped with a crisp ‘UDP chip’. Now, what’s so special about this chip? After thorough calculations and necessary trial runs, the chip was customized to fit perfectly between the keys of a laptop/computer keyboard, ensuring it will be tightly fixed to it at all times. The grooved edges and branch-like structure of the pen drive allow it to sneakily merge into the crevices of the keyboard, without destroying the screen once the laptop is shut.

Saint Antoine was designed with an intention “to become an extension of the computer’s memory”. Cohesively and seamlessly, the pen drive becomes a component of the computer’s body, easily available when we need to plug it in the port and access our data! This is especially useful during transportation and traveling when the mini-sized pen drives can easily tumble out. Available in an array of beautiful colors such as bright red, subtle baby pink, classic olive green, and an indigo blue, Saint Antoine is at your beck and call, effortlessly storing your data without the persistent threat of losing it.

Designers: Claire Pondard and Léa Pereyre