Aptly named, Slate is a 360-degree rotating lamp that’s a head-turner!

When you first look at the Slate lamp, there’s something instantly attractive about it! Probably its odd shape and the fact that it doesn’t really look like a lamp catches your attention right away. The designer Pasque D. Mawalla utilized the principles of simple geometry to create a unique lighting design. Inspired by the concept of fluidity, the lamp was designed to be as free-flowing as possible.

Slate consists of two major parts. The first part which is basically the bottom half consists of the circular base and the lower cylindrical section. This is the primary power source. The second part consists of the upper half, which is an extension of the cylinder and goes on to form an elongated slate-like element. The underside of the slate section holds the light tube and is the source of lighting. However, it’s most interesting feature would be that the entire upper half including the slate can be rotated at 360 degrees! This separates it from the usual one-directional table lamps, transforming it into a lighting piece that can be positioned according to your needs, allowing you to adjust the light source and focus it on any section of your desk!

According to Mawalla, Slate is “a statement piece”, and we agree! It’s a far cry from the conventional table lamps, unique not only in its functionality but also in its classy aesthetics!

Designer: Pasque D. Mawalla

These appliance designs were created for the joy of cleaning!

If you’re a cleanliness freak, which is a great thing (really), you know how important it is to own appliances that help you maintain a certain level of cleanliness at all times. Whether it’s ensuring that your home and office space are always spick and span, or maintaining excellent personal hygiene, we all need a couple of gadgets to make our lives a little easier. So, we’ve curated a collection of cleaning designs that are perfect for helping you reach your cleanliness goals!

Drip is a vacuum cleaner with a sculptural form that oozes sophistication, from the bold, powerful stance that the form creates, through to the distinctive finish that elegantly conceals the electronic nature of the product, making it more or a piece of art than a domestic appliance. The absence of a handle not only allows for a clean, sleek design but also alters how the product is used.

The LastSwab provides a clean, reusable alternative to those disposable earbuds that get used, flushed, and end up in the oceans. Designed with a specialized reusable rubber tip that can be cleaned with a dab of soap and some water, along with a tough, durable nylon connector-rod, the LastSwab comes in two variants… one for cleaning, and another for touching-up make-up. Afterall personal hygiene comes first!

The Encompass toothbrush’s unique J-shaped design is what sets it apart. Designed by RYCA International, its J-shape allows it to self-adjust to the shape of your jaw, covering both your upper and lower teeth with bristles that vibrate at a precise 100 strokes per second, while the bristles themselves are positioned to give you the right pressure, intensity and angle for efficient brushing in just 10 seconds on each (left and right) side. Maintaining oral hygiene has never been this easy!

Circular and tubular in shape, with four legs to support it, the Air Wave is an air purifier embellished with four curvy lines that serve as motifs representing the flow and movement of air. Resembling waves, the lines change color according to the quality of air in your home; blue for when it’s extremely clean, green for normal, yellow for when it’s turning impure and red for high alert when the impurity hits the roof!



Designed to be the one bottle you never leave home without, Quartz works just as good as any thermos/flask you have, keeping cold drinks cold for a day, and hot drinks hot for half a day. Convenient in size, and with a wide mouth that allows you to rinse out the bottle, Quartz goes the extra step with its special cap that comes embedded with a medical-grade UV light that shines into the bottle at a 280nm wavelength, effectively killing any germs your eye may not see, while making sure the bottle remains odorless.

Designed as this all-encompassing floor cleaning tool, the Duet lets you sweep, mop (both wet and dry), collect and discard all your dust and dirt with one single cleaning instrument. The Duet’s broom comes with a dual-sided design, featuring a microfiber mop on one edge for collecting dust particles, and bristles on another side, allowing you to simply turn the broom around to sweep/maneuver larger pieces of debris into Duet’s dust-collecting tray.

iKuddle’s litter box will separate the waste from clean litter, you can initiate this through your app and it will notify you once the cleaning is complete. After that, you can tap the auto-packing button on the app or the litter box and it will seal the waste in a small bag which you can discard at your convenience. iKuddle’s litter box also has a deodorizing system with a fully enclosed carbon filter that works for 5 minutes after your cat leaves the box, eliminating 80%-90% of litter box odors

The future of vacuum cleaners is here! The bottom section of Lizard operates as a smart robotic vacuum; the intuitive display makes controlling the compact device, a breeze. Once the cleaning is complete, Lizard will return to its home that features wireless charging. To tackle the hard-to-reach and problem areas, Lizard’s tail can be attached. By attaching this component, the unit operates as a conventional vacuum.

The Egret EO Blaster is an all-purpose cleaning spray that relies on the power of electrolyzed water to replace practically every other cleaning agent you use. 100% natural and non-toxic, using patented technology and the power of Electrolyzed water (EO water), the Egret kills germs and removes bad smells in your home in seconds.

A combination of an upright, cylinder, and handheld vacuum cleaner, Lupe was designed to be used anywhere, anyhow, with a battery-powered brushless motor that allows the vacuum to be used and carried anywhere, unencumbered by wires, or the lack of a nearby plug-point. Having previously worked at Dyson, Lupe’s designers also developed what they call the Suction Intensifier, a technology that aids their powerful motor by almost doubling the cleaner’s useful suction power!

Go glamping with your cats in this mini tent!

We all like a comfortable camping experience once in a while, or to be more millennial, a comfortable glamping experience once in a while! But what about our feline friends? Wouldn’t they like a warm tent to cozy up into? I mean maybe they haven’t ever thought of it…but I’m sure they would enjoy it! Well, the Cat Camp is here! And it’s a mini indoor tent, especially for our cats.

It’s quite similar to the mini display tents seen in outdoor shops, and it’s exactly like the larger tents for humans except its tiny…and cuter! 21.5 x 21.5 x 14 inches in size, the Cat Camp is spacious enough to accommodate almost all breeds of cats. A side-zip makes it extremely easy to enter, and it pitches just like a normal tent. Durable and high-quality materials were used to create the tent, ensuring it can withstand your pet’s sharp claws and teeth! Layered with microfiber fleece, the tent is fluffy and warm. You can easily remove the lining whenever it needs cleaning.

Available in blue, red, orange and grey, the mini tent comes with a heavy weather cover, so maybe you could prop it in your backyard or garden someday as well! I don’t know about you, but my cat babies would love a little tent to snuggle up into. Traditional pet homes can get a little boring, and this is a refreshing design. And maybe next time you could take your cat camping too with their very own mini tent!

Designer: Cat Camp

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Everyday Products get a special needs upgrade in these inclusive product designs!

Designers, all over the world, are beginning to realize how important it is to create products that promote inclusivity and take into consideration the requirements of users with special needs. Whether it’s for people in wheelchairs or those who are hard of hearing or the visually impaired, new and improved designs have been coming up that help them deal with their day to day tasks with ease. Hence, we’ve curated a collection of inclusive designs that truly are innovative and groundbreaking!

LEGO blocks now also teach children Braille. The bumped upper texture of the LEGO Braille Bricks provides quite literally the most obvious canvas for the braille language, allowing kids to, block by block, build sentences, but at the same time also read along as they go, both by running their fingers across the specially bumped blocks as well as using the printed text below each set of bumps.

The Row-1 is an inclusive-design wheelchair that lets disabled and elderly patrons at an airport go straight from the check-in desk to inside the airline, and de-board the flight at their destination. The Row-1 wheelchair comes with a nesting design and inward-folding rear wheels that help it integrate itself comfortably into a seat in the first row, giving the patron extra leg-room while keeping them closer to the washroom too.


The Volkswagen Roller, in fact, is a new-age roller skate. The design comes with two main hubless wheels and two retractable rear wheels. The rear wheels remain outside before and after the ride. However, while in transit, they retract inwards, so that you ride using only the main hubless wheels on each foot. Maybe one-day disabled people can have bionic feet that look like that and all you need to do is snap a pair of hubless wheels on and you’re set to go!


The Textura brings a classy, sleek design to a phone for the visually impaired. Relying on a screen replacement surface that is made for braille, the phone comes with a slim form factor with a large black dynamic planar surface that forms bumps to create pieces of data, much like any regular phone would. It even comes with a headphone jack so that the blind can have personalized audio feedback.


Vrailler’s Braille Printer is easy-to-use, small, and more importantly, affordable. It uses two perforated slates, a third upper slate, and a set of pins that you drop into the base-slate to create indentations. When you press the upper slate and middle slate onto the base slate, the indentations translate onto the paper/film, giving you printed braille. These can be used to create name-tags, labels, or even accessible business cards.

Slip Wash is a concept design for a laundry machine that aims to make independent living possible for wheelchair users. The usual washing machine takes up more space with the front opening door and makes it harder for the user to navigate around with a wheelchair. Even the height isn’t suitable for them. In Slip Wash, the door slides up and the washing container is in the front, which makes the space less restrictive and reduces the maneuvering and bending the user would usually have to do.


Adapted to fit on the hand and index finger, the wearable FingerReader makes it possible for users to point at any sign, label, banknote, or page in a book and instantly understand what’s in front of them. Equipped with a specialized scanner, words and sentences are detected and processed using computer vision algorithms so they can be spoken in real-time.



This rather ingenious shower device is designed to make showering accessible to people of all heights and disabilities. It consists of a sliding bar whose default position is at the lowest point, making it within reaching distance for all. Its height can be adjusted with ease, along with its orientation and water temperature.

The Inmergo Headphones by Rocco Giovannoni are bone-conducting headphones that transmit soundwaves via vibrations in the skull, rather than in the eardrums, except this headphone helmet has been equipped with five speakers sheathed in a silicon membrane, which creates a heightened audio experience for people who are hard of hearing.

This Exoskeleton by Clinatec enables quadriplegic patients to move all four of their limbs, simply by controlling it via their minds! It is connected to the patient’s brain through implants. This could really help them regain motor control and recover mobility!

Your pets and you will totally love these product designs: Part 3

Our pets are basically our lifelines, and we would never compromise when it comes to taking care of them. We want to provide our pets with the best products in the market, whether it’s a comfy bed, a private pet house, the best toys, innovative litters and etc. There’s no holding back when it comes to attending to the needs of our furry friends! Hence, we’ve curated a collection of super awesome and cute pet products that will keep your pet babies completely satisfied. Dive in!

This dog house is your pet’s dream house, it’s crafted with Brazilian teak wood responsible for the classy look which rests on a powder-coated steel frame so it’s sturdy. To make it long-lasting, the base of the dog house is made from concrete which also adds to the existing strong structure. The MKD9 Dog Haus gives interiors the same importance it gave to the exteriors, it comes with a custom bed by Jax & Bones which is made of an ultra-luxe memory foam pillow because your best friend deserves nothing less – he can choose the color too!

The Cat Flat has been carefully designed based on the advice of Sweden’s first cat psychologist, Susanne Hellman Holmström, who brought to light the 10 necessities apart from basic essentials that cats need for the best emotional and physical health. It looks like an organic wooden storage cabinet crafted from walnut veneer with dross having vertical slats at different angles to give it a lift. It has three levels for your cats inside complete with stimulating elements and toys.

The Wool Lodge is a safe haven of sorts for your pet. You can arrange and form the flat-packed structure by yourself easily. The lodge features a merino felt roof, with the rest of the structure being made from wood. Spacious enough to fit your cat’s litter box, the lodge shelters the box within its structure. Your cat can sneak away, and pee or poop in privacy, away from any prying eyes. On the other hand, you can install a soft cushion or mattress instead of a litter box in the lodge.

Literally titled the Fetch House, this doggy-kennel is made from a 3D-printed skeleton that holds a thousand tennis balls to make what I can only describe as canine paradise. I mean look at how pleased the dog looks in the picture above! The house comes with a modular internal structure that allows you to compression-fit as many as a 1000 tennis-balls into it. The balls can randomly be pulled out of their individual enclosures for the purpose of playing fetch (hence the name), and can easily be press-fitted back in when done.

The TailTalk Water Dispenser is a built-in water purification system that allows for the continuous flow and circulation of water, eliminating water scale build-up, whilst four layers of filter remove any large particles from the water. All of this occurs whilst the Intelligent Water Quantity Monitoring System simultaneously tracks the intake of water; a gravity sensor that’s housed within the base of the device monitors the water volume, which is then clearly displayed on the side of the product!

Product designer Yoh Komiyama collaborated with Tokyo-based Rinn to create the NEKO Cat Tree.  Wood sourced from the forests in the Hida region of Japan was used to craft the series of dowels that make up the majority of the column. The ancient Japanese technique Dabo was used to create this piece!

Although designed for pets with hind-leg disabilities, and with the ability to adapt to a growing pup, Petdali’s Pet Wheelchair is not radically different than the ones we see in the market today but is a refined version of them. The harness looks a lot easier to use and so is the construction of the back limbs straps. Comfort and adaptability being the keywords here, I’m looking forward to seeing this in the market soon.

The Cove is a minimalist Scandinavian-styled litter box that complements your home decor. Made from non-toxic recycled plastic, the litter-box comes with a simple, clean, off-white design that integrates a scooper along with a dust-pan and brush into its form. The box comes with vertical walls that prevent litter from accidentally spilling out, or the tray being overturned, along with a silicone base that keeps the tray from accidentally slipping or moving around the floor.

A Cat Thing by Chacha and Lily is the perfect sanctuary for your beloved felines! It’s the ultimate playing heaven with different modules for different sections of your home. This mini playground is a must-have for your kitties.

Okay, let’s admit it this banana bed for cats by Petgrow is absolutely adorable! And not to mention it looks super cozy and completely snuggle-worthy.

If you’re interested in more adorable pet designs, check out Part 1 and 2 of this series!

An intuitive step-by-step CPR coach to help you save a life!

Knowing how to perform CPR accurately can be the difference between saving a life or losing one. However, not everyone is aware of how to perform CPR, and even those who are can get super nervous in such a stressful situation! Hence, VanBerlo Agency designed LifeSaver, an intuitive CPR coach. LifeSaver provides smart and intuitive CPR guidance, taking you through the entire procedure step-by-step. Not only does it give the rescuer a confidence boost and reduces his/her stress and nervousness, but it enhances the quality of chest compressions as well.

LifeSaver can be mounted on walls at accessible and prominent locations. If someone is suffering from a cardiovascular attack, you simply grab it and press the button for calling 911 below it. So while you perform CPR, the ambulance is on its way! The first instruction provided is to remove the clothes from the chest of the victim. After that, you open the box and remove LifeSaver from it. Place the AED on the chest of the victim, and follow the instructions. OLEDs and touch sensors guide you through the entire process. LifeSaver even helps you with placing the electrodes correctly and guides you regarding the location and rhythm for the chest compressions. Via visual displays and an audio option, LifeSaver gives you critical feedback.

With AEDs like these in public places, people will be equipped to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation, increasing the rate of heart attack survival and saving many lives! Not to mention the bright orange star-shaped product is easily visible and doesn’t look very formidable and complicated.

Designer: VanBerlo Agency

The whale-inspired design of this sparkling water maker is a connoisseur’s delight!

I haven’t had much experience with carbonated water, but I know there are those who love sipping on some sparkling water! Designed by Bokyeong Lee and Chunghee Joe, the Ocean Blast is a carbonated water maker concept. It’s been inspired by the form of a whale, or more specifically, inspired by the phenomenon of a whale rising out of the water to breathe, and expelling air through its blowhole, allowing any water vapor to condense and creating what looks like a white spray of water.

Interestingly, Ocean Blast looks exactly like the belly of a whale. Soft lines and ridges on the product increase the similarity to the body of a whale. You slide and open the carbonated water machine, and slip in the carbonate-filled cylinder. You then place the dedicated water bottle on the tray and tap the Power button on the touch screen. You can adjust how carbonated you want your water to be via the touch screen itself. Sparkling water is then prepared depending upon on how bubbly you want it to be!

Ocean Blast’s unique form eliminates the need for an external nozzle. Nozzles can get contaminated on exposure to the air, so it’s always a task to keep them clean. Also, it’s difficult to control the amount of water prepared when there’s an external nozzle. But the docking section of Ocean Blast with its hidden nozzle makes bubbling up your water super easy. I don’t know how often we will have a need for carbonated water, but we must admit the whale-like form of Ocean Blast is pretty intriguing!

Designer: Bokyeong Lee and Chunghee Joe

New Balance’s newest sustainable kicks are created from leftover surplus material!

New Balance’s Test Run Program, to be honest, is quite interesting! It is dedicated to testing and experimenting with new and innovative performance footwear. The latest result of this program is Seth Maxwell’s Test Run PRJ 3.0. Created at the New Balance Global Design Center, the shoe was created by leveraging and utilizing surplus materials.

The bold colorful sneakers are made from recycled materials, basically leftover scraps from other New Balance products! An existing sole was taken and a sustainable upper built was crafted around it. Since each pair is a combination of different recycled materials, each shoe is completely unique. Every element of the shoe is built using surplus factory-floor materials. The sock liner, cushioning pellets, upper mesh, and webbing all use leftover cutoffs. The Ecostep Vibram outsole contains 30% recycled material.

Pink, yellow, green, blue and red are some of the brights colors visible in the sneakers. The limited-edition sneakers are completely quirky, vibrant and fun, and not to mention super sustainable! In a time and age, where everyone is getting eco-conscious, it’s critical for the sportswear industry to reduce their carbon footprint as well. With the Test Run PRJ 3.0, New Balance has taken a step forward in the right direction. They’re a must-have for all sneakerheads!

Designer: Seth Maxwell for New Balance

Tableware Designs that elevate eating into an experience!

Having excellent tableware is really important. It has the potential to completely transform your dining experience, taking away attention even from the food. Designers have been getting extremely creative when it comes to cutlery – from adding gold touches to even using cork! Hence, we’ve curated a collection of innovative and exciting tableware designs that are sure to be the highlight at your next dinner party!

Saad Syed’s second cutlery collection has been dipped in gold, creating cutlery pieces fit enough for a king! The gold-dipped ends and the golden border set this collection apart.

Puik Design’s glassware collection consists of geometrical and dazzling beauties! The light reflects off the glass and liquid from intriguing angles creating a visual image that is genuinely pleasing to the eyes.


The Spartan Knife Set by the MissingDigitWoodshop looks right out of a war scene! It features a war hero ready to attack, with his shield holding multiple knives…or to be more accurate multiple knives are piercing through his shield! Who knew tableware could be packed with this much action?

Designed in a way that not only holds your eggs but also transforms them into quirky penguins, the Egguins allows you to store as well as boil as many as 6 eggs together.

The Magemono Tumbler comes made with a Hasamiyaki porcelain inner vessel, and a Magemono Japanese cedar wood sleeve around the outside, in signature fashion. The Magemono Bread Tray, a fir tree crafted thin tray (available in two sizes) is perfect for meals, especially for the breakfast sandwich, paired with a nicely brewed cup of coffee.

Classy and space-conscious, Volto is a dual-container spicer designed by Mireia Rius that takes inspiration from an hourglass. The containers come with their own cork-stops with an angular cut along the base that allows you to ‘open or close’ the containers. Just rotate the cork to expose or cover the shaker’s holes and you’re good to go!

Instead of your usual sturdy fork and spoon, the cutlery in Xros Cutlery Set comes apart like a couple of LEGO blocks or puzzle pieces. Inspired by the instant connectivity between pieces of woodwork, the Xros fork and spoon can be pulled away to form two different components. The head of the fork and spoon forms one tip, whereas the end which enables us to hold them forms the other tip.


The Knives Block Wood XVII Damascus Steel Knives by Unicatoo looks pretty fierce! The sturdy wooden block and its three sharp knives will send a chill down your spine.

This grass-fed bone china cutlery set is basically china or ceramic created from the bones of grass-fed cows, the very cows one of the collaborators behind the design raises on his farms and uses for meat and dairy. The tableware collection consists of a bowl, plate, and a cup. Translucent and glazed, with a sleek white structure, the vessels instantly catch your attention!

This cutlery set by Lawrence Guo has been inspired by Chinese calligraphy! Their curvy and cursive form will instantly add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your dinner table.

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This collectible retro voice recorder has been handcrafted from sustainable wood!

In an era of modern innovations and upgrades, BrandNewNoise has come up with a wooden voice recorder that looks like it’s straight out of the 70s! Loopy Lou is a retro voice recorder that has been handcrafted from sustainable wood in Brooklyn, New York. The eccentric recorder can record only 30 seconds of audio, owing to its built-in microphone. With two little turntables for eyes, a round silver knob for pitch control, a loop switch and a 1/8th output, it’s a completely analog experience of recording and warping audio.

The red record button on the left allows you to record audio, whereas toggling the switch lets you playback and continuously play your recording. The pitch control knob allows you to play around and warp the audio, creating quirky noises you would only expect aliens to make! The black button lets you stop and hear your recording.

The battery-operated recorder is free of any wires and cords. But you can always connect your headphones, speakers and recording gear! Let’s face it, this is not something you want for actual usage, given how almost every phone comes with an in-built recorder and an array of apps to help you play with it. The Loopy Lou is a visual reminder and a throwback to the lo-fi days where owning a gadget like this quirky voice recorder was a matter of joy, and considered a collectible! Interactive, retro and not to mention sustainable, it’s a voice recorder I would love to have in my collection.

Designer: BrandNewNoise

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